Kasich Proposes Government Agency to Promote Values

“As part of a broad national security plan to defeat ISIS, Republican Presidential candidate John Kasich proposed creating a new government agency to push Judeo-Christian values around the world,” NBC News reports.

“The new agency, which he hasn’t yet named, would promote a Jewish- and Christian-based belief system to four regions of the world: China, Iran, Russia and the Middle East.”

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  • Freedom of religion meets small government. Who needs the constitution or principles when you have money, power and ambition?

    • Wags

      Small government, unless it is imposing the religious beliefs of evangelical Christians on everyone else.

  • Snakegirl Lyn

    There goes that government that Grover can drown in a bathtub.

    • ralph_wiggam

      It wouldnt drown because The Jeebus Agency can walk on water,

  • tcstao

    Seems difficult to reconcile with Article VI of the US constitution: “no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States”.

    • Wags

      Seems incompatible with the First Amendment too.

      • MrBeale

        And with basic human decency.

  • hdavis

    Kasich – Bringing back the Crusades!

  • ProfessorNewshound

    Just what we need: the Office of Jews and Jesus. Big government that only a Republican could love!

    • EconProf

      Or Jews FOR Jesus, also known as really crazy Christians.

    • abctefg

      In all fairness, it’d be JESUS and Jews.

    • embo66

      Completely idiotic, of course.

      But I can’t help thinking that if Kasich really wants to “promote Judeo-Christian values” around the world, he could start by getting Ohio to accept a few terrorized Syrian refugees.

      The disconnect is just breathtaking.

  • PoppyLee

    I think the pressure of running must be getting to Gov. Kasich. Either that or he’s just totally lost it.

    • Hobbes

      The mind just boggles. Truly astounding.
      I don’t think even Zonorph could defend the idiocy of this proposal by his hero.

      • Snakegirl Lyn

        Nonsense. I’m sure Zonorph will find a way.

    • nowaRINO

      THIS is who he has always been. He was my congresscreep, now my governor. He always campaigns as a moderate, but in truth is crazy conservative. In Congress only the numbers mattered, not people. In the governorship it is his conservative faith.

      • PoppyLee

        Interesting. He seems so sane most of the time, then BOOM! he turns into a fruitcake. You never know about those conservative critters, do you? Thanks for the info.

        • nowaRINO

          The national media should not pay attention to the MSM in Ohio, they lurv them some Kasich. Spend some time at http://www.plunderbund.com/

    • Silent_Partner

      He was already crazy. It’s just showing through now that he’s realized for a second time that nobody was clamoring for him to be President.

  • Calbengoshi

    Since Kasich hasn’t come up with a name yet, I’d like to help by suggesting that he name his proposed new agency the “Agency for the Christian Crusade.”

    I hereby apologize for every comment I wrote over the past few months in which I suggested that Kasich might be the GOP’s best choice to win the general election or that he had a chance at winning the GOP nomination.

    • ralph_wiggam

      Apology accepted, slay the fatted calf, the prodigal son has returned 😉

    • Snakegirl Lyn

      Apology accepted. In truth, it’s a good thing Kasich did this. Best to rip off the mask while doing so will do us some good and prevent him from getting into a position of power whereby he can do us plenty harm.

    • EconProf

      Almost sounds like yet another bad sequel to an Indiana Jones film: “Kasich and the Temple of Doomed Crusade for Truth, Justice, and the American Way.”

    • nowaRINO

      Many of us from Ohio tried to warn everyone.

  • ralph_wiggam

    We should abolish the agency that controls and collects income taxes that fund the government, but missionary work in Iran should be a priority.

    Wow…..just……..holy shit………..

    • Snakegirl Lyn

      Don’t forget getting rid of the EPA and the Dept. of Education. Because… too much government.

      • EconProf

        As well as the Commerce Department, Dept. of Energy, Commerce, Education, and, of course, Commerce.

        • Jester A. Arthur

          Also Commerce. (But this one is easy to forget, I’ll give you that.)

        • Oops

    • Silent_Partner

      Does that sound a little crazy to you? Lol.

  • TexasLou
  • gnatswatting

    Does Kasich think he can lure Evangelicals away from Carson with that goofy proposal?

    • TexasLou

      Can’t tell if it’s desperate or delusional.

      Oh hell, maybe it’s both.

      • Snakegirl Lyn

        I vote both.

      • nowaRINO

        It is who he is, Ohio here.

  • Red Phillips

    Not legal by a damn sight. Shit, I’d hoped Johnny was inured to this kind of sinister evangelical Christianist stuff. Oh well.

  • eve

    He is jaw-dropping nuts.

    Besides it is already privatized. Has he not noticed the 2,000 years of missionaries?

    I do think he forgot the spaghetti monster values. Like “Thou shalt spread snark to all the peeps.”

    Another value Kasich needs to promote:

  • Inkan1969

    No moderate would ever propose such a severe violation of separation of church and state.

    • nowaRINO

      He has never been a moderate.

      • Inkan1969

        He sure says he is a lot, though.

        • nowaRINO

          I, too, am to the left of Attila the Hun.

  • rssrai

    Kasich is such a loser.

    • EconProf

      He’s getting desperate. Back when he was the 1990s version of Paul Ryan, he got little respect from his caucus. He was the numbers guy, and GOP numbers never added up.

      • Snakegirl Lyn

        Nor will they ever, as long as they continue to follow supply-side voodoo.

      • Ryan also came off as a weakling with his attempt to slow-walk the Syrian refugee program to make sure none of them are “tenorrists” as he seems to pronounce it.

  • cbbruuno

    This is the sane one in the GOP race. What the hell has happened?

    • gnatswatting

      With Jindal gone, there is a vacuum to be filled — probably by something vacuous.

      • Snakegirl Lyn

        Double points to you!

      • OBforObama

        Either way, it’s gonna suck.

    • nowaRINO

      Please remember, he reintroduction to the Ohio voter for the governors race was a book about how prayer saved him after his parents’ deaths.

    • phoneranger

      Republicans are big fans of triple-vetting Syrian refugees. I’d like to know about the vetting process at Kasich’16. This has got to be the most amateur pandering proposal made in the last 48 hours of this campaign. Didn’t someone on his staff pull him aside and say “Governor, you just cant say this. It’ll destroy any chance you have of being Vice President.”?

  • BoredMe

    Since everyone already has the small-government-hypocrisy and the unconstitutional parts covered, I’ll also note that another problem with this:

    KING OF SAUDI ARABIA: *points to religious values representative* “He leaves our country or we embargo you”.

  • citizenupset

    The keep telling us that this is the best group of republican candidates ever. if you ever seen the Christmas cartoon where the guy laughs at baby new years ears ridiculously hard, you will get an idea of how hard I laugh every time I hear them say that.

  • gjetsonpdx

    Same post required two days in a row…
    Note to GOPers: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”

    • Trajan8

      Expect to need that one daily during this news cycle focused on the consequences of Paris.

  • Scott Alloway

    It is more than a desperate move. It is a cry to the GOP to move our nation toward theocracy Guy, you lose big time.

  • LordDart

    “The new agency, which he hasn’t yet named…”

    How about the Federal Underagency of Christian Kindred Evangelicals for Reason and Sanity?

    Acronyms are such wonderful branding tools…

    • LarryBurt

      and precisely descriptive too.

  • wildthumb

    A proposal calculated to make guys like me utter, OH, BROTHER.

  • frankelee

    I’m agent Smith, from the Bureau of What Would Jesus Do.

    • nowaRINO

      …and I am here to help.

  • TracyS711

    it means respect for women

    Yep. When I think of Christian fundamentalism or hell even John Kasich, I think “respect for women”.

    • LarryBurt

      Isn’t the name of any religion in front of the word, ‘fundamentalism,” redundant? I don’t see any differences among them.

      • TracyS711

        Pretty much though I’m sure Kasich disagrees.

    • nowaRINO

      Except for their own choices. Defund PP and give the money to liar Crisis Pregnancy Centers…who are against contraception!

  • Chris Leatherman

    He wants to teach Christian values? He might want to start with his own party.

    • EconProf

      The ultimate smack in the face to the French is making sure their Statue of Liberty sees no Syrian immigrants.

  • Mike

    The Ministry of Truth.

  • LarryBurt

    and what would he name a Judeo-Christian Jihad?

    • EconProf

      The Almighty Dollar foundation

  • alrudder

    Well, I thought Katich was a “sane” Republican. Now that Jeb has proposed religious tests for refugees, I guess Rubio (and his “let the mother die” position on abortion) is now the rational, sane one in the lot.

    • Snakegirl Lyn

      What an abysmally low bar.

    • EconProf

      Kasich is what Krugman labels a Deficit Hawk con man whose bait and switch budget reform drives up the deficits despite cutting entitlements because he’d cut taxes on the rich, just like Paul Ryan. So would all the other GOP candidates (Jeb imbalances the budget the least).

      • he was proud to be a banker too

  • AltonBParker

    Because if there was a way to not come across as Crusaders, this is it…

  • cmb

    Convert The Infidels Agency?

    Dept. of Muslim Conversion?
    Bureau of Pagan Eradication?
    Holier-Than-Thou Central?

    • Snakegirl Lyn

      The Ministry of Conversion?
      Ann Coulter’s Forced Conversions and Cultural Eradications?

  • LordDart

    Don’t give’em anymore fucked up ideas than they already have..and spout…

    • mhandrh

      They already are effed up with their ideas, they just don’t realize their own stupidity, their ignorance and their similarity to the enemy. They are incapable of introspection.

  • Wynstone

    Of course, by Judeo-Christian, he means Christian.

    BTW, there’s really nothing wrong with Hindu or Buddhist values either.

    • EconProf

      And by Christian, he means Fundamentalist, born-again, anti-science, anti-intellectual, anti-woman, history book censoring literalists.

      • Snakegirl Lyn

        iow- the American Christian Taliban.

  • oldhandatthis

    He could issue yard sticks to the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and have them rap the knuckles of the radicalized brainwashed ISIS recruits until they are deprogrammed and can safely return home.

    • Snakegirl Lyn

      They’d have to be sent over to the Dept of Our Lady of Perpetual Sexual Repression first before they’d be allowed on the plane.

  • Howard Salwasser

    Well, this is one BIG GUBMINT program I would like to do without.

  • mhandrh

    Does the man know anything at all about the Constitution?
    Or would he change the uniforms of our military to white tunics with red crosses emblazoned across the front while they march across Asia and Europe “converting” everyone to the religion of his favor?
    Those that resist? Well, there are tactics to be learned from Torquemada.

    • montag

      Funny you should mention that. FOX News is reporting that, in an effort to win the Hispanic vote, John Kasich has changed his name to Tomas Torquemada.

  • heinen

    This idea is vile and contemptible. The Government has no business dealing with values. Values have nothing to do with right and wrong. Some people value excitement, some people value peace and quiet. These are values, with which the Government should not concern itself. Right and wrong are based upon reason, not values (and certainly not religion).

  • Howard Salwasser

    I have to do an old passage from some of my previous comments, updated specifically for this post.

    “In the early years of the 21st Century, to combat the rising tide of religious unorthodoxy, the GOP gave John Kasich of Ohio leave to move without let or hinderance throught the lands, in a reign of volence, terror and torture that makes a smashing film. This was the Buckeye Inquisition.”

    • Snakegirl Lyn

      Yeah, well nobody expects the Buckeye Inquisition.

      • Howard Salwasser

        OK, then you’re hereby charged with three counts of heresy,
        -Heresy by thought
        -Heresy by word
        -Heresy by deed
        -and Heresy by action

        /FOUR counts.

  • EconProf

    Great idea. We could even broadcast it everywhere. Why don’t we call it Voice of America or perhaps Radio Free Europe or The Rush Limbaugh Show. And we could force Hollywood to operate under some code of standards so that our movies and programming would be wholesome and sell our way of life the savages and heathens.

  • Snakegirl Lyn

    Don’t give ’em ideas; the ones they already have are shitty enough.

    • EconProf

      There is no difference. As Sorkin’s “The Newsroom” called them, these are the American Taliban!

  • CB123

    Oh for fuck’s sake. The one Republican candidate who I thought wasn’t a complete idiot turns out to be a complete idiot.

  • lanimilbus

    Department of Missionary? As badly as taxpayers and religious freedom would be getting screwed, maybe a different position…

  • apparent_magician

    Oh sweet Jebus nailed to the cross by Jews. He thinks that sort of thing will make us safer?

  • OBforObama

    Why can’t fundamentalists be more fun and less mental?

    • Snakegirl Lyn

      There are more letters in mental, so it’s heavier.

    • growe

      And cut back on the “Duh” too….

  • WigglyWeasel

    Hey we could call it the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice! Oh wait, Saudi Arabia already took that name…oops.

  • edharris251

    Just stupid. Good grief.

  • wtrash123

    Looks like he’s not doin too well with the Jesus Crispy wing of the GOP.

  • BarryR

    Fade In: Late afternoon, Kasich campaign headquarters, Manchester, NH.

    Pollster: Governor Kasich, we have the results from our internal polls.
    Kasich: Please tell me there’s good news.
    Pollster: People don’t hate you, they just don’t see a reason to vote for you. They find you too, for want of a better word, normal.
    Kasich: But what about my experience?
    Pollster: Too normal. You seem to just get elected to things and do your job.
    Kasich: What is it they want?
    Pollster: You ever see the movie Network?
    Kasich: The one where the guy goes nuts on the air?
    Pollster: That’s what they want. You need to say something so outlandish that people notice you. Like only letting Christians in the country.
    Kasich: You can’t do that.
    Pollster: You can’t build a wall and get Mexico to pay for it either – they don’t care what you can do, only what you fantasize doing. You’re a conservative, you’re a serious Christian, isn’t there anything outlandish you can think of?
    Kasich: Like what, a government agency to promote the Gospel around the world?
    Pollster: That’s a good start. Only tie it to ISIS.
    Kasich: We’re going to defeat ISIS by preaching the Gospel?
    Pollster: Try it without the question mark and throw something about Jews in there, too, in case Sheldon Adelson is listening. Like a government agency to promote Judeo-Christian values around the world.
    Kasich: You want me to create a new government agency to do this. That’s the craziest thing I ever heard.
    Pollster: Sure it’s crazy…but it just might work.

    Fade Out.

    • montag

      Excellent, Barry! Are you a professional writer? If not, perhaps you should be writing for The Onion.

      • BarryR

        I used to be. I’m retired now. Feel free to Google me if you want my credits – Barry Rubinowitz.

    • nowaRINO

      This is not a political campaign ploy. As an Ohioan, let me tell you this is the ugly underbelly of all his proposals for our state.

      He has always been able to campaign as the moderate, them bam! the religious nut comes out after the election.

      • SoundTownSal

        That’s kind of what I figured. “Ohio” and “moderate” just don’t go together.

        • nowaRINO

          Ohio Republican and moderate do not go together. We are a divided state, one red rural/exurban and the other blue metro. Give my your address and I can tell you how you vote.

  • TnkAgn

    What. The. Fuck. Just when you start to believe that Kasich might be the sane one.

    • montag

      There are no sane Republicans. They’ve become a crazy religious cult like the Heavens Gate group that committed mass suicide in 1997. I half expect that someday the GOP leadership will claim that Republicans will be swept to a better world at the next appearance of Halley’s Comet. Across America, the bodies of millions of right-wing nut jobs will be found stiff and cold lying under purple sheets – dead from phenobarbital mixed in applesauce or pudding and washed down with vodka.

  • hipsteriac

    A new government department?! Let’s privatize this sucker… just for starters, every overseas McDonald’s could replace their kids’ meal toys with mini crosses and plastic Jesus action figures!

  • pollbuster2

    Its like every republican has to prove they are an asshole beyond any reasonable doubt.

  • Grisha

    Protestant Vatican envy

    • nowaRINO

      He is Anglican, not to be confused with Episcopalian, and has a missionary’s stance. The Empire is Christian, therefore just.

  • GatorLegal1

    Remember when we thought Kasich was the sane one?

    • nowaRINO

      As an Ohioan, nope, never did.

  • ne2indy

    Confirmed. Republicans have lost their minds.

  • MVH1

    Uh-oh, another one goes flying off the rails into crazy American theocracy land.

  • MC Planck

    And we thought he was the sane one!

  • dkgeroe

    I’ll take “Unconstitutional” for $200, Alex.

  • Silent_Partner

    Still think he’s the sane one?

  • richo123

    Hail Mary pass (so to speak)

    Kasich will likely fold shortly

  • MrBeale

    Our “moderate” Republicans, ladies and gentlemen!

  • growe

    Oh good, yes that works very well in theocracies. Iran and other Republican model states have government departments of virtue for internal surveillance – and terrorism itself is their attempt to “export their (alleged, cherry picked) religious values” to countries they find insufficently moral.


    The following saying is attributed to St
    Francis of Assisi: “preach the gospel everyday, use words when necessary.”. A fundamental value of both the Jewish and Christian faiths is to help those in need. Of course, that is a value of Islam, and most other faiths and secular humanism as well. We could show our compassion by being open to the needs of Syrian refugees, but instead the Republicans can’t resist appealing to fears, suggesting that we can’t take Syrian refugees, even 5 year old orphans. I think the target audience for this effort might pick up on this contradiction. The Bible says “be not afraid.”. Republican leaders sat “be afraid, be very afraid.”

  • ralph_indianapolis

    Wait isn’t Russia “Russian Orthodox?” Isn’t that Christian?

    • growe

      Croatian Jesus ought to know, his Christmas falls on 6 Jan and his Easter is one week late.

  • Jason Platt

    If any religions should be pushed, I think it should be peaceful religions like Buddhism. Have you heard of any violence in the name of Buddha?

  • Shamman

    Dear GOP – Since you love the Constitution so much, it would do well for you to read it sometime.

  • markms

    Once there is an Agency of Judeo-Christian Values, it will be necessary to determine which Christian values and which Jewish values will meet the government’s theocratic values.

  • sosuume

    This is so absurd. It started with Bush’s “Faith Based Initiatives” and will grow into some kind of monster if government doesn’t stop abusing the First Amendment.

  • nanotab

    Reminds me of the Soviet Union.