• Buford2k11

    oh Larry…forgot about ya…you will be ok…you are a good person, you have a good pension, and you are part of the elite group of folks who try, but cannot help in certain ways…thanks for playing…

  • Old Curmudgeon

    And he was just starting to get traction! Seriously, he should have been included in the first debate. Got to wonder if he wasn’t in part because he would have asked some tough questions about campaign finance to his Democratic rivals.

    • tiredofit

      I don’t know why he should have been in a debate. He hadn’t filed in most states, said he wasn’t a Democrat, and had one issue only. That’s not a serious candidate for President, but someone seeking publicity for their pet cause. Might as well have a PETA rep in the debate.

      • he’s not a Democrat? why didn’t he join the Republican clown show, then?

        • tiredofit

          Because he’s to the left of the Dems, and the GOP would laugh him out of the picture. Lessig is about getting money out of politics, and the GOP wouldn’t even let him sniff the limelight. He figured the Dems would, and he figured wrongly.

    • Lev

      Are there even any real disagreements there? All Democrats want more campaign finance reform.

  • HKeith

    If a tree falls in the forest……

  • tiredofit

    He was not “shut out of the debates” any more than I was “shut out of the debates”.He was, self-admittedly, a one-issue candidate who didn’t consider himself a Democrat. If the Democrats should have included him in the debates then they should take Weedman from New Jersey and anyone else who goes to VistaPrint and gets a pack of free “Democratic Candidate for President” cards made up.

  • Jester A. Arthur

    I bet Debbie Wasserman Schultz will get a phone call in the near future from someone named Heinz Shriebus who is just curious as to how exactly she did that.

  • Krusher

    Nobody cares, Larry. Nobody. Well, except for you.

  • Wynstone

    Four minutes? I’m not watching that!

    • mfa123


    • GatorLegal1

      I watched it. If he wants to work to reform campaign financing and end corruption in Congress, I’m all for it. He’s just not able to do it by running for President unfortunately.

  • CaptainCommonsense


  • AltonBParker

    Martin O’Malley 2016: We Made The Top Three! For Realz!

  • CB123

    I get what Lessig was trying to do, and I commend him for it, but his idea was never realistic. I hope he stays active on campaign finance reform.

  • CB123

    The most remarkable thing about this year’s Democratic presidential race is that so few people entered it, and so few people are left at this point. It’s reminiscent of 2000, when the party essentially cleared the decks for Gore, and everyone but Bill Bradley got the memo.

    While I have been supporting Clinton all along, I will admit I find it a bit disquieting that there seems to be no noteworthy “middle tier” in the Democratic Party right now. It’s either older leaders who are on their last rodeo, or younger leaders who aren’t quite ready for prime time yet. The Dems need to win in 2016 and 2020 to give the younger people (like the Castros, for example) sufficient time to advance their careers to the point where they can make a credible run for president.

    • Alister

      You forgot, Barack H. Obama was the middle tier of this cycle — he just jumped the line!

      • CB123

        Great point. Very true.

  • Jonathan Warner

    I was not a Lessig supporter, but this is really sad to me. Debates have become a joke. They highlight how brazenly corrupt the entire system & process has become.

  • hdavis

    I remember seeing his picture on Colbert’s show I was wondering who he was. Now I know. I’ll probably forget about him by tomorrow.

  • cbbruuno

    He wants to be in the debates but all he would have done is talk about campaign reform no matter what the question was about, like he did in all three interviews I saw him do during his ‘campaign’. The guy marginalized himself. His absolute refusal to talk about anything else was annoying and very poorly executed.

    • GatorLegal1

      And, unlike most Republicans, Democrats actually prefer their candidates for the Presidency to have some political office-holding experience.

    • montag

      In a way, though, Lessig is absolutely correct. Until we reform campaign financing and the corruption it creates, we’ll never get to truly address the really important issues in this country.

      • cbbruuno

        I agree about campaign reform but when someone asks an ernest and serious question about ISIS and your response is “campaign reform” then you are wasting everyones time

  • Calbengoshi

    Although he later reversed himself, when Lessig said that if elected he would serve as President only long enough to reform campaign finance laws and then he would resign, Lessig lost all credibility as a potential candidate and thereby disqualified himself from participating in any debate not limited to the sole issue of campaign finance laws.

  • Inkan1969

    I have no sympathy for the campaign crash of a candidate who intended to resign from office after completing one agenda item. How could Lessig have expected people to accept such a preposterous plan?

    • nycguy

      He probably thought it sounded hip and refreshing to the public.

  • clquacker

    Seems to me the the general aims of the Lessig campaign would be better served if, instead of the Presidency, energies were focused on sgnatur campaigns to get reform-minded ‘protest’ candidates on the primary ballots in House District races (both D & R), especially in districts where one of the 2 major parties has quit the battlefield due to gerrymandered dominance of the other party.

  • Jon Rosen

    Lessing who?