Trump Maintains Lead in New Hampshire

A Boston Herald/Franklin Pierce poll in New Hampshire finds Donald Trump leads the GOP presidential race with 26%, followed by Marco Rubio at 12%, Ted Cruz at 12%, Chris Christie at 11%, Jeb Bush at 10% and John Kasich at 8%.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders barely leads Hillary Clinton in the Democratic race, 48% to 46%.

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  • brainscoop

    The establishment candidates are really doing a great job dividing their support evenly. Even poor Jeb has a healthy slice. Considering that Rubio+Jeb+Christie+Kasich beats Trump, I’m sure Reince is trying to decide what combination of bribes and torture will get rid of 3 of the 4.

    • southerndemnut

      That’s not going to happen until after the NH primary. If Iowa goes for Cruz, he will get a small bump but not much just a point or two because NH is just not a big fit for him. But, it could leave him in 2nd place, albeit far back, and if this poll is any reasonable indication of the race, the “establishment” vote is really up for grabs. Such a result would not discourage anyone from leaving.

  • APV

    President of Franklin Pierce Univ is Andy Card, a Bush family loyalist. Take the poll with a grain of salt.

    • southerndemnut

      Maybe but I don’t see a false narrative here other than the non-Trump/Cruz vote is really up for grabs. If this were the actual vote results, it would make me think this would become a Trump/Cruz two-way race.

      • APV

        The headline says foes are gaining on Trump – reality is no one from the establishment is really breaking thru to emerge as the Trump alternate.

        Pollster was also one of the earliest ones to drive the narrative that Clinton was behind in NH, especially when the email issue was being played up in the media.

  • Trump has had a commanding lead in every NH poll since mid-June. 53 days till the primary.

  • docb

    Somebody just please get the hook to drag this slimy fraud comb-over portly freak off the stage ..he is ruining the Nation with his violence, hate, and lies..Dump trump.

    This liar too…

  • littlejohn

    Hey, Bush broke out into double digits!

  • Alister

    If those Democratic numbers are correct, Sanders is going to lose NH. Clinton’s organization is strong enough to easily flip that two-point lead. In fact, Sanders should really be leading NH by much more.

    • nero88888

      Hillary has got Obama people working for her. Bernie is in deep trouble.

  • Krusher

    The Boston Herald? I wouldn’t think that rag would be able to poll its way out of a wet paper bag. I wouldn’t place a lot of confidence in any poll that their name is on.

    • pywaket_1

      Not just the Herald. The Herald, and a college known for really bad polling. Which is really saying something, as polls done by colleges, in general, are less accurate than average.

      Who the hell names a college after the guy who’s generally regarded as the worst president ever?

  • Berkshire_Boy

    It seems to me that Sanders has nowhere to go but down at this point. I mean one can only feel the Bern for so long without seeking medical attention.

  • nero88888

    new national poll out. Hillary beating Bernie by 31 points. I think Hillary has a good chance winning both Iowa and NH. She wins SC easily and everywhere else.

  • frankelee

    “I’m gonna build a wall, it’s gonna be a great wall!” Losing Trump come February, that’ll really break my heart.