Disclosure Laws May Limit Small Donors

Political scientist Ray La Raja finds that laws requiring public disclosure of small campaign donations may lead to fewer people contributing and smaller donations.

“The findings demonstrate that transparency does, in fact, have a chilling effect on participation. And the impact is especially salient for citizens who are cross-pressured.”

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  • ResistanceIsUseless

    Yep, when your conservative boss is still threatening to fire you because they know exactly what you donated to Kerry’s campaign back in ’04 it makes you think twice about contributing now. Meanwhile, the Kochs (and your boss) can anonymously contribute millions to PAC’s and no one knows how much they spent to buy the election.

    • Buford2k11

      and that brings up the other big deal of “foreign money”…dark money with an accent is as dangerous as the koch boys corrupt money.

  • pitch1934

    It makes sense. Scare the average voter off.