Facebook App That Helped Obama Win is Shut Down

President Obama’s reelection campaign “pioneered a pathway for political campaigns to reach voters through Facebook when it released an app that helped supporters target their friends with Obama-related material,” Yahoo News reports.

“But as the 2016 presidential campaign approaches, Facebook is rolling out a change that will prevent future campaigns from doing this, closing the door on one of the most sophisticated social targeting efforts ever undertaken.”

Said Obama digital chief Teddy Goff: “It’s a fairly significant shift. The thing we did that will be most affected — by which I mean rendered impossible — by the changes they’re making is the targeted sharing tool.”

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  • CaptainCommonsense

    Meh. Someone will find a workaround.

    They always do.

    • The digital age has been good for the Democrats, no denying that.

  • Phaedrus

    It still works until April. “Ready for Hillary” will have a good list of names by then even if new joiners can’t share their friend lists.

  • Buford2k11

    Facebook??? is sooo, passe…a tool of the fascist state, and controlled by a schmuck…

  • taikan

    Either (1) Facebook received a lot of complaints from users about abuse of the app, (2) Facebook figured out a way to make money by preventing this app from working, or (3) Zuckerberg wants to make it difficult for Democrats to win in 2016.