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August 04, 2014

The Inside Story Behind Rick Perry's Glasses

Michelle Cottle looks at why Texas Gov. Rick Perry suddenly started wearing glasses.

"I relay this extraordinarily comprehensive story because, first of all, I figure most everyone in Washington has wondered at some point about Perry's glasses. But I also share it because, at least in my experience, it's somewhat unusual for a (potential) presidential candidate to call up and lead a reporter so far into the medical weeds. That Perry did so speaks to a key aspect of his rehab mission: This is a guy seen as having mailed it in the last time he ran for president, stumbling and bumbling his way to disaster. This time around, whether it's finding the time for an exacting ophthalmological discussion, making repeat visits to Iowa, or offering self-deprecating jokes about his 2012 belly flop, Perry wants everyone to know that he is ready--gung ho, even--for the nitpicking and hoop-jumping and all-around hard work that a serious White House campaign entails."


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