2016 Election Coverage Shatters Cable News Records

Politico: “The 2016 election is proving to be a powerful force for Fox News, CNN and MSNBC, and all three of them are major beneficiaries of the chaos, drama and uncertainty that has surrounded the Republican and (to a lesser extent) Democratic campaigns.”

“To be certain, the nonstop onslaught of primary debates and town halls helped boost the ratings of the channels, but they were not necessarily the root cause of the ratings surge.”

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  • richo123

    Train wrecks = Ratings

    • gnatswatting

      Trump is HŪŪŪŪGE for them. He’s news channel crack.

    • vidarien

      Yes, all this does is tell them that if they can convince Kanye West…or Charlie Sheen..or who the fuck ever to run for president in 2020 and shower them with positive coverage, they’ll reap in a gold mine.

      Yeah SCOTUS, real classy rulings in the last 2 decades. This intersection of money and media with politics has been a godsend.

  • Which network would Jesus choose?

  • mhandrh

    That translates into advertising dollars and that’s why we have 24/7 Trump coverage.
    The expectation that he will behave outrageously, or incite violence, or worse, that someone will act on heightened emotions — it’s a reality show — that is more “real” than the reality shows that dominate TV today.
    This was admitted by the CEO of CBS last week (Moonves) — news is not a loss leader as it used to be when networks had principles and felt the need to provide public service — today it is a profit-making organization –spread propaganda, invite guests with the propensity to inflame the audience and argue/fight with one another, tell the moderator what can be said and how it must be said, because greed dominates.
    It’s no wonder neighbors, or even family members, can’t discuss politics with one another, everyone is affected.

  • Hagar32Grady

    While everyone watchs the cable News…The Semi-Reality TV shows suffer . …. . OH ! wait ….. never mind.

  • Alki

    No idea why this cycles ratings would have trumped last cycles. No idea.

    • TexasLou

      What you did there. I saw it. Unbelievable. It was the best doing.

  • eve

    So I suppose that from now on choosing candidates and choosing a president will be done by who can command the most media attention. I dread 2020 as I expect the crazy to be exponentially worse.

    • drzaius

      You assume the individual driven to the top by this process will be electable.

      Before I read your comment I was relieved msnbc does not occupy the same status as Fox news does on the right.

      I think the Fox’s tail will be wagging the GOP s dog for quite some time.

      • eve

        Nope. I did not make that assumption. The assumption I made was that Trump has changed the media game so much that we will see more craziness in 2020 than we see now. Even though Trump won’t win.

        • drzaius

          I look at it as a process that will destroy the gop or they reform.

    • embo66

      Maybe not. I tend to think that Trump is a one-off phenomenon with a unique combination of longstanding celebrity, mega bucks, and con-man media savvy. Throw in a smidgeon of political unorthodoxy and a steady willingness to outrage . . . and you have a candidate who is far more despised than loved, but always “watchable.”

      And exhausting. I’m not sure America would willingly put up with another demagogue spouting 24-7 nonsense in the very next election cycle — no matter if our craven media were more than willing to encourage it.

      Of course, a lot of this depends on the GOP. Maybe they will keep throwing up untenable wingnuts like Rick Santorum or laughable contenders like Herman Cain and Ben Carson. Or maybe Trump represents the final paroxysm of the party’s deep sickness.

      All I do know is that — if they don’t begin to accept reality, to admit that Trump has made it plain that the emperor has no clothes — they will soon be a marginal party on the national stage, one whose candidates are considered jokes before they even get started.

  • alansnipes

    The coverage has never been about issues, it is about ratings, which does a disservice to the country. However, people watch this drivel, which is why they do what they do.

  • Landstander

    They don’t realize they could just spend 10 minutes a day reading Political Wire instead of having angry heads yell nonsense at them for hours on end.

  • BoredMe

    Yay ratings!! I mean, who gives a fuck about the fabric of the nation, amirite?

    …..Seriously though, it’s time for a frank discussion on the media. One of our nation’s “kids” was given a very expensive car around 1980, and they have proven that they can’t be trusted to drive that car.