Bush Doubles Down on Attacking Trump

“Buoyed by an aggressive performance in Tuesday’s Republican debate, Jeb Bush is intensifying his strategy of attacking Donald Trump’s fitness for the presidency, which his aides believe is setting him apart from the sprawling field just as voters begin to make up their minds in early voting states,” the New York Times reports.

“This plan has significant risks… But after much discussion, the Bush team has decided, at least for now, that the most effective way to convince voters of Mr. Bush’s seriousness is to highlight his barrage against Mr. Trump, a billionaire real estate magnate, whom he repeatedly assailed during the debate in Las Vegas.”

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  • APV

    Both Bush and Trump are unacceptable to significant portion of Republican voters, and don’t well in general election matchups. This strategy is just going to help a non-Trump, non-Bush candidate to become the nominee.

    • mikemiller56

      APV, after watching the debate, I have one conclusion; ill Mannered Buffoons.
      Not a single one is Presidential caliber.

  • docb

    Good for Bush…Am so sick of the joke drumphie and his crazy bombast and lies without conscience that anyone who calls him out is okay with me. Go for ..balls out!

    Sick of this liar as well…


  • brainscoop

    At least Jeb is feeling good about himself. But I doubt Trump has anything to fear here. Surely this can’t be the new RNC strategy: sic Jeb on Trump while other party bigwigs paint Cruz as an immigration “compromiser.” This will not go well for them.

  • esro

    Too little, too late. Bush has given no one any reason to vote for him other than “I’m not Trump” and/or “PLEAAAAZZZZE?”

  • ProfessorNewshound

    Jeb: “Trump is unfit to be president. And I pledge to support him if/when he is the Republican Party nominee.”

    That dog won’t hunt, Jeb.

  • mikemiller56

    ::::::GREAT AD:::::::::::::::
    Run it in Iowa Jebbie!!!!!!!!

  • southerndemnut

    If there was any other Republican candidate that would cause Trump to run third-party it would be Bush. While Bush may think he is doing himself a favor by attacking Trump this way, he is really accomplishing only two real long term things: 1) Alienating Trump’s voters making them more restless; 2) Preventing the consolidation of the non-Trump/Cruz vote. It is clear that Bush cannot get the nomination on his own but perhaps he is holding out for the powers that be to turn to him at a future date if the delegate count deadlocks.

  • growe

    Hey even a whiny weenie deserves credit when he finally makes a good argument, and this is first decent Jeb! Advi have seen, so his staff earned their pay that day.

  • littlejohn

    When Jeb! says he won’t support Trump as the nominee, then we’ll know Bush is serious.

  • oldhandatthis

    Bush won’t be able to regain the lead, but Trump has made a political enemy of Bush and he has the resources to take revenge.

  • frankelee

    This is sort of Jeb’s chance though, he doesn’t really wanna be running for President, he could be “the one” who attacks Donald Trump over and over again pointing out his unelectability. It wouldn’t really have any effect on the final outcome, but Ronald Reagan didn’t really have any effect on the Soviet Union collapsing either, he still gets credit.