Peter Navarro

Peter Navarro Is a White House Survivor

James Hohmann: “Navarro’s reemergence is a testament to the value of longevity and staying power in Trump’s orbit. The survivors who can stick it out long enough often wind up near the top of the pile. During the chaotic first few weeks of the administration, Navarro was often seen at Trump’s side. He stood behind the president as he signed the executive orders withdrawing the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership and blocking federal funds for groups that provide abortions. But he was marginalized over time as the globalists, corporatists and more traditional conservatives in the West Wing found their footing and worked together to sideline him.”

“Navarro suffered several public humiliations last fall when Kelly reorganized the White House economics team to place him under Cohn. ‘Mr. Navarro was required to copy Mr. Cohn, his new superior, on all emails. He was absent from some high-level strategy meetings on trade, as well as the president’s trip to China,’ the New York Times’s Ana Swanson reported.”

“Trump decided three weeks ago to reverse these moves.”