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July 14, 2014

Two Battlegrounds for Midterm Elections

First Read notes the midterm elections "are taking place on two different battlegrounds -- the red states that Barack Obama lost in 2012, and blue and purple states he won two years ago. The distinction is crucial because Republican success in the red states would represent a good night (and most likely control of the U.S. Senate). Yet GOP success in the blue/purple states would mean a GREAT night for the party (and inroads into the states it needs to win in 2016 to retake the White House)."

"Conversely, Democrats holding off Republicans in the blue and purple states could be an important silver lining for the party, even if it loses control of the Senate. The message it would send: In a political environment when President Obama's approval numbers are in the low 40s and when the Democratic base isn't that fired up, it can still win statewide races in places like Colorado, Iowa, and New Hampshire -- all of which are important presidential swing states."


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