Trump Holds Big National Lead

A new CBS News poll finds Donald Trump with a big national lead over the GOP presidential field with 35%, followed by Ted Cruz at 18%, Marco Rubio at 12%, John Kasich at 11%, Ben Carson at 6% and Jeb Bush at 4%.

Key findings: “Trump’s support cuts across nearly every demographic group in the Republican electorate. He holds a double digit lead among Republicans and independents, men and women, white evangelicals, and Americans of all income levels. He leads among Republican voters of all age and education levels, but does particularly well among voters without college degrees.”

A new USA Today/Suffolk poll shows Trump leading with 35%, followed by Cruz at 20% and Rubio at 17%.

A new Reuters/Ipsos poll finds Trump leading with 40%, followed by Cruz at 17%, Rubio at 11%, Carson at 10% and Bush at 8%.

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