All Eyes on Democrats as Budget Vote Nears

Politico: “The Senate will go first and is expected to pass the bill with relative ease. One wrinkle emerged Thursday afternoon with Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) blocking speedy consideration of the measure until he gets a vote on an amendment to keep Congress under strict budget caps. Still, Senate GOP leaders believe they can work things out with Paul.”

“But the plan could unravel in the House, where conservative opposition is forcing Republican leaders to lean on Democrats for votes as House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi digs in with immigration demands.”

Washington Post: “Ryan suggested in a radio interview Thursday that he would be able to deliver a majority of Republicans — about 120 votes — meaning about half of the 193 Democrats might be necessary to pass the deal. That could be a tough sell among House Democrats, who are livid that their demands for protections for ‘dreamers’ — immigrants brought to the United States as children now living in the country illegally — were not made part of the deal.”

USA Today: “With the clock ticking toward a midnight funding deadline, Senate leaders said they could not provide any update about the timing for a vote.”

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