Ruben Hinojosa Seeking Ruben Hinojosa’s Seat

Texas Tribune: “Here’s a primary ballot quirk that could leave some Texas voters scratching their heads: One Democratic candidate to replace retiring Rep. Ruben Hinojosa in Congressional District 15 is Ruben Ramirez Hinojosa, a 33-year-old University of Houston law student and U.S. Army combat veteran from McAllen.”

“Different guy, nearly identical name. Democrats say the coincidence could confuse voters, leading some to vote for the relative youngster— who unsuccessfully ran under a different name for Hinojosa’s seat in 2012 — thinking they’re casting a ballot for the man who represented their South Texas district for two decades.”

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  • Adam_T

    This was a plot point in some Eddie Murphy movie.

    • DrowningInTheSeaOfRed

      “Jeff Johnson. The name you know”

    • Drewcifer

      I came here to say the same thing.

  • d v

    Not going to lie, this is kind of brilliant.

  • montag

    “Democrats say the coincidence could confuse voters…”
    What’s the problem? It’s Texas. The voters there are already confused.

    • LordDart

      Thank you for labeling me…I always enjoy the put downs…

      • montag

        Of course I didn’t mean you, LordDart. It’s those ‘other ones’ I’m talking about.

        • LordDart

          I understand and know you weren’t being hateful. 🙂

          But in red states, especially deep red ones, it’s sometimes helpful to say “GOP voters” because yes, they are already confused…and pretty fucking crazy.

          But don’t sweat it, cuz I’m used to it…some folks on this board tar anyone from a Southern state with the same brush and don’t care that they indict the Democrats in those states as well…

  • ColinThesnail

    Que pasa Tejanos!! Think of it as ….me Hinojosa es su Hinojosa