11 Candidates Speak to Iowa Republicans

New York Times: “More than 1,300 Republican stalwarts at the Iowa state party’s Lincoln Dinner listened to the biggest field of 2016 presidential hopefuls to visit the state so far. In tightly paced speeches of 10 minutes each, 11 contenders displayed the broad spectrum of ideologies and personal styles in the party’s unsettled, chaotic race.”

“The formally dressed crowd was more subdued than the audiences at gatherings of specialized interests such as evangelical Christians. The crowd never came to its feet during the evening. Red-meat lines that draw whoops in other rooms fell flat in a cavernous convention center ballroom in downtown Des Moines.”

The Washington Post had a live blog of their remarks.

  • DKDC

    “contenders displayed the broad spectrum of ideologies”. Ha! Yes, the spectrum went all the way from red to deep red.

  • Is Christie officially dead? Plus no Kasich, bad blood baby! First debate is on straw poll weekend and in Columbus. Here are the speakers and Graham had the best laughs.
    Senator Rick Santorum
    Dr. Ben Carson
    Governor Bobby Jindal
    Governor Jeb Bush
    Governor Rick Perry
    Senator Rand Paul
    Governor George Pataki
    Senator Lindsey Graham
    Carly Fiorina
    Donald Trump
    Governor Scott Walker

    • ryp

      No Cruz nor Rubio either. I’m not sure what their excuses were.

      And at this point I would be more surprised if Christie jumps in than if Trump actually runs.

      • How deep is the shit pile that they made? The debates have to have Carson and Carly as attack dogs, one for the President and one for Hillary while other elected politicians ride the bench. ,

  • guest4455

    it’s hilarious just to see how far these right wing nuts are willing to go in order to pander to their low info wingnut base. All Carly seems to be doing is attacking Hillary and claiming she has no accomplishments. This coming from a woman who FIRED 30,000 workers who left with nothing while Carly left with a 20 million dollar severance package when she was fired from HP. Makes you sick to your stomach at how hypocritical some of these right wingers truly are.

  • montag

    The formally dressed crowd was more subdued than other GOP audiences? That’s probably because they were bored stiff.

  • Is Chuck Grassley having issues with memory? My source Flew into Okoboji this AM.