Beau Biden

Beau Biden Dies of Brain Cancer

Former Delaware Attorney General Joseph “Beau” Biden III, who grew up in the political spotlight because of his father’s career, died Saturday night after a long battle with brain cancer, the Wilmington News Journal reports.

“During his two terms as attorney general, Biden was beset by health problems. He suffered a minor stroke in 2010 that kept him out of office for several weeks. In 2013 he was treated at the University of Texas MD Anderson Center Center in Houston after becoming weak and disoriented on a family vacation, undergoing what a member of his medical team later described as surgery to remove a ‘small lesion’ in his brain. Yet after completing two terms in January, Biden said he wanted to run for governor in 2016 and in recent weeks his law firm said he had expanded his role.”

Beau Biden Joins Donor’s Law Firm

Former Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden “didn’t waste time finding a job,” the Wilmington News Journal reports.

“Biden, who left office last week ahead of a planned campaign for governor in 2016, will work as a lawyer at Grant & Eisenhofer, the law firm run by Stuart Grant, a prominent Democratic donor and plaintiffs’ lawyer who represents institutional investors in Delaware Chancery Court.”