• Nick Scanlan

    Not surprising at all.

    • abctefg

      Really? I am surprised.

  • I don’t watch cable news, but I like Rachel Maddow. To me, Jon Stewart nailed the shallowness and shittiness of CNN. And Fox is political diarrhea for the stupid. Maybe they should get away from the gimmicks and tawdry bullshit and start doing comprehensive investigative journalism again. It’s one of the reasons I love Last Week Tonight so much. In depth segments on important, barely reported pieces.

    • abctefg

      CNN is so ridiculous.

      • We’ll have to leave it there.

    • chrispa9573

      I really love Last Week Tonight too and exactly for the same reason that you do. It’s funnier than any sitcom on the air too . My favorite episode was the one that dealt with tax exempt churches and the fact that there are very little regulations to start a church and claim tax exempt status. I hope Emmy voters take notice but they tend to pick the same winner every year. Daily show has won too variety show several years in a row , except for Colbert winning it one time.

  • docb

    The reason many elderly do not have a clue what is happening in the real World….Limited resources are availed of…they believe what they hear…Rarely questioning the source! I have similar problems with my elder patients…and I am 70 myself! No surprise here!

    • jon_downfromthetrees

      Being “elderly” has nothing to do with it. Few people actually want to make the effort to find out what’s going on. Most people think “the news” is the equivalent of a pill (and also of the “truth”, which is a bit of a pipedream) they can swallow and move on.

      That’s why everyone in the business hypes “trust”: People are lazy and just want to spend a few minutes a day gobbling the news from someone they think they can “trust”. It’s as if they decide to believe everything and anything spoken by a talking head because they “trust” the talking head.

      The greatest damage done to TV news happened years ago when the corporate masters decided the news departments had to turn a profit like everyone else. For cable, the optimum model was talk radio: Spin ideological propaganda to a few million True Believers and bank the proceeds.

  • former_scribe

    I’m 62. Nobody younger than me reads newspapers or listens to the radio news I used to sweat blood writing and delivering, I already knew that. Now I see they don’t watch TV news either. Are they getting unbased information from ANYWHERE? (Certainly not the non-objective Internet without any standards of correctness.) Or no information at all? No wonder the Republic is in such trouble.

  • Wynstone

    So do a lot of older people watch Fox News because they lost their remotes?

    • jpic

      This is good news because it will mean the death of Fux News in the next 10-15 years.

      • JavaMan

        Actually, 67 seems low for Fox compared to studies I’ve seen. I wonder, as the population of their viewership dies off, how the content might be modulated. I also wonder if viewership will actually shrink into non-existence or will become a smaller cluster of viewers.

      • ArkonaRus

        Somehow I can still see Hannity & O’Reilly still there in 15 years.

    • nanotab

      I’m one of those “old folks”, but I “cut the cable” a few years ago. I read news and commentary (such as that on Political Wire) online. Most TV viewers may be above the age of the average adult, but it might be because so many more younger adults than “old folks” read the news online and because traditional means for measuring viewers of news don’t catch those for whom TV isn’t their way to access the news. Somewhat similar problems arise in polling, if the polling organization doesn’t sample cell phone numbers.

  • Silent_Partner

    Some of us have been saying this and why what Fox and whoever else is on the newstertainment channels is saying is wholly irrelevant in the scheme of things today. But they can keep getting their bellies rubbed when they lose again in November I suppose.

  • jon_downfromthetrees

    The median age for *TV* viewers probably isn’t all that much younger. At least regular viewers of television shows on a thing called a television at the time they’re aired.

  • rssrai

    When you get older and I know this because I am getting older you start to get stuck into whatever frame of mind you have been in for the last twenty years of your life. A lot of older people were Reagan voters, and are still Reagan voters. So, whatever republican candidate sounds like an old rich white guy that acts like an entertainer is going to get their vote. I think Trump fits that bill. I never voted for Reagan and am proud of it.

  • silverbelle

    My tv is basically a monitor. I get news from a lot of online sources. I’m 56.

  • Matt Drabek

    I’m 32. The only time I watch cable news is when I happen to be traveling and it’s on the TV in the airport or the hotel lounge and I’m unable to change the channel. A good 5 minutes of watching CNN or Fox is usually enough to remind me that it’s garbage and not worth watching.

    • chrispa9573

      It was on at my gym and I noticed a breaking story on CNN so I went over to see what it was. Kate Moss was caught on camera with cocaine . They really have become entertainment tonight.

      • ArkonaRus

        The sadder thing is, I bet they interrupted a discussion or interview about Middle East Peace or something else “not serious”.

  • eve

    I quit watching any of them. Well, I cannot say I quit watching Fox since I never watched it. Cannot stand cable news anymore. There is so little news on them. It’s all about generating anger. I read news. Online. That’s it. I’m 63.

    Go see the movie “Spotlight”. What investigative reporting used to be. Great movie.

    Also, think about this. So what if it is mostly people of XYZ age? It is still not all that big of an audience.

    • ArkonaRus

      I usually do like watching CNN when I can but during the months-long, never-ending coverage of the missing Malaysian Airlines plane, well, I just stopped watching CNN. It was sad, I felt for the people and the families, but it was not deserving of that kind of coverage. Not even if it were mostly Americans on board.

  • Big C

    When they said that Fox News’ median was 67, I thought that meant the IQ level of the average viewer.

  • Morrigan In Oregon

    Seems to me the big bulge of baby boomer in the demographic is exactly that age. I would think it is easy to pick a channel and sit in front of it

  • Hawkeye

    67, no cable, no TV, no cellphone, news on the radio from MPR and on line like here and Daily Kos (with a grain or several of salt, always and for every source – nobody is as careful to be factual as almost everyone used to be). Land line phone and ultra slow DSL. That little is good enough and the price is pretty good, too.

  • SoundTownSal

    In other news, water is still wet.

  • Christopher Abdo

    Apparently no one knows what ‘median’ means.

  • WigglyWeasel

    I’m 44 years old. The last time I watched cable news was election night 2012. The last time I regularly watched any TV as it was broadcast was Battlestar Galactica. I may watch some on election night 2016, but more likely I’ll use my computer instead.

  • Golbez, I don’t mean to be disrespectful but your ability to reason has been destroyed by the main stream media and government propaganda. You might want to try looking into some alternative news media sources. Check RT (Russia Today), Matt Drudge and Michael Rivero, What Really Happened. Check out Ron Paul and Rand Paul’s record. Liberals on average vote much lower than conservatives for constitutional issues. Of course that won’t mean anything if you don’t support our leqaders abiding by their oath to uphold the Constitution.