Senate Heads to Immigration Showdown

Bloomberg: “A series of procedural votes likely Thursday will focus on two proposals. The bipartisan plan would give 1.8 million young immigrants, known as dreamers, a path to citizenship and provide $25 billion for border security. The second, backed by Republican leaders, would include those provisions plus other priorities of President Donald Trump, including strict limits on family-based migration and an end to a diversity visa lottery. Democrats reject those proposals.”

“In a hardball tactic, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky decided a vote on the GOP plan would come last. That will make it harder for GOP lawmakers who might be willing to back the more modest bipartisan measure, which was conceived by a group of senators that included eight Republicans. They won’t be able to see if the Trump plan fails first and then move to the pared-down bipartisan measure as a fallback.”

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