Why Rubio May Run for Senate Again

Josh Kraushaar: “A use­ful rule of thumb: Politi­cians usu­ally act in their own self-in­terest. And that’s why Sen. Marco Ru­bio of Flor­ida is open­ing the door to run­ning again for his Sen­ate seat.”

“If Ru­bio wants to run for pres­id­ent in 2020, it would be very dif­fi­cult for him to do so without hold­ing any prom­in­ent statewide elec­ted of­fice. Hav­ing only one term on the Sen­ate un­der his belt and four years out­side of of­fice is an aw­fully thin start­ing point to mount a second pres­id­en­tial bid. There will be oth­er newly-elec­ted gov­ernors and sen­at­ors who will emerge on the na­tion­al radar. And with the Flor­ida gov­ernor race un­likely to be an op­tion—Ag­ri­cul­ture Com­mis­sion­er Adam Put­nam is pop­u­lar and the odds-on GOP fa­vor­ite—the only op­tion for him to re­main polit­ic­ally rel­ev­ant is to pur­sue a second Sen­ate term.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, quoted by the Washington Times: “We’re all lobbying hard for him to run again. He’s been back in the Senate for six weeks. He’s, I believe, enjoying it, and being effective.”

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