November, 2015

Warren Still Won’t Endorse Clinton

Thirteen women Democratic senators endorsed Hillary Clinton at a Capitol Hill fundraising event, the Washington Post reports.

“But one particularly influential female Democratic senator didn’t join her colleagues: Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) — the anti-Wall Street crusader who was courted to run as the darling of very liberal Democrats — has not endorsed Clinton, nor has she promised she will.”

“Her absence served as an awkward reminder of Clinton’s enduring struggle to generate support and enthusiasm among an influential segment of her party’s most liberal members. It also illustrates the leverage that Warren holds in an election that Democrats are calculating will be waged on issues of economic advancement and fairness.”

Christie Says Trump’s 9/11 Parties Never Happened

Gov. Chris Christie rebuked a claim by Donald Trump that “thousands” of Muslims held “tailgate parties” in northern New Jersey on September 11th, NBC News reports.

Said Christie: “It didn’t happen, and the fact is people can say anything but the facts are the facts, that did not happen in New Jersey that day and it hasn’t happened since.”

Silver Found Guilty of Corruption

Former New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver (D) “was found guilty on Monday of federal corruption charges, ending a trial that was the capstone of the government’s efforts to expose the seamy culture of influence-peddling in Albany,” the New York Times reports.

New York Post: “​The conviction of Silver — for decades one of the three most powerful politicians in the state — was a huge victory for anti-corruption crusading Manhattan US Attorney Preet Bharara.”

Trump Claims ‘Great Love’ from Black Clergy

Donald Trump “met privately on Monday with black pastors and religious figures at Trump Tower in Manhattan, trying to confront skepticism about his candidacy and project sensitivity about minority concerns,” the New York Times reports.

Said Trump: “There was great love in the room.”

Politico: “Instead of endorsements, many black pastors issued Donald Trump demands for an apology for his treatment of racial minorities at a closed-door meeting at Trump Tower in New York on Monday.”

Do Facts Even Matter in This Election?

Carrie Dann: “There’s a good chance that if you’re reading this you don’t believe it.”

“It hasn’t exactly been a banner year for truth-telling in the 2016 election, with flubs, rumors, misleading stats and flat-out falsehoods uttered on the campaign trail and ping-ponged around the social media universe with regularity. But in many cases, furious fact-checking from the mainstream media has not only failed to prompt solemn apologies from the worst offenders — it’s made them stronger.”

A Perfect Demographic Mix for Clinton?

Ron Brownstein notes the “two demo­graph­ic trends that may most af­fect the polit­ic­al land­scape in the 11 states that both parties now treat as de­cis­ive swing con­tests. As the charts show, all of these states are sim­ul­tan­eously grow­ing more ra­cially di­verse and older. But these twin trans­form­a­tions are op­er­at­ing at very dif­fer­ent rates in the states likely to de­cide the next pres­id­en­tial elec­tion. While di­versity is the key dy­nam­ic in the swing states across the Sun Belt, aging is the de­fin­ing char­ac­ter­ist­ic of the Rust Belt battle­grounds.”

“The dy­nam­ics of these 11 swing states could be com­plex in 2016. In Hil­lary Clin­ton, a white wo­man who will be 69 years old by next Novem­ber, the Demo­crats could pick a can­did­ate who is well po­si­tioned to min­im­ize their dis­ad­vant­ages in the aging Rust Belt states, but chal­lenged to fully turn out the minor­ity and youth co­ali­tion the party re­lies upon upon in the grow­ing Sun Belt states.”

How John Bel Edwards Won an Improbable Race

The Baton Rouge Advocate looks at how Gov.-elect John Bel Edwards (D) unexpectedly prevailed in the Louisiana governor’s race.

“Edwards needed some luck. Lots of luck, in fact. To make the runoff, he had to be the only Democratic candidate. That happened: Bigger names passed up the race because they thought it was unwinnable.”

“And he needed Vitter to emerge from the primary wounded. That happened, too, thanks to a savage war among the Republican candidates, initiated by Vitter, and attacks from an anti-Vitter group.”

Cruz Pushes GOP Colleagues Into Rubio Camp

“Ted Cruz has built his Senate career and presidential campaign on his willingness to stick it to the Republican establishment. And now that he’s gaining momentum in the primary, his many GOP nemeses in Congress are returning the favor by quietly coalescing behind Marco Rubio,” Politico reports.

“The movement toward Rubio appears to be as much about anxiety over the possibility of Cruz going up against Hillary Clinton as it is affection for the Florida senator. The idea of Cruz as the nominee is enough to send shudders down the spines of most Senate Republicans.”

New York Times: “With the same message, the same style, the same themes and the same aides, Mr. Cruz’s presidential campaign is essentially an extension of his 2012 Senate race.”

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