Does Biden Have an Opening?

Rick Klein: “It’s a version of speed dating, except one party is already sort of engaged. And it wouldn’t take Ashley Madison to find another just-maybe willing prospect outside the room. The Democratic National Committee is converging in Minneapolis just in time to take some private frustrations over Hillary Clinton’s candidacy public. But as Clinton herself and her announced rivals zip through the room, making condensed versions of their pitches, all eyes of course remain on Vice President Joe Biden and a team that’s actively drumming up interest in that third Biden run.”

“The challenge for them is to be clear about the circumstances: disappointment and even anger at Camp Clinton is not necessarily the same as a groundswell for the vice president. Biden insiders think they’ve gotten President Obama’s go-ahead this week, yet that’s not an endorsement. It’s also not a replacement for the grassroots eruption Biden would have to position himself to tap into if a late-starting candidacy will go anywhere. Clinton may well be vulnerable, and those in the room in Minneapolis may want her to face a more substantial challenge. That’s not the same, though, as wanting to break up with Clinton in favor of Biden.”

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