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July 23, 2014

So Many Bad Polls

First Read: "One more point on the Georgia contest: Yes, Perdue's win contradicted the existing polls, but they weren't good polls -- which is why, for instance, you never saw us make note of them. We do try and only highlight pollsters who have good methodology and decent track records. In Georgia during this runoff campaign, that didn't exist. Folks, we're living in a political age where so much of the data is coming from surveys with either questionable methodology (like not reaching those with cell phones) or with partisan manipulation. And so it's a reminder to take them with a grain of salt, especially in a low-turnout runoff."

"And it also means: Be very careful of these aggregation polling sites. They don't always make the data better... there are actually polling firms out there who seem to have been created for the sole goal of influencing or balancing out these aggregation sites. To the folks who run these aggregation sites, realize that when you mix crap with sirloin, it makes the sirloin taste like &$#% too. "


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