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June 19, 2014

The Tea Party is Out of Touch

First Read: "Take the supposedly politically charged issue of Common Core education standards... Tea Party Republicans oppose them by 53%-38% in our poll. By contrast, the country at large supports them by a pretty non-controversial 59%-31% margin, and non-Tea Party Republicans narrowly favor them, 49%-42%. On immigration, the poll shows that 68% of Tea Party Republicans believe immigration hurts the United States, versus just 47% of non-Tea Party Republicans and 42% of all Americans who say that. And on the environment, Tea Party Republicans disapprove -- by a 74%-23% margin -- of a proposal that would require companies to reduce greenhouse gases, even if it means higher energy costs for consumers. By contrast, 57% of Americans and 50% of non-Tea Party Republicans APPROVE of the proposal."

"What's more, 39% of Tea Party Republicans think that concerns about global warming is unwarranted, while just 13% of all Americans and 7% of non-Tea Party Republicans believe that."


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