Walker Says Bush Will Raise the Most Money

Gov. Scott Walker told the Tampa Bay Times that he thinks Jeb Bush will be the GOP fundraising leader for the first quarter.

Said Walker: “Yeah, he’ll have by far the biggest report. There’s a lot of people who are loyal to that family because of an ambassadorship or an appointment or something like that, so those people are going to show up big on his first report. What we’re hoping going forward are not donors of obligation but donors of passion, people who are passionate about the reforms we bring to the table.”

However, it’s also interesting that Walker suggested to Breitbart that he was the GOP frontrunner: “Well, it suggests maybe we’re the front-runner if somebody is taking an active interest in what a state governor is doing, particularly in light of the fact that we’re not the only one.”

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  • mhandrh

    Because it is always about money. For them, it is the only measuring ruler.
    They worship mammon. It’s everything.

    • Buford2k11

      oh so close to the truth of it all…

  • BillBuckley

    …meaning, as long as the Kochs have Walker’s back, money isn’t that big a consideration as it is for Jeb. The be-all and end-all of his candidacy.

    • Buford2k11

      It is almost like watching a “Rock’em Sock’em Robot” fight…With Large Shadowy Puppet Masters, delivering Blow after Blow to the Snotty and Jebbie robots, sitting on a steaming pile of greenbacks…

      • rssrai

        Well, you know Jeb said only 1 million dollars per donor. You don’t want inequality among the 1 percent.

  • OBforObama

    If indeed Walker is the Koch Brother’s tool, then it will be very interesting to see how much money gets spent on a Walker vs. Bush bloodbath. While the oligarchs beat each other over the head, somebody else might slide through the wreckage.

    In the meantime, and it will be a mean time, we get to enjoy the spectacle of millions of dollars being pissed away in what will ultimately be a losing effort.

  • Wynstone

    Walker is a cocky SOB. The primary debates will take him down a peg.

    • Delphine

      That’s just what I thought! Already throwing mud at those prissy country-club ambassador types, with their French cuffs and their knowing which fork to use. “I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but I never graduated from Marquette. And I think you could say I’ve done pretty well for myself, huh?”

      It’s a veritable battle for the soul of the Republican Party!

      • jjbrainstorm

        Lets hope it gets so toxic neither can reach across and offer the other the VP spot.

      • Calbengoshi

        The phrase “soul of the Republican Party” sounds like an oxymoron.

    • jjbrainstorm

      It will be interesting see how Walker takes to being bloodied.

      I think Jeb will get knocked down a bit too though. I am pretty sure Walker and the rest of the clown crew are going to gang up on Jeb on immigration.

    • ProfessorNewshound

      I’m not so sure. Big time debates as they’re now framed tend to reward confident people with canned answers intermixed with rhetorical zingers. Walker can do that pretty well. The debates pose problems for people who don’t have stage presence (or who come across as dull or loony), and/or aren’t prepared and caught off guard. If Walker can avoid those pitfalls and portray himself as smart and lively, and Jeb comes across as dull and inspiring, I could see Walker besting Jeb — or at least holding his own — in the debates.

      I remember how the GOP coached Palin to go up against Biden in the 2008 veep debate. Sure, it was only one match between the two. But still….all that preparing enabled Caribou Barbie to go a full 12 rounds with a bright veteran US senator on the biggest of stages. Walker is much smarter than Palin and a much harder worker. If he can portray himself as being smart and somewhat erudite — and avoid big slip-ups — I could see the primary debates working in his favor. A key rap against Walker will be lack of knowledge and experience vis-a-vis Jeb. The debates could enable Walker to fake that.

      • rssrai

        I agree with you. Remember when George W. Bush debated Kerry, and to me Bush sounded kind of less smart compared to Kerry on almost every matter. But, the thing is republicans love their candidates sounding kind of less college educated. George W. Bush got a lot of blue collar workers on his mispronouncing words alone.

        • ProfessorNewshound

          It wasn’t stupidity that made Bush appealing — it was, rather, that Dubya seemed more genuine, likable, comfortable. Kerry (like Gore before him in 2000) came across as aloof, pompous, stiff.

          • rssrai

            Walker not having a degree, and cutting funds on colleges appeals to many blue collar workers.

          • Michael

            Yes, because all blue collar workers had the means to commit academic fraud. As Rodney Dangerfield proved in “Back to School”, you need to be rich to commit academic fraud.

    • Calbengoshi

      While the primary debates may very well damage Walker’s image in the eyes of those Democrats who watch, I am not so sure they will make him look worse in the eyes of the Republicans who watch the debates.

  • Vera

    The douche factor is strong with that one.

  • APV


    • rssrai

      Bushwacker with a side of Kochmentum.

      • APV


  • rssrai

    Bush will raise the most money. Do ya think? Boy, Walker is a real genius to figure that out.

  • 66kicks

    Walker self-innoculates against potential stories if his fund raising falls short of expectations.

  • jjbrainstorm

    The only person who is going to out raise Jeb is Hillary.

  • Shep2020

    “Well, it suggests maybe we’re the front-runner…”

    He’s already using a variation of the royal “we”. I thought that was reserved for monarchs and popes.

    Pretty sure this self-anointing chump will never have the opportunity to say Our Oval Office.

  • oldhandatthis

    What a terrible interview and it is blatantly self serving too. Walker seems to enjoy comparing himself favorably to Reagan. And for somebody claiming to be the front runner he doesn’t sound like one, instead he spends time talking about rivals.

    • Calbengoshi

      When assessing the merits of a speech, interview or other public statement, it’s important to view it from the perspective of the intended audience. And, if it is likely to reach an audience that is broader in scope than just the intended audience, then one also should view it from the perspective of that broader audience.

      Walker’s intended audience was the group of conservatives who read Breitbart because they agree with Breitbart’s perspective. For that audience, Walker’s interview appears to have gone pretty well. While it likely won’t be received as well by a broader audience than Breitbart’s audience, as reflected in your comment, the odds are pretty low that a significantly broader audience is likely to read the interview.

      • oldhandatthis

        Most of my criticism was directed to the Tampa Bay Times interview. I agree there is a conservative audience that will like the interview but Walker’s ability to speak to a particular audience without attracting broader attention is mostly over now. As a candidate for the Republican nomination he should expect any interview he does may be picked up for national coverage.

        • Calbengoshi

          Walker should, indeed, anticipate the possibility of national coverage.

          However, at this point in the campaign even “national coverage” doesn’t get a lot of eyeballs reading something unless the press brings it to the attention of the public in a sensational way (e.g., the way the MSM treated Clinton’s use of a private email system), and I don’t think that is likely to happen with Walker unless he says something really outrageous.

  • snickering

    I wonder if Scott Walkers head spins round and round, like Daffy Duck?

  • Mike

    “Well, it suggests maybe we’re the front-runner if somebody is taking an active interest in what a state governor is doing, particularly in light of the fact that we’re not the only one.”

    Is that the royal “we”?

    If so, WE are NOT amused.

    • KurtBusiek

      I’d assume he means the campaign by “we.”

      Before we jump all over Walker for this, it’s not like Obama and Clinton haven’t said the same sort of thing. Running for President is a collective effort, and it’s polite (not to mention accurate) to acknowledge that.

  • Michael

    This is an excellent opening for Walker and Bush to discuss abortion. Both Scott Walker and JEB’s father, George H. W. Bush, fathered children while they were in college. However, since Walker was poor, he requested that the mother abort the child. Since Bush was rich, he had the means to support the child, so he did not request that Barbara abort George W. Bush. Hopefully, with both of these families in the 2016 GOP primary, and over 20 debates, this will be brought up at some point in time. It would prove that Republicans actually understand why abortions are chosen, and it may help them in actually doing something to prevent them.

    It would be a nice contrast to the 2012 GOP primary, where the only candidate to benefit from any moment in any moment was when Gingrich asked the moderator to stop asking him questions about his open marriage.

  • Maerzie

    All “a state governor”?, (Walker’s shamelessly blowing his own horn,) did, was EXACTLY what his financiers TOLD him to do! He took their wishes to the Wisconsin legislature, which is, of course, predominantly also Teapublicans, and they voted in exactly what he needed for his puppeteers! Is that supposed to be something WONDERFUL?? My female Beagle could’ve done better! On her OWN!!