$1 Million Spent on School Board Race

Joshua Spivak: “Once again, a recall election is arguably the most fascinating election of the year. As opposed to some of the past famous recalls, the big one this year is for a minor political position: three School Board members in Jefferson County, Colorado, Ken Witt, Julie Williams and John Newkirk. Yet we’ve already seen over a million dollars raised by recall proponents in what has to be one of the (though not the) most expensive school board races of all time.”

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  • Buford2k11

    Yep, it is the Koch brothers money….big time…they have trying to purchase Colorado….like they have done in Wisconsin and Kansas…they have big money in our judicial races as well…Our Senate President, who is a republican, is a board member of ALEC…so, they are Here and they are proving that money does corrupt…

  • Hawk2240

    The Kochs took over a compliant Douglas County School District south of Denver but Jeffco is fighting back. Hoping the recall will succeed and restore Jefferson County schools, as well as stall Koch-led attempts to take over other school districts in Loveland and elsewhere. Their agenda is clear: profit-driven charter schools, kill unions that protect teachers from abuse, and put in place Christian-based curriculum (DougCo kicked out Advanced Placement and replaced it with classes from the right wing Colorado Christian College)

    • CB123

      Not just a Christian-based curriculum, but a curriculum that amounts to a total whitewash of America’s history and an extremely warped view of its proper role in the world. “American exceptionalism” is an extremely dangerous and repugnant concept that ultimately encourages us to act like a colussus bestriding the world rather than a productive member of a community of nations.

  • CB123

    I have a very good friend who is one of the leaders of the recall movement in Jeffco. This is ground zero right now in citizens trying to wrest control of their local affairs from the moneyed donors. Her opinion is that it is going to be very close, one way or the other. It turns out that all five board positions are on the ballot tomorrow — the three recalls plus regularly scheduled elections for the other two seats.

    Jeffco is Exhibit A in how people like the Kochs are trying to take over our entire society piece by piece. They’re focusing on the “smaller” elections in “off years” and counting on slipping in under the radar by taking over crucially important positions that most people don’t notice. School boards are of great importance, because these boards determine school curricula, and what kids learn when they are young is very hard to counter later, especially when the curriculum has been altered to encourage memorization and obedience rather than asking questions and critically examining information. In Jeffco, this school board attempted to force through social studies standards that would whitewash our nation’s past mistakes and encourage an uncritical view of “American exceptionalism.” What kids learn today will inform what they do when some of them become leaders tomorrow. But very, very few people pay much attention to school board elections, and that’s one reason why the moneyed people on the right has developed such a big advantage at that level.

  • Pirini Scleroso

    I’m a Jeffco resident who generally opposes recalls…but in this instance voted last week (we have mail balloting in Colorado) to recall the three reactionary clowns on the board. I still have an issue with recalls as they often seem anti-democratic. We just had two state senators recalled with fewer votes for recall than they had received in support of their most recent election. My fear is that, as it becomes clear you will need to get fewer votes to recall than it takes for a general election, extremists will use this route to election more and more. I think it should take one more vote to recall than the recall target received in their most recent successful election. We are already in a constant campaign mode….let’s make it more difficult to recall!

    • Hawkeye

      Very good idea one more vote to recall than it took to elect the office holder being recalled. Sounds good to me.

  • fgtayl01

    Too bad the money can’t be used for education.

  • gnatswatting

    Yet another example of why Citizens United needs to be overturned. And the only way that will happen is with appointments by Democratic presidents to the Supreme Court.