June, 2016

Republicans Brace for Unusual Convention

“With less than three weeks to go, Donald Trump’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland is poised to be the most chaotic GOP gathering of the modern era,” the Washington Post reports.

“A convention spokeswoman said it was ‘very premature’ to conclude that the event might be troubled, adding that programming details have yet to be announced. But Republican delegates concede that this year’s convention will be different.”

Politico: Anxiety mounts over GOP convention security

Trump Lines Up Sports Stars for Convention

“Donald Trump’s campaign aides are lining up a slate of iconic sports figures to appear at the convention in Cleveland next month—including former undisputed world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson, legendary Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka, former Indiana University basketball coach Bobby Knight, and NASCAR chief Brian France,” people familiar with the planning told Bloomberg.

However, Politico notes that Trump denied that Tyson, a convicted rapist, had been invited.

Clinton Just Ahead of Trump In New Poll

A new Quinnipiac poll finds Hillary Clinton barely ahead of Donald Trump in the presidential race, 42% to 40%.

Said pollster Tim Malloy: “It would be difficult to imagine a less flattering from-the-gut reaction to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. This is where we are. Voters find themselves in the middle of a mean-spirited, scorched earth campaign between two candidates they don’t like. And they don’t think either candidate would be a good president.”

Clinton Dramatically Outspending Trump In Battlegrounds

Hillary Clinton and her allies “continue to dominate the presidential battleground-state airwaves, outspending Donald Trump and pro-Trump groups this month, $26 million to $0,” NBC News reports.

“For the week, it’s $7.5 million to $0 in the eight battlegrounds of Colorado, Florida, Iowa, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio and Virginia. And when you add future ad reservations, it’s $140 million to $0.”

Who Do You Believe When Most Analysts Hate Trump?

Sean Trende: “While polling can give us a good take on where things stand today, I feel somewhat like a pilot flying without gauges when trying to figure out how things are likely to play out. Because just about all of the major analysts aren’t just against Trump – they loathe him – we’re basically situated like the British analysts were when looking at the Brexit election. Good arguments are quickly dismissed, while bad arguments slip through all too easily.”

“This increases the chances that we will miss things we might have otherwise seen, and will latch on to things that we shouldn’t. It just adds an awful lot of uncertainty to this election. That should make us all nervous.”

Clinton Story on Emails Gets Harder to Believe

Washington Post: “The latest batch of emails suggest that Clinton’s filter to decide between the personal and the professional was far from foolproof. That these emails never saw the light of day before Monday — or before a conservative legal advocacy group petitioned for their release — opens up the possibility that there are plenty more like them that Clinton chose to delete but shouldn’t have. And it provides more fodder for the Republican argument that Clinton appointing herself as judge, jury and executioner for her emails was, at best, a very, very bad decision and, at worst, something more nefarious than just bad judgment.”

Corbyn Refuses to Resign After No Confidence Vote

U.K. Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn “said he will not resign when he lost a symbolic vote of confidence among the opposition party’s lawmakers, ramping up the pressure on him to step down after Britain voted to leave the European Union,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

“The British Broadcasting Corp. said Mr. Corbyn lost the vote by a margin of 172 to 40.”

“Mr. Corbyn has faced criticism for his relatively lukewarm endorsement of the EU during the referendum campaign. More than two dozen of Mr. Corbyn’s top team have resigned in the last two days saying they have no confidence in his leadership.”

Clinton Campaign Hack Focused on Email Accounts

“The broad spear phishing campaign targeting the e-mail accounts of Hillary Clinton campaign officials has yielded hackers a wide assortment of internal memos and other communications,” according to documents provided to The Smoking Gun.

“The attack–which investigators believe is a Russian government operation–has recently focused on the Gmail accounts of scores of Hillary for America staffers, according to SecureWorks, a research firm that published its findings earlier this month.”

Suddenly Trump Isn’t Listening to the Polls

Byron York: “Now the polls are telling Trump something else. He’s not winning. He’s behind Hillary Clinton by a substantial amount in national polls and by smaller amounts in key state polls. The polls tell him he is in deep trouble with major voting groups — like Republicans, and women — without whose substantial support he can’t win.”

“Hillary Clinton is 6.8 points ahead of Trump in the RealClearPolitics average of polls. Another way of looking at that is Trump is farther behind Clinton now than Mitt Romney ever was at any time after clinching the 2012 Republican nomination. And Romney, as Trump has reminded the world many, many times, lost.”

“Clinton has led Trump in every single one of the last 21 polls in the RealClearPolitics average.”