Why Hillary Clinton Will Win

Tom Toles: “Because the Republican party is not the same as the U.S. population. Yes there is overlap, and yes everyone feels the goosebumps of an idiot breaking all the rules and getting applause for it, but We’re Not There Yet. The American public, for all its waywardness and depravity and reality-show slumming, has not yet thrown in the towel on trying to have a republic and make it work, the Republican party notwithstanding.”

“Donald Trump is a charlatan and a dangerous one, and this will become abundantly clear as the rest of the campaign unfolds. He can threaten the media and wave his whatever-sized hands all he wants, but it is no big mystery as to what he really is, and barring a level of economic and social dysfunction significantly greater than what we have now, he will go down, and go down in flames.”

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