Why Did Trump Get Away with What Weinstein Did Not?

Washington Post: “The Weinstein scandal, which has featured graphic accounts of assault from a string of celebrity accusers, has sparked a national debate about sexual harassment. Many women, inspired by a #MeToo campaign, have taken to social media to tell their own stories, and calls to the National Sexual Assault Hotline have risen sharply.”

“But for Trump’s accusers, the renewed debate offers a reminder that their allegations did not have the same effect.”

“Trump, unlike Weinstein, was able to deflect their claims — despite the disclosure of a video in which he was heard bragging about the kind of behavior some of the women had alleged. Trump has never followed through with his vow to sue his accusers or produce the ‘substantial evidence’ he said would refute their claims.”

NFL Won’t Seek Mandate from Players

“The NFL said it has no plans to mandate players stand for the U.S. national anthem, but will rather present a possible solution on how to end the controversial protests when it meets with team owners next week,” Reuters reports.

Said spokesman Joe Lockhart: “Commissioner Roger Goodell has a plan that he is going to present to owners about how to use our platform to both raise awareness and make progress on issues of social justice and equality in this country. What we don’t have is a proposal that changes our policy, we don’t have something that mandates anything. That’s clear. If that was the case I doubt the head of the NFLPA would have put a joint statement out with us.”

Sports Teams Stop Using Trump Hotels

The Washington Post found that “17 teams from across the four major sports had stayed at Trump properties in recent years. Now, at least 16 are no longer customers.”

The Post reached out to all 123 teams in the four major U.S. sports leagues to find out how many are still Trump customers. A total of 105 responded. Not a single team confirmed its players stay at Trump properties.”

Clinton ‘Appalled’ by Allegations Against Weinstein

Hillary Clinton says she’s “shocked and appalled” by the revelations of sexual abuse and harassment being leveled at Harvey Weinstein, the AP reports.

“Clinton has been a beneficiary of the Weinstein family’s donations to Democratic causes. She said nothing about those donations in her statement.”

A must-read from the New Yorker: Weinstein’s accusers tell their stories.

And from the New York Times: Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie and others say Weinstein harassed them.

Sinatra Told Trump to ‘Go Fuck Himself’

A new book claims that Frank Sinatra told Donald Trump to “go fuck himself” after the now-President took issue with the singer’s financial demands, the Independent reports.

“Old Blue Eyes was due to perform at the opening of Mr Trump’s Atlantic City casino in 1990 when the magnate was said to have told him his costs were ‘a little rich.’ On hearing the news, Sinatra gave his manager Elliot Weisman – who has written the new book – two options, either to pass his message to Mr Trump or give him his number and he would do it himself.”

There’s Always Baseball

James Hohmann: “With so many reasons to worry that the center may not hold in American life, baseball steps into the breach. If you’re ever losing faith in this country, go to a game. It may cure you. The national pastime reminds us that there’s nothing wrong with America that can’t be fixed by what’s right about America. Our persistence. Our diversity. Our ability to deliver in the clutch. ‘Whoever wants to know the heart and mind of America had better learn baseball, the rules, and reality of the game,’ the French cultural historian Jacques Barzun said in 1954.”