September, 2016

Gingrich Calls Machado the ‘New Benghazi Lie’

Newt Gingrich called Hillary Clinton’s attack on Donald Trump for mocking former Miss Universe Alicia Machado’s weight “as false as Benghazi” and “the new Benghazi lie,” BuzzFeed reports.

Said Gingrich: “I think as fascinating to look at how the elite media bought — this is the new Benghazi lie — what Hillary tried to set up, and what they spend apparently months preparing was an ambush that was as false as Benghazi. It was as false as her claim she was under fire in Bosnia. It was as false as the lies she told about her emails.”

Trump Says He Has a ‘Very Good’ Marital History

Asked if Bill Clinton’s past indiscretions came up at the second debate, would his own past marital history also be fair game, Donald Trump told NH1, “I guess. They can do it. But it’s a lot different that his. That I can tell you. We have a situation where we have a president who was a disaster and was ultimately impeached over it, in a sense for lying. We’ll see whether or not we discuss it.”

Asked if he was worried about his past marital history, Trump added “no, not at all. I have a very good history.”

WSJ Editorial Board Member Backs Clinton

Dorothy Rabinowitz, a member of the Wall Street Journal‘s editorial board, has endorsed Hillary Clinton:

The end of the election is now in sight. Some among the anti-Hillary brigades have decided, in deference to their exquisite sensibilities, to stay at home on Election Day, rather than vote for Mrs. Clinton. But most Americans will soon make their choice. It will be either Mr. Trump or Mrs. Clinton—experienced, forward-looking, indomitably determined and eminently sane. Her election alone is what stands between the American nation and the reign of the most unstable, proudly uninformed, psychologically unfit president ever to enter the White House.

USA Today Says Vote for ‘Not Trump’

USA Today broke its 34-year history of never making an endorsement in the presidential race:

This year, the choice isn’t between two capable major party nominees who happen to have significant ideological differences. This year, one of the candidates — Republican nominee Donald Trump — is, by unanimous consensus of the Editorial Board, unfit for the presidency.

From the day he declared his candidacy 15 months ago through this week’s first presidential debate, Trump has demonstrated repeatedly that he lacks the temperament, knowledge, steadiness and honesty that America needs from its presidents.

Trump Foundation Was Not Allowed to Solicit Money

“Donald Trump’s charitable foundation — which has been sustained for years by donors outside the Trump family — has never obtained the certification that New York requires before charities can solicit money from the public, according to the state attorney general’s office,” the Washington Post reports.

“Under the laws in New York, where the Donald J. Trump Foundation is based, any charity that solicits more than $25,000 a year from the public must obtain a special kind of registration beforehand. Charities as large as Trump’s must also submit to a rigorous annual audit that asks — among other things — whether the charity spent any money for the personal benefit of its officers.”

People Stopped Watching Porn During Debate

Huffington Post: “As a record number of Americans tuned in to Monday night’s presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, one major pornographic website saw its traffic sharply drop. Compared to an average Monday, reported that its traffic fell by 16 percent at 9 p.m. Eastern time this Monday ― the moment the televised debate kicked off. Traffic then recovered to normal levels as the debate wrapped up.”

State Poll Roundup: Thursday

Here are the latest state polls from the presidential race:

Colorado: Clinton 46%, Trump 40%, Johnson 6% (PPP)

Florida: Clinton 45%, Trump 43%, Johnson 3% (PPP)

North Carolina: Clinton 44%, Trump 42%, Johnson 7% (PPP)

Pennsylvania: Clinton 45%, Trump 39%, Johnson 6% (PPP)

Virginia: Clinton 46%, Trump 40%, Johnson 7% (PPP)

South Carolina: Trump 42%, Clinton 38% (Winthrop)

New Hampshire: Clinton 43%, Trump 37%, Johnson 11% (GBA Strategies)

Gingrich Says Trump a ‘Gentleman’ for Not Talking Affairs

Newt Gingrich said Donald Trump was “a gentleman” for holding back a verbal onslaught on Bill Clinton’s extramarital affairs during the first debate, Politico reports.

Said Gingrich: “I’m very proud that at the very end when she attacked and went off on this whole rant about women — and you could see his face — in the Republican primary, he would have just smashed her.”

Is Gary Johnson About to Sink in the Polls?

The Lid: “Gary Johnson hasn’t had a great few weeks. First, earlier this month, he helplessly asked an interviewer “What is Aleppo?” Then he failed to make the debate stage, missing a crucial chance to make his case in front of 80+ million viewers. And then last night, he again whiffed on a foreign policy question, stumbling through his inability to name a foreign leader he admires. Today, he doubled down, tweeting that he still can’t think of one. The increasing press coverage of Johnson’s impact on the race may have created the impression that he is gaining ground, but national polls actually show that his position (somewhere in the high single digits/low teens) has been very stable all summer.”

“That’s why the next set of credible national polls — coming this weekend or early next week – will be crucially informative for him, as well as for the other two campaigns from whom he’s siphoning voters. In our latest NBC/WSJ poll, Johnson’s support was at nine percent, but that share nearly doubled among millennials. If Johnson has weathered the last few weeks without taking a hit, it’ll be tough news for Clinton as she continues to try to pull young voters back into their traditional solid spot in the Democratic bloc.”

Trump Allies Keep Attacking Beauty Queen

“Donald Trump and his allies are refusing to let up on their attacks on former Miss Universe Alicia Machado, with Newt Gingrich shaming her for gaining weight during her reign and Corey Lewandowski suggesting she’s an attempted murderer,” Politico reports.

“The sustained assault has provided a wide opening for Hillary Clinton’s campaign to drive home the narrative that Trump is a misogynist and a horrible role model for voters’ children.”