Huckabee Wouldn’t Enforce Gay Marriage Decision

Mike Huckabee suggested that if he were elected president in 2016, he would decline to enforce the Supreme Court decision finding a constitutional right to same-sex marriage, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Said Hcukabee: “I would say, when the Congress provides enabling legislation and the people’s representatives vote and it gets to my desk, then we’ll consider it. This was done through a court edict of five unelected lawyers, a part of a committee, who decided that they knew better than the legislators.”

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  • Lynda Groom

    Translation: The Constitution be dammed. The ‘rule of law’ is for those living in the world of reality and no longer do we find the republican party the party of law and order. Were they ever???

  • Calbengoshi

    Huckabee is a preacher, not an attorney. If he were an attorney, he would know that there already is “enabling legislation” that was passed shortly after the end of the Civil War.

    The Civil Rights Act of 1871 provides a civil cause of action against any person who, acting under color of state law, deprives someone of his/her “rights, privileges or immunities secured by the Constitution.”

  • Chris Leatherman

    So, basically you would violate the oath of office you’ll fortunately never take.

  • drtv11

    This incredibly ridiculous and unlawful comment alone should disqualify Mike Huckabee to run for President of the United States.

    • I think the Maurice Clemmons case should disqualify Mike Huckabee from being a free person..

      • HelenRainier

        Maurice Clemmons is the man who murdered the Lakewood cops, isns’t he? Name sounds familiar — that was so horrible.

        • Yes, it is the murderer. Huckabee commuted his sentence, without even looking at his case file. Clemmons violated his parole numerous times in Washington State, and was under a felony indictment when he shot four armed police officers in 2009. Arkansas refused to take him back..

          It also goes against Huckabee’s argument, that having a gun during a mass shooting will stop a mass shooting.. Maurice Clemmons shot four officers in cold blood, (one officer got a round off in Clemmons stomach) it took two days, pretty much the entire Puget Sound Law Enforcement community to find him and kill him.. (one lone officer on a graveyard shift killed him)

    • DKDC

      We can start a preemptive prophylactic impeachment. In case he is elected, we’re still covered.

  • I like how the bozos wrapped themselves in the US Constitution, except when it doesn’t suit them. The whole point of Article III of the US Constitution is to shield the Supreme Court from political pressure, and use as a check on Legislation. I think people should put their feet to the fire, when they drool over the Second Amendment..

  • Matt Drabek

    These bumpkins read the Constitution the same way they read the Bible: they decide what they believe before reading, and then assume the document says whatever they believe.

    • OBforObama

      Constitution a la carte.

    • littlejohn

      The reality is they really don’t comprehend either document, especially the Bible. Internalizing what the Bible says requires pretty radical attitude changes and sacrifice that (sadly) most Christians aren’t willing to make.

  • jerry page

    So Huckabee won’t mind if Obama Ignores the courts that are blocking his immigration policy.

    • ralph_wiggam

      I guess Huck would be OK with Obama ignoring the Second Amendment too and the Citizens United Ruling.

      Thats good to know.

  • eve

    Well, he’s an idiot so…

  • Statetheobvious

    Huckabee is full if shit and everyone knows it. It’s easy to play tough guy and pretend you’d violate the law of the land for some higher principle when you’ll never hold elected office again.

    I wonder who he’ll endorse after coming eighth in Iowa.

  • Wynstone

    So he’ll be a dictator that only abides by the framework of the founders when it suits him and his agenda.

    • ralph_wiggam

      Founders be damned!! Didn’t you know that Jeebus is the highest court in the land and Huckabee is his Prophet? Christian sharia is the law of the land!!

      Jeebus al-akbar!!

  • Dave

    Somebody needs to take a basic civics class and learn all about the Constitution.

  • Silent_Partner

    Don’t Worry, Mike. Hell’s not freezing over anytime soon.

  • Silent_Partner

    No time to abide by the Supreme Court decision for those “icky” gay people, but he’s got time to talk about his good friend the pedophile that no one knows where his heart is. Yeah, but we sure knew where his dirty little mind was. Go away, Huckaboob.

  • AlfredRegius

    Boy! That dang Constitution sure is a pesky thang…

  • Roberto Vazquez

    I am confused, what exactly is it that Huck is not going to enforce. What enabling legislation does congress has to pass? Same sex couples are already getting hitched in all 50 states, Texas included. Sympathetic state officials are issuing marriage licenses to applicants. There will be officials that will refuse to comply and that is a whole different story. There are all kind of legalities that will be sorted out in due time. But POTUS will not be out there issuing permits or performing ceremonies. As far as all this nonsensical apocalyptic rhetoric the right has indulged themselves into, is going to blow in their faces when the heavens stay quiet and life goes on. As far as he should be concerned, if Huck does not care for the law, well he can do a few things:

    1. Do not marry a guy.
    2. Do not officiate a gay wedding. Believe me Huck, the police is not coming to force you to officiate a gay weeding. Never. Ever.
    3. Since you are so solidly behind your Christian religious principles don’t forget to ad to your political platform to stone adulterers, abolish divorce (oh yes that little detail about that that God tied nobody can break), kill your recalcitrant child (your dog killing son comes to mind), stone your disobedient mother in law (oh yes I really like that one), and all the other deuces from the bible.

  • Crowminuteman1

    “This was done through a court edict of five unelected lawyers, a part of a committee, who decided that they knew better than the legislators.” – That’s the idea of a SUPREME Court, Mike. That court is the fundamental principal in the enforcement of the Constitution of the United States of America. To dispute that is treasonous. The other side is against the Citizens United ruling, yet the other side is going about changing it in a constitutional manner, by establishing an amendment to the constitution. Huckabee on the other hand, says that he will refuse to abide by the Constitution in defiance of the Supreme Court’s rulings.

    So, why does Mike Huckabee hate America?

    • YvonneofNC

      Says the guy defending the confederate flag. Tell us how it was all about states rights, not slavery and white supremacy even though that’s what they said at the time.

      Then again, according to you, Elizabeth Warren had no chance to win and didn’t inspire anybody.

      • Crowminuteman1

        No, Yvonne, I did not defend the confederate flag. And I never denied the white supremacy gag. I explained all that to you. I even explained that the basis of white supremacy was innately contrived within the Constitution. But, you want to remain thick headed and obtuse, as always.

        You gave me a blast of shit the last time about changing the subject. How do you reconcile Elizabeth Warren with the Supreme Court’s ruling on same sex marriage? Another of your paranoid delusions?

        • YvonneofNC

          Liar. You want to go down the “everybody was a racist and supported slavery” road to make it look as if the confederacy wasn’t so bad. That was not the discussion.

          You also said that it was always about states rights and that I was wrong to say that defense came in the 1890s. Of course, being unable to argue with the documents and speeches by the confederate president and vice president that prove my point, you scream “you’re wrong, imbecile” without being able to rebut the FACTS. That’s because you can’t.

          My Elizabeth Warren comment is very much on the subject, the subject of you being perpetually wrong!

  • andereandre

    The Chinese have won.
    Can I have a number 28 and a number 14 from the American Constitution,

  • Dave

    Scotus blog has an excellent piece directly in response to Huckleberry and his ilk with this “unelected judges” garbage:

    Sometimes it takes unelected Justices, not the political process,
    to give Americans the law they really want

  • andereandre

    I think we Dutch were the first to allow Same Sex Marriage as a country (in 2001).
    I am quite convinced that a significant part of our population doesn’t even know it exists.
    I would say that it has made no difference to the structure of our society in any way but we are a depraved people to start with so maybe we are not a good example.

  • mhandrh

    More than once, he has said he would not obey certain laws with which he disagreed.
    What a presidential platform! He thinks he would be king.
    He just does not believe laws apply to him, much less understand our government.
    And he thinks he could be president!!

  • ralph_wiggam

    So basically, Law, the Constitution, the Political Process are only worth respecting when it does what you want it to do?

    This guy is running for President?

  • billinpa

    Of course, if same-sex marriage had been implemented through the legislative process or through a popular vote, these same people would still declare it invalid. They would carp that we live in a republic and not a democracy.

  • LarryBurt

    So his platform is that as the country’s chief law enforcement administrator, he would encourage and support breaking the law. What kind of morals does that represent.

  • Design8

    “This was done through a court edict of five unelected lawyers, a part of a committee, who decided that they knew better than the legislators.

    You know, Huck, I think I’ll go with Robert H. Jackson on this one:

    “The very purpose of a Bill of Rights [the first ten amendments to the Constitution] was to withdraw certain subjects from the vicissitudes of political controversy, to place them beyond the reach of
    majorities and officials and to establish them as legal principles to be applied by the courts. One’s right to life, liberty, and property, to free speech, a free press, freedom of worship, and assembly, and other fundamental rights may not be submitted to vote; they depend on the outcome of no elections.”

    (In 1943, Jackson wrote the majority opinion in West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette,
    which overturned a public school regulation making it mandatory to salute the flag and imposing penalties of expulsion and prosecution upon students who failed to comply.

  • oldhandatthis

    Huckabee hasn’t been in government in years and he is locked in a desperate battle trying to win over the right wing christian Republican voters. So he can make irresponsible remarks without having to deliver on them or face any consequences. His candidacy is all about burnishing his brand and selling books.

  • NorthboroughDan

    His comments are sedition. John Adams would have him behind bars in a heartbeat.

  • delnurse

    “This was done through a court edict of five unelected lawyers, a part of a committee, who decided that they knew better.” Sounds like it was OK when they elected W but not when they decided something he doesn’t like.

  • LMK

    so here in California we can just ban guns, because the decisions upholding and broadening the Second Amendment were just decided by a few lawyers in black robes. In fact everyone, in every state, at every level of government can just ignore what they don’t like about SCOTUS decisions.

    Luckily he is only running for President as a way to sell more books and vitamins and the other crap that he shils for in infomercials.

  • OBforObama

    Governor Huckabee, the Supreme Court decide on an issue that came before 5 Federal Circuit Courts. Of the 15 judges in those courts, many of whom were appointed by somebody named Bush, 11 agreed with the outcome that SCOTUS decided. Those judges came from all over the country, and many of them got their starts as judges through being elected.

    If you do not understand how the court system works, you are not qualified to be President of the local Rotary, let alone of These United States.

  • Phaedrus

    He shall from time to time give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union, and recommend to their Consideration such Measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient; he may, on extraordinary Occasions, convene both Houses, or either of them, and in Case of Disagreement between them, with Respect to the Time of Adjournment, he may adjourn them to such Time as he shall think proper; he shall receive Ambassadors and other public Ministers; HE SHALL TAKE CARE THAT THE LAWS BE FAITHFULLY EXECUTED, and shall Commission all the Officers of the United States.

  • RosalynMBrassard

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  • It sounds like Huckabee would be a lawless president then — a real one too.