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July 09, 2014

Should Hillary Have Delayed Her Book Tour?

First Read: "One thing is pretty obvious when you look at Hillary Clinton's fav/unfav scores in our NBC/WSJ poll: Her numbers have come back down to earth since leaving her secretary of state position... That slight but steady erosion begs the question: If she's planning a 2016 run, should Clinton have delayed her book tour and political re-entry, given that her numbers would start declining as soon as she was viewed as a more political actor (see the book tour) than as a non-political actor (secretary of state)?"

"On the one hand, that erosion has taken place maybe a bit faster than many had anticipated. On the other hand, with all the early attention on 2016 -- book tour or no book tour -- the numbers were probably going to go down, since the erosion is primarily coming from GOP respondents and right-leaning independents. There's one other potential plus to the 2014 book tour: She's answered every question, and has had everyone kick her tires. If you're going to run, don't you go ahead and get that out of the way?"


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