Grassley Shocks Many By Joining Trump at Rally

Donald Trump’s campaign piqued the interest of political observers when Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) joined him at a rally, the Washington Post reports.

“Grassley, who did not endorse Trump, has introduced several other candidates campaigning in Iowa. But his presence at the Trump campaign event nonetheless demonstrated the increasingly warm relationship between Trump and the Republican political establishment, which was initially stunned and disheartened by the flamboyant billionaire’s enormous lead over other more establishment-friendly candidates.”

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  • Larry McD

    Amazing that this doddering old argument for term limits could appear for that long without a drool cup and a diaper change. His opposition to sentencing reform was devastating to a great many people who very reasonably thought they had cause for hope.

    • Hagar32Grady

      Yeah and he is the reason poor Rafael doesn’t have Health Insurance. It was his Amendment that eliminated HC for Federal employees….The Cad 😉

      • Hawkeye

        Poor Raf lied.

    • gnatswatting

      Term limits are Republican pablum. With term limits we would not have had Harry Reid who broke the logjam in the Senate to get the Affordable Care Act approved.

      I’m willing to put up with Grassleys if it means we get to keep brilliant, experienced lawmakers on our side like the late Ted Kennedy and Daniel Inouye.

      • Larry McD

        I believe in term limits along the lines of those proposed by the Rand Corporation in the ’60s. Senators would be limited to four six year terms; members of Congress would be limited to six four year terms. Their proposal to limit the presidency to a single six year term doesn’t work for me.

        • Patterman

          Term limits are a bad idea. Period.
          What we need are limits on campaign contributions. Period.
          THAT’s the problem, not term limits.

          • gnatswatting

            Exactly. People like the Koch Brothers get to buy disposable Representatives and Senators to do their bidding with term limits. And the ones who don’t kowtow to the plutocrats won’t be there long anyway. So the Kochs save money on primary challenges.

            With strong campaign finance reform, upheld by the Supreme Court with a Hillary appointed replacement for Scalia, the playing field will be leveled. And a bipartisan (calling John Kasich!) anti-gerrymandering amendment to the US Constitution would seal the deal.

            Removing long duration lawmakers from government leaves lobbyists and bureaucrats as the only long term players in DC. There’s nothing to like about that.

            In states unfortunate enough to have term limits, legislators are frequently replaced by relatives. So it just becomes a revolving door.

          • Hawkeye

            Competency hearings on the other hand might very well have a place, especially in election campaigns, probably more important there than tax returns.

      • jpic

        Think Joni Ernst. She will be there just as long, if not longer.

        • gnatswatting

          Meh, she could flame out or just get unlucky. She got elected in the first place because she had a terrible opponent.

          Just watch what happens to incumbent Republicans Mark Kirk in neighboring Illinois or Ron Johnson in neighboring Wisconsin this November.

          I will not embrace term limits and the revolving door Congress just because of some pig castrator from Iowa.

  • Hagar32Grady

    He just dropped in for the free food.
    and was looking forward to going to Young Marco’s rally next week. Grassley said he just loves a good Cuban sandwich.

    • ArkonaRus

      Maybe Cuban cigars, too.

    • DKDC

      Was he planning to spoon between Cruz and Rubio?

  • Wynstone

    He was just following his nose. He smelled money.

    • ArkonaRus

      Just hope he doesn’t believe Trump if he says he’ll be building “yuuge things in Iowa”. Trump couldn’t even point Iowa on a map, he aint building nothing there.

  • PoppyLee

    What is it about bad Senators serving so long?

  • lauracf

    Reverse psychology, right?

    The more “the GOP establishment” attacks Trump, the more his supporters like him. So maybe if the establishment embraces him, voters will turn against him?

  • BarryR

    He hates Cruz, who opposes ethanol subsidies. He probably would hate Cruz if he liked ethanol subsidies (why would he be different?) but, like Branstad, ethanol subsidies give him a chubbie.

    • AltonBParker

      Not sure why the calculus seems to miss most folk…Cruz is universally hated more than Trump, so the establishment cozies up to Trump. Grassley surely holds Trump in some level of contempt, but Cruz is even worse so there you go. That Cruz presents the ethanol issue for others to pick at, so much the better.

      • rovingstorm

        good sir, i appreciate your username.TR is going down!

      • pdxuser

        Yup, they’re propping up Trump just long enough to kill Cruz, then they’ll try to kill Trump, but if they fail, at least they don’t have to risk a President Cruz, and likely not a President Trump, either. And a President Clinton will give them something to campaign against in the midterms.

      • DKDC

        I’ve noticed a divide among the “establishment”. It seems that most of the pundit and think tank branch hates Trump more because of his lack of ideological purity, whereas the DC elected branch hates Cruz more because they’ve been personally offended by him.

  • kevinb

    I am losing what little remaining respect I had for the Republican party because of the fact that they are increasingly embracing this deranged racist conspiracy theorist.

    • Snakegirl Lyn

      You’re generous. I lost it back when Reagan declared ketchup a vegetable.

      • i wasnt all that keen on nixon

        • jrforbo

          not sure I ever had any respect for any of them, except Eisenhower

          • daveminnj

            Yes and no. Ike loosed the Dulles brothers on the world. His CIA engineered coups in Guatemala and Iran have done damn near as much harm over the years as Vietnam did.

          • jpic

            And got us into the Nam in the first place by rigging their 1956 election.

          • jrforbo

            I guess I was mainly thinking about the military-industrial complex warning
            on his way out. truth be told, Nixon wasn’t 100% bad.

          • daveminnj

            99 and a half? : -)

          • jpic

            Truman didn’t and that is good enough for me. But Ike would be left of Hillary today.

          • jrforbo

            let’s hope the pendulum swings back, if there is a pendulum

    • embo66

      The Republican establishment will embrace whomever because they want to win, period. Because winning is the only thing they have EVER cared about. Ideology means next to nothing to them (except perhaps the cut-taxes-on-the-wealthy parts).

      And since now it is looking like Trump may well snag the nomination, they will nearly all find a way to become OK with that.

      I’d like to think that, were the shoe on the other foot, Democrats would somehow be different, nobler . . . but I kinda doubt it.

  • Jim Andrews

    Someone must be up for reelection this year. Got to keep that base happy.

  • Patterman

    Grassley’s another useful idiot for the fascist takeover in progress.

    • jpic

      Actually it is done, the Kochs have won.

  • TnkAgn

    Perhaps next to only Trump and Palin, Grassley captures the essence of political venality.

    • Hawkeye

      You never heard of H R Gross, Grassley’s mentor?

  • growe

    Another tribute to the respect and love inspired in their fellow GOP Senators – not only by Ted Cruz but also little Marco Rubio! To turn from a sitting Senator to a toupee wearing carnival barker; think what this tells us about the Senators running?

  • ArkonaRus

    Wow, he must REALLY hate Cruz…just like the rest of his Senate colleagues.

  • Snick1946

    On a related note, has anyone been following the weather for Iowa and area for that period? I live in Omaha and there are rumors of a major storm heading in around then. Local weather says snow Sunday spreading into Iowa followed by a bigger storm on Tuesday BUT the timing is tricky so that evening could be a freaking weather disaster. Who benefits, I have to wonder?

  • UnionLeague

    Not surprising, the Republican Party has gone full fascist.

  • LMK

    they would suck up to the devil, the real Lucifer, if they think it will help them keep their right wing agenda going…

    • Coterie