Tillerson Shaky at Confirmation Hearing

Rex Tillerson had terse exchanges with Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and other key senators during his confirmation hearing for the role of secretary of state, ducking questions on whether Russian leader Vladimir Putin is a “war criminal” or if the U.S. should sanction Moscow, Politico reports.

“The former ExxonMobil CEO was at times astonishingly candid, even curt, at one point telling a senator ‘a little of both’ when asked if he was refusing to answer a question or if he didn’t know the answer. Tillerson also struggled to clarify key issues, stating, for instance, that his company never lobbied against Russian sanctions, even though public records show the oil company repeatedly talked to lawmakers and the White House about the sanctions. And Tillerson would not say that he’d immediately back out of the nuclear agreement with Iran — a stance that puts him in opposition to GOP leaders.”

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