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August 01, 2014

Republicans Hand Democrats a Campaign Message

First Read: "Another stunning legislative embarrassment for House Republicans has handed Democrats a mighty big talking point over the next three months until the midterm elections: The GOP is incapable -- if not unwilling -- to govern, they will argue..."

"In other words, Democrats now have something fresh to run against. And you couldn't necessarily say that on July 1. Yes, there was the government shutdown last fall. But that was a year ago -- and it got immediately overshadowed by the months-long story about HealthCare.Gov's failure (an example of the Obama's administration own difficulty in governing). But what's significant about yesterday's legislative embarrassment for Republicans is that 1) it comes just three months before the midterm elections, and 2) it came a day after the House, in a partisan vote, moved to sue the president. That's why Democrats have a chance to exploit this -- that is, of course, until we see the next Democratic misstep or national/international crisis."


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