Can Trumpism Be Defeated Along with Trump?

Peggy Noonan: “From what I’ve seen there has been zero reflection on the part of Republican leaders on how much the base’s views differ from theirs and what to do about it. The GOP is not at all refiguring its stands. The only signs of life I see are among young staffers on Capitol Hill, who understand their bosses’ stands have been rebuked and are quietly debating among themselves what policy paths will win the future.”

“Beyond that, anti-Trump Republicans treat his voters like immoral enablers of a malignant boob. Should Mr. Trump lose decisively in November they’ll lord it over everyone, say ‘I told you so,’ and accept what they imagine will be forelock-tugging apologies. Then they will get to work burying not only Mr. Trump but his issues.”

“That’s where the future of the GOP will be fought, and found: on whether Trumpism can be defeated along with Mr. Trump.”

Trump Picks Pence as His Running Mate

Donald Trump’s campaign has signaled strongly to Republicans in Washington that he will pick Gov. Mike Pence as his running mate, “though Republicans caution the party’s mercurial presidential candidate may still backtrack on his apparent choice,” the New York Times reports.

“A low-key man largely defined in public life by his Christian faith, Mr. Pence, 57, is seen as a cautious choice of running mate — a political partner who is unlikely to embarrass Mr. Trump, and who may help him shore up support among conservative voters still wary of his candidacy.”

Recent Morning Consult polling shows Pence generates little enthusiasm among voters.

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Republicans Have Only Themselves to Blame

Charlie Cook: “My re­ac­tion is not ter­ribly sym­path­et­ic. If Hil­lary Clin­ton is such a hor­rible per­son, so ill-suited for the pres­id­ency, why didn’t they unite be­hind some­body, any­body, while there was still time to beat her? After Don­ald Trump lost the April 5 Wis­con­sin primary to Ted Cruz, the door was open. But when Trump swept the Acela primar­ies on April 26, win­ning not only Con­necti­c­ut, Delaware, Mary­land, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Is­land but every county with­in each state, the race was over. The door had slammed shut.”

“The truth is that Re­pub­lic­ans were not in a mood to nom­in­ate Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, John Kasich, Marco Ru­bio, or any oth­er es­tab­lish­ment-ori­ented can­did­ate. They also des­pised Ted Cruz so he would nev­er do. None of the oth­er al­tern­at­ives meas­ured up. They were so angry with the gov­ern­ment that they wanted to fire a shot­gun blast at Wash­ing­ton. They ended up shoot­ing them­selves in the foot. They got Don­ald Trump and a gimpy party.”

GOP Lawmaker Calls for Bathroom Civil Disobedience

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) “called for civil disobedience in response to the Obama administration’s guidance to public schools that they cannot discriminate against transgender students in settings like restrooms and locker rooms,” BuzzFeed reports.

Said King: “We should call for civil disobedience here. And there’s no reason for us to follow an unconstitutional edict from the president, who is on his way out the door.”

Trump Accuses Bezos of Using Newspaper to Avoid Taxes

Donald Trump alleged that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos uses his ownership of the Washington Post to secure tax benefits for his company, Politico reports.

Said Trump: “Every hour we’re getting calls from reporters from The Washington Post asking ridiculous questions and I will tell you, this is owned as a toy by Jeff Bezos, who controls Amazon… He’s using the Washington Post for power so that the politicians in Washington don’t tax Amazon like they should be taxed.”

Cruz Picks Fiorina as Running Mate

Sen. Ted Cruz, “desperate to alter the course of a presidential primary fight in which Donald Trump is closing in on victory, will announce that Carly Fiorina will be his running mate if he wins the Republican nomination,” the New York Times reports.

“The move, a day after Mr. Trump scored unexpectedly wide victory margins in sweeping five East Coast states, amounts to the grandest diversionary ploy a presidential candidate can stage — or at least the grandest one available to a candidate trailing by more than 400 delegates who failed to win more than 25 percent of the vote in any state on Tuesday.”

The End of the GOP Race or the Beginning?

“The Republican presidential campaign will not end next week, or even next month. But voters in the five states casting ballots on Tuesday will go a long way toward determining whether Donald J. Trump can win the 1,237 delegates necessary to claim the party’s nomination,” the New York Times reports.

“If Mr. Trump loses Ohio (possible) or Florida (less likely) and wins less-than-commanding victories in Illinois, Missouri and North Carolina, he would face the strong possibility of falling short of a delegate majority and entering a contested Republican convention this summer. But with victories in the home states of two of his rivals, he could end the campaigns of Gov. John Kasich and Sen. Marco Rubio, leaving Sen. Ted Cruz as the only candidate still standing in his way.”

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Cruz Took Votes from Rubio In Louisiana

The Washington Post finds a late shift in voting in Louisiana.

“This suggests that the shift probably wasn’t a function of Ted Cruz’s (clearly strong) get-out-the-vote effort. Field efforts like that result in relatively limited swings, and it’s hard to see how they could have run a hugely successful turnout effort throughout the state uniformly. Instead, this looks like the state of Louisiana bailed on Marco Rubio in favor of Ted Cruz.”

Campaigns Flying Blind in Nevada

Politico: “There have been only two public surveys in Nevada this week, and pollsters warn that the caucuses — a system only recently implemented in the state and typically attended by very few Nevadans — are nearly impossible to predict. That’s frightening for those wondering whether Clinton can sustain her Nevada firewall or whether Sanders’ momentum can bring a surge of young voters to the caucuses.”

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A New Liberal Era Is Beginning

Peter Beinhart: “That doesn’t mean the Republicans won’t retain strength in the nation’s statehouses and in Congress. It doesn’t mean a Republican won’t sooner or later claim the White House. It means that on domestic policy—foreign policy is following a different trajectory, as it often does—the terms of the national debate will continue tilting to the left. The next Democratic president will be more liberal than Barack Obama. The next Republican president will be more liberal than George W. Bush.”

“In the late ’60s and ’70s, amid left-wing militancy and racial strife, a liberal era ended. Today, amid left-wing militancy and racial strife, a liberal era is only just beginning.”

Ruben Hinojosa Seeking Ruben Hinojosa’s Seat

Texas Tribune: “Here’s a primary ballot quirk that could leave some Texas voters scratching their heads: One Democratic candidate to replace retiring Rep. Ruben Hinojosa in Congressional District 15 is Ruben Ramirez Hinojosa, a 33-year-old University of Houston law student and U.S. Army combat veteran from McAllen.”

“Different guy, nearly identical name. Democrats say the coincidence could confuse voters, leading some to vote for the relative youngster— who unsuccessfully ran under a different name for Hinojosa’s seat in 2012 — thinking they’re casting a ballot for the man who represented their South Texas district for two decades.”