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Hannity Linked to Shell Companies that Spent $90M

Fox News host Sean Hannity “is linked to a group of shell companies that have spent $90 million buying hundreds of homes across the U.S through the help of foreclosures and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development,” the Guardian reports.

Axios: “Some of the property purchases were financed utilizing mortgage assistance from the Department of Housing and Urban Development — and Hannity was a vocal supporter of Ben Carson to head the agency without disclosing that connection. These revelations surrounding Hannity’s property holdings highlight the ethical issues between his journalistic work and his personal entanglements with the Trump administration.”

Troll Farm Recruiting English-Speaking Journalists

The Federal News Agency, a pro-Russian website linked to the Internet Research Agency, has been recruiting “English-speaking journalists” to work on its “Wake Up, America!” campaign, according to Shooting the Messenger.

From the announcement:

Due to the growing political censorship imposed by the United States, there remains less and less of information sources that are not under control of the U.S. authorities. In this regard, U.S. citizens cannot receive objective and independent information about events occurring on the territory of America and throughout the world.

Cohen Drops Libel Suit Against BuzzFeed

“Embattled attorney Michael Cohen has dropped a pair of much-touted libel suits against BuzzFeed and the private investigation firm Fusion GPS over publication of the so-called dossier detailing alleged ties between President Trump and Russia,” Politico reports.

“Cohen abandoned the suits late Wednesday as he continues to fight to recover documents and electronic files seized from his home, office and hotel room last week by federal authorities as part of what appears to be a broad criminal investigation into his conduct.”

Hannity ‘Gets Patched Immediately’ to Trump

Washington Post: “Trump and Hannity usually speak several times a week, according to people familiar with their relationship. The Fox News host, whose show averages more than 3 million viewers daily, is one of the few people who gets patched immediately to Trump. The two men review news stories and aspects of Hannity’s show, and occasionally debate specifics about whatever the president is considering typing out on Twitter. There have also been times when Trump has assessed the merits of various White House aides with Hannity.”

Said one presidential adviser: “He basically has a desk in the place.”

Extra Bonus Quote of the Day

“Michael never represented me in any matter, I never retained him in the traditional sense as retaining a lawyer, I never received an invoice from Michael, I never paid legal fees to Michael. We definitely had attorney client privilege because I asked him for that but, you know, he never sent me a bill or an invoice or did I actually officially retain him.”

— Sean Hannity, quoted by NBC News, later adding that he “might have” handed Michael Cohen “10 bucks.”

Cohen Also Represented Sean Hannity

Michael Cohen’s attorney revealed in court that Sean Hannity is the mystery third client Cohen alluded to in previous court filings, the New York Times reports.

Before Hannity’s name was revealed, Cohen’s lawyer had argued that the mysterious third client would be “embarrassed” to be identified as a client of Cohen’s.

Bloomberg: “No word yet why Hannity had engaged Cohen. Clearly there’ll be keen interest in the legal side of this matter. Until then the scrutiny may fall on what may have been hidden motivations behind his journalism.”

British Investigators Raid Murdoch’s Offices

The British offices of the Murdoch entertainment empire 21st Century Fox have been raided by investigators from the European Commission, the Daily Telegraph reports.

“It is understood that competition watchdogs gained access to the company’s offices in Hammersmith, west London, early today to seize documents and computer records.”

“The full details of the confidential investigation, which is believed to be in its early stages, are unclear.”

Robertson Says He’s Being Dominated By Homosexuals

Pat Robertson said on The 700 Club that homosexuals are drowning out voices like his.

Said Robertson: “We have given the ground to a small minority. You figure, lesbians, one percent of the population; homosexuals, two percent of the population. That’s all. That’s statistically all. But they have dominated — dominated the media, they’ve dominated the cultural shift and they have infiltrated the major universities.”

He added: “It’s just unbelievable what’s being done. A tiny, tiny minority makes a huge difference. The majority — it’s time it wakes up.”