Obama Launches Attack on Scott Walker

President Obama launched a frontal assault on Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) in a visit to his state, the New York Times reports.

Obama likened Walker and the “bus full” of Republican candidates to an “Uncle Harry” at Thanksgiving dinner who says something that makes no sense.

Said Obama: “You still love him. He’s still a member of your family. Right? But you’ve got to correct him. You don’t want to put him in charge of stuff.”

Trump Blames Jeb Bush for Roberts Appointment

Donald Trump told radio host Hugh Hewitt that Jeb Bush is responsible for influencing his brother’s appointment of Chief Justice John Roberts to the Supreme Court and with it, last week’s decision justifying Obamacare.

Said Trump: “If you think about it, Jeb Bush gave us Justice Roberts. He’s the one who pushed Justice Roberts.”

Sanders Draws 10K to Rally

Sen. Bernie Sanders drew “10,000 screaming fans” to a speech in Madison, WI “and promised to fulfill all of their progressive dreams: paid vacation for all, generous maternity leave, tuition-free public colleges, a minimum wage of $15, no more big banks, less youth unemployment, dramatic prison reform and an end to economic inequality,” the Washington Post reports.

Said Sanders: “Please, think big, not small. Our vision should be that in the wealthiest country in the history of the world there is nothing that we cannot accomplish.”

The AP reports Sanders has raised $15 million since entering the presidential race in late April.

Fact Checking Paul LePage

Back in April, Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) stood up at a breakfast forum and told the crowd that seniors were sending him emails demanding that he stop the minimum wage from going up, the Bangor Daily News reports.

The report piqued the interest of reporter Amy Browne, who filed a Freedom of Access Act request with the governor’s office asking for “any emails received by Governor LePage from people identifying themselves as elderly and in opposition to minimum wage increases.”

“Two months later, on June 26, his office sent her the results: two emails. Neither email author gave their age, nor did they cite the specific and personal sort of concerns that LePage raised in his talk.”

Bundler Says Biden Is Planning a White House Bid

Vice President Joseph Biden’s team “is putting out the word that he is leaning in favor of joining the presidential race next month,” the Washington Times reports.

Said Democratic bundler Jon Cooper: “They have given increasingly strong signals that Biden is going to throw his hat in the ring. I’m as confident as I can be that he will be entering the race.”

Investigation Launched Into Dealings of Maine Governor

Members of the Maine legislature’s Government Oversight Committee voted unanimously to start a formal investigation into Gov. Paul LePage’s (R) use of taxpayer money to force Good Will-Hinckley to fire House Speaker Mark Eves (D), the Bangor Daily News reports.

LePage’s office claims the legislature has no right under the state constitution to investigate him.

White House Plans Domestic Policy Push

While President Obama‘s “top foreign-policy initiatives–particularly on Cuba, trade and Iran–have dominated the headlines lately, the White House is gearing up for a domestic policy push that’s largely been under the radar,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

“In coming weeks, the White House is expected to roll out more executive orders, perhaps on gun safety. And top White House officials are hoping to capitalize on their successful collaboration with congressional Republicans on trade to advance a business-tax overhaul and transportation initiatives targeted at shoring up the country’s infrastructure. Changes to the criminal justice system are also at the top of the president’s domestic wish list.”