An Interesting Race Even If It Might Be a Blowout

Rick Klein: “For a race that may wind up not being much of a race, we sure have seen a lot of action in recent days. Consider the ways that the contours of the Democratic primary have come into view this week. The liberal/Warren wing of the party got its seat at the 2016 table, in the person of Sen. Bernie Sanders, who’s still not becoming a Democrat but figures to tip the eventual nominee leftward before he’s done. The not-declared candidate Martin O’Malley saw his first moment in the campaign glare, with events far from his choosing bringing him onto the streets of his native Baltimore. And Hillary Clinton pushed up plans for a first policy address by giving a strong speech that showed daylight between her vision and Bill Clinton’s presidency – a theme of 2015 and 2016, surely, that we’ll see again. As major news events are wont to do, the would-be nominees were drawn a bit out of their early shells. They’re preparing for a race that, at least for now, has some spark.”

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