Trump Looks Likely to Join Race

Donald Trump will make a “major announcement” at the Trump Tower in New York City on June 16, and he plans to return to New Hampshire the following day, WMUR reports.

“All signs point to a Trump declaration of candidacy, however. He has been moving in that direction for many months with steps beyond those he took in his previous flirtations.”

“Trump has set up a pre-campaign organization, headed by conservative strategist Corey Lewandowski of Windham, and has hired staffers in New Hampshire and first-caucus state Iowa, as well as in South Carolina, where the first primary in the South will be held. Last week, Trump unveiled a 17-member leadership team in New Hampshire.”

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  • Chief Wack-A-Troll

    the more the merrier. this fellow’s a prize catch.

  • Wynstone

    I guess he’s tired of people accusing him of crying wolf.

  • Krusher

    Will he be the biggest klown in the klown kar?

    • HUGE!

      • BlueJoubert

        you mean YOUUUUGE?

    • BlueJoubert

      he already has the clown wig

  • Mike

    In a way I hope he wins, I’ve always wondered what the Whitehouse would look like with gold and platinum trim and a huge neon sign.

    • Jester A. Arthur

      You mean The Trump House?

      • littlejohn

        Woah, we both said the same thing virtually at the same time!

    • littlejohn

      He would rename it Trump House.

    • DKDC

      Also, the Donald promises to personally inspect the birth certificate of every person in the country. If your paperwork doesn’t pass his inspection you go before him and he shouts into the camera, “you’re deported!”

  • terjeanderson

    Using Rush Limbaugh’s old “Operation Chaos” plans, if Democrats really wanted to screw with the Republicans we’d be encouraging cross-over primary votes for Trump, right?

    The idea that this clown will be treated as a legitimate candidate, participating in debates, is truly astonishing.

    • BarryR

      The debates will have the finest podiums of any debate, imported from Italy. They will be the classiest debates possible, with a golf course.

    • Neville Chalmers

      ‘The idea that this clown will be treated as a legitimate candidate, participating in debates, is truly astonishing.’

      — Well, you could say that about many of the other candidates (for being candidates).

    • Hagar32Grady

      As soon as they relegate him to the little kiddie table at the first debate he will be gone. …… (Seriously it will not go that far -Again this is Donald, all Donald 24/7)

      • APV

        He is at 5% in the Quinnipiac national poll out yesterday, ahead of Fiorina, Kasich, Perry, Pataki, Graham, Jindal, and Santorum. They will be shown the kiddie table first, before Trump is sent there.

        In any case, the first debate is hosted by Fox and it has the top 10 candidates requirement. No kiddie table. The 2nd debate hosted by CNN allows for the kiddie table.

  • ralph_wiggam

    Its gonna be a HUGE announcement that will reshape the political landscape.

    $5,000,000 for Obama’s coloring book from kindergarten.

    • ralph_indianapolis

      An old joke. Bush Jr. and Jimmy Carter had the joke applied to them that their Presidential Library contained only a coloring book. I suppose you get points for changing it up a little.

      • BlueJoubert

        It’s not even funny when applied to Carter. I hope I live long enough to see his image tarnished and works appreciated. Reagan and Bush Sr both stood on the shoulders of a great man and took credit for his accomplishments.

        • OBforObama

          I think you mean burnished, not tarnished.

          • BlueJoubert

            OMG I cannot believe I made such an egregious error. My bad. THANKS for telling me.

      • ralph_wiggam

        sorry, wrong joke, please play again soon….

  • Why not have a person who has declared bankruptcy several times and argues for fiscal responsibility join the Clown Car? This country couldn’t look any more ridiculous and contemptible to the eyes of the educated world as it is.

  • APV

    Everyday, he can make quote of the day and bonus quote of the day on TPW.

    HUGE ratings for the debate that he is going to be in. Trump and Carson will be in the debates, but not current statewide elected officials like Kasich and Jindal? That would be bizarre.

  • Jonas Grumby


  • ryp

    I guess he hasn’t heard that “clown car” is supposed to be a metaphor.

  • ralph_indianapolis

    And…on June 16 he will announce that he is NOT runninng. He is like Lucy and the football. He is Lucy and we are Charlie Brown.

  • Unsphexish

    An announcement that NBC has picked up the rights to run “The Apprentice – New Hampshire Edition”

  • BarryR

    Jon Stewart has to be reconsidering his decision to leave.

    • vtbikerider

      John Stewart is considering a run for President as a Republican just to watch the Donald twitch…

    • APV

      You were so right. Jon Stewart mentioned this in the show today and said he will get a twitter account instead.

  • tetelou

    Maybe he is getting divorced again.

  • growe

    Everything bad about oligarchic capitalism under a tacky cheap hairpiece.

  • Ryan

    Really scratching my head with this guy. I can imagine the ulterior motive that someone like Carson, Fiorina or Graham has in running for office. Sell books, get a Fox gig or maybe a cabinet or diplomatic post, or to just stroke your own ego. But what could this guy want besides attention? Which he gets a boatload of anyway without the hassle of a campaign. You don’t stroke your ego by the failure he will endure, so I think that’s out. This is just baffling.

    • APV

      May be running will boost ratings for his NBC show, which will boost his ego. Also, he has a weekly 15-minute segment on Fox and Friends.

  • NCSUman

    Now that Letterman has retired, Trump figures the coast is clear,,,

  • hdavis

    Oh please, oh please.

  • I assume that Donald Trump’s biggest donors will be late night comedians, because they will rake in the cash from their job, and no need to hire so many writers for their jokes. A Donald Trump Presidency will mean the comedy material is already for self written. More time on the golf course and paying yum yum boys their exorbitant fees.

  • montag

    Are they sure he’s going to announce his candidacy? Instead, perhaps he’s finally going to release what his investigators found in Hawaii concerning Obama’s birth. I’ve been breathlessly waiting for these revelations since April, 2011.

  • Buford2k11

    none of this really makes sense…I just can’t figure out why so many? I mean, can’t they hear how folks are talking about them? yikes…Optics be damned I guess…

    • BarryR

      None of these horses is American Pharaoh, so everyone thinks he can win. They’ve all been well received making speeches, they all have egos, they all have money. The big take away from all this is just how weak Jeb Bush is – he tried to bury everyone in money and turned into the weakest frontrunner ever. Well, since Giuliani, who I compared him to last year,

  • BlueJoubert

    And I’m sure the media will spend the same column inches and minutes on his finances as they have Hillary’s.

  • bentonf

    “Quick, my brown-nosers and sycophants — to the idiotmobile!” — Captain Combover

  • Dave

    The third clown bus in the clown fleet is filling quickly.

  • richo123

  • bpai99

    More public masturbation from one of the most unapologetic narcissists of our times. Let’s see what reason he comes up with this time for not running (while saying he is leading in the polls). Yawn.

  • Lynda Groom

    Could it get any better?

  • LMK

    hard to imagine he would open himself up to scrutiny which can only show what an idiot he is. I don’t agree with any of the GOP candidates, but they have been looking like less of a clown car than in 2012, but this could undo that…

  • Jim Johnson

    The derp is strong in this one.Just another clown climbing into the stuffed clown car called the Republican primary. He is second only to Sarah Palin in the vile nonsense that comes out of his mouth. C’mon Sarah, join the party. Who needs Hillary when you have this kind of Hilarity.

  • EbeSnoozer

    Lucky world. Really.