Trump Has Inspired Mark Cuban to Run

Mark Cuban “is so impressed with Donald Trump’s success that he is now considering running for office himself,” Politico reports.

Said Cuban: “I love the fact that he has changed the game… The idea of imperfect candidates with forceful ideas opens the door for a lot of people that would not have previously run. My positions would be far different.”

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  • maybe America is ready to elect a lisping egomaniac

    • CaptainCommonsense

      Which one? =)

  • Antonin Dvorak

    My favorite paragraph in the article:

    “Why would having government experience be a plus for a presidential candidate?” asked one-time multi-millionaire software pioneer John McAfee. The former fugitive from authorities in Belize who was arrested on DUI charges in Tennessee last month is now running for president. “I’d rather have a Trump, or I’d rather have a man on the street who has no knowledge of government.”

    So, I bet your former software company was rife with employees who had zero experience in software development, right?

    • euphgeek

      Given the quality of McAfee AntiVirus, I’d say the answer is yes.

  • njguy54

    Cuban gets *part* of Trump’s appeal (though calling Trump an “imperfect candidate” is an understatement). Even people who think Trump is a jerk like the idea that he’s in the race, raising hell, breaking the rules, smashing the fine china and making the establishment sweat. But that’s not all of it. People are starting to listen to his policies as well, however sketchy they are. His rants against immigrants, albeit obnoxious, combined with his criticism of executive pay and tax breaks for Wall Street, make him sound like a true advocate for the “little guy,” as opposed to the other bought-and-paid-for Republicans who are just looking out for their billionaire paymasters. And this is the part of the Trump appeal that Cuban might not get; Trump’s substance as well as his style matter, and it goes beyond simply yelling and talking about how great he is. The fact that voters are waking up and realizing that typical conservative, libertarian and “center right” policies are a canard is fueling Bernie Sanders’ candidacy as well. Is Mark Cuban prepared to embrace similar populist policies?

    • hipsteriac

      He seems to rub elbows pretty well with other basketball fans.