November, 2016

Gore Says Electoral College Should Be Eliminated

Former Vice President Al Gore says the balancing act between the Electoral College and the popular vote has shifted, and that a reliance on the latter “would stimulate public participation in the democratic process like nothing else we could possibly do,” NBC News reports.

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McConnell Breaks with Trump on Flag Burning

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) broke with President-elect Donald Trump’s suggestion that flag burners go to jail or lose their citizenship, The Hill reports.

Said McConnell: “The Supreme Court has held that that activity is a protected First Amendment right. In this country, we have a long history of protecting unpleasant speech.”

Graham Says Trump Must Provide Proof of Voter Fraud

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) challenged Donald Trump to back up his unsubstantiated claims of widespread voter fraud, Politico reports.

Said Graham: “If you really believe that millions of people voted illegally, you should have some proof. Because your voice is not just an ordinary voice.”

Meanwhile, USA Today reports Newt Gingrich also said Trump made a mistake by making the allegation.

Hannity Suggests Keeping Press Out of White House

Sean Hannity told Breitbart News Daily that President-elect Donald Trump should shut down the White House press office.

Said Hannity: “People don’t need them any more. They’re done. I suggested the other day that if any of these organizations were involved in collusion with the Clinton campaign, why do they get a seat in the White House press office? Why does Donald Trump need a White House press office? He doesn’t. You know, you can have a pool person that’s standing by if, God forbid, there’s any bad news about the president that the country needs to know, but his own staff could tweet it out, for crying out loud.”

Bloomberg and Trump Talk In Lengthy Call

“Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg — a self-made billionaire who considered mounting his own third party presidential bid this year but ultimately quelled his own ambitions for fear of helping to elect Donald Trump — phoned the president-elect on Monday,” Politico reports.

“It was a ‘very good talk, and long,’ said a source familiar with the discussion, who would not elaborate on the details.”

Democracy Is Very Fragile

New York Times: “Support for autocratic alternatives is rising, too. Drawing on data from the European and World Values Surveys, the researchers found that the share of Americans who say that army rule would be a ‘good’ or ‘very good’ thing had risen to 1 in 6 in 2014, compared with 1 in 16 in 1995.”

“That trend is particularly strong among young people. For instance, in a previously published paper, the researchers calculated that 43 percent of older Americans believed it was illegitimate for the military to take over if the government were incompetent or failing to do its job, but only 19 percent of millennials agreed. The same generational divide showed up in Europe, where 53 percent of older people thought a military takeover would be illegitimate, while only 36 percent of millennials agreed.”

Trump Will Violate Hotel Lease Once Sworn In

Government Executive reports that once Donald Trump assumes the presidency, he will be in violation of the leasing agreement he signed for his new $212 million Pennsylvania Ave. hotel in Washington D.C.

The 60-year, $180 million leasing agreement clearly states: “No elected official of the Government of the United States … shall be admitted to any share or part of this Lease, or to any benefit that may arise therefrom… This policy is intended to avoid any conflict of interest that might arise between the employees’ interests and their Government duties, and to avoid the appearance of favoritism or preferential treatment by the Government toward its employees.”

Huntsman Mulls Senate Bid In Utah

Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman (R) told Bloomberg that he’s weighing a run for the U.S. Senate in 2018, depending in part on whether fellow Republican Orrin Hatch decides to seek an eighth term.

Said Huntsman: “I’ve always said that I’ve got one more run left in our bones. And I don’t know what that will be. But I love this country.”

Trump Plans Big Rally In Ohio

President-elect Donald Trump “is set to return to the heart of a state that helped deliver him his unexpected victory earlier this month. On Thursday evening, Trump will kick off a ‘thank you’ tour in Ohio, with a massive rally at the U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati,” Politico reports.

“Trump has said he wants to get back to the trail and revisit the states he won, on a victory tour where he can re-energize the base of white, working class voters who put him in the White House. It’s also where Trump still feels most comfortable.”

“Privately, insiders said, Trump is still in postmortem mode, rehashing with friends his unexpected victory, even as his day to day is consumed with looking forward.”