Reich Won’t Run for President

Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich told MSNBC that he’s not running for president despite some liberals urging him on.

Said Reich: “I’m too short and too outspoken to run. I hear it from people, but I don’t take it seriously.”

What if he were drafted? “I don’t know what it means to be ‘drafted.’ I really don’t think there’s any serious possibility.”

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  • lovelife

    Truman was short and outspoken and gave America one of the greatest economy in history.

    • tiredofit

      He was also picked to be VP mostly to get him off the military’s back in the Senate, and became President only because Roosevelt died.

      Despite winning WWII and “bringing our boys home” he barely won reelection in 1948 — Dewey Defeats Truman! — and decided not to run for another term in 1952, largely because he would have gotten crushed by Eisenhower.

      There was also no TV at the time.

      • lovelife

        There was no Fox Fear news.

  • CaptainCommonsense

    Ask Napoleon — size ain’t everything.

    • tiredofit

      Napolean didn’t have to do network debates or make YouTube videos.

      • CaptainCommonsense


        • tiredofit

          I see what you did there with the French!

      • TimWolfe

        1st Commentator: “…and I see the French Emperor has arrived on stage here in Ft. Lauderdale with some sort of artillery unit — would you say those are smoothbore cannons, Chuck?”

        2nd Commentator: “Yes, I believe in his pre-debate agreement, His Highness insisted on a full complement of smoothbore 12-pounders. And–wait–yes, as expected, the Emperor is now blowing his competition away!”

    • Lumpenproletariat

      Napoleon was actually slightly above average height for his day. He was about 5’7 and the average male height in the 19th century was 5’5. The perception that he was short is probably due to a couple of factors, like the fact that he was often depicted with his Imperial Guard – who were selected (partially) based on their imposing stature.

      He was also measured as 5’2 at the time of his death, but that was in French feet and inches, which were slightly bigger than Imperial units.

      The rest is British propaganda.

      …Which, granted, has nothing to do with this conversation, but I have my pedant hat on today.

      • CaptainCommonsense

        Don’t ruin a good one-off with facts, Lumpen. =)

      • CaptainCommonsense

        Don’t ruin a good one-off with facts, Lumpen. =)

  • Wynstone

    BTW, I’m not running either. Don’t try to draft me!

    • TimWolfe


  • Cloner

    He is too short. Period.

  • Antonin Dvorak

    Maybe he can be convinced to join Hilary’s cabinet.

  • embo66

    I think Reich should be drafted to write the Dem nominee’s speeches; he is not so much “outspoken” as simply CLEAR and to the point — something the American people would adore hearing from any politician.

    I wouldn’t want to see him swallowed up in a Cabinet post, either (unless he were regularly given a microphone, which seems doubtful). But what about a special “Czar for the 99%” or something? He knows exactly what the socio-economic problems are in this country and also has some good ideas for how to fix them.

    • TimWolfe

      I agree wholeheartedly, though I am still struggling with the inherent dissonance of a “Czar for the 99%.” =P