• David Golden

    With her record at HP and her string of campaign successes, she would bring a lot to the ticket; the Democratic ticket.

    • OGalaxy

      Yeah, this would be the GOP handing the election to the Dems on a silver platter. I am starting to think they want to throw this election. Is it possible they are this incompetent? Who in their party establishment benefits from a Republican loss in November?

  • Mike

    Cruz/Fiorina 2016

    Yeah, that would work! 🙂

    • spine

      Cruz/Fiorina 2016

      Lies you can believe in!

  • growe

    Because nothing says “taking back the White House” like getting a less kind and more malicious, even more money-grubbing and spiteful version of Sarah Palin on that ballot in the patronizing #2 spot.

    At least with Sarah you know she’s so deranged she believes shit she is saying. With Fiorina, more disgusting, you know someone who looked sane long enough to become a CEO for ten minutes can’t believe the lies she’s pushing over her forked tongue.

  • DCDemocrat

    Cruz/Fiorina 2016: What mean really means.

    • Mike

      Dracula/Elvira 2016

      Bloodsuckers for America!

      • Snakegirl Lyn

        Nosferatu/Lilith 2016

        Because you can never have enough darkness.

    • SoundTownSal



    Cruz/Fiorina 2016 – The Addams Family ticket!

    • exxgoper

      Are you kidding me? Don’t mess with Wednesday Adams, at least she has wit!

    • spine

      Cruz/Fiorina 2016 – True lies!

    • CalStateDisneyland

      As opposed to Cruz/Ryan 2016 – which is the Grandpa and Eddie Munster ticket.

    • OGalaxy

      Candidates I’d vote for over Cruz/Fiornia:

      Voldemort / Maleficient
      Darth Vader / The Wicked Witch of the West
      The Lorax / Nurse Ratched

  • Design8

    “Cruz identified Fiorina, a former rival for the Republican nomination, as the type of ‘strong, inspirational’ leader the country needs.”

    Inspirational?! The only thing she inspires in me is contempt. This means, of course, that I’d love to see her on the GOP ticket come November.

  • Wynstone

    Fiorina is one of Cruz’s affairs.

    j/k. I just wanted to make people picture it because I’m mean.

    • NorthboroughDan
      • growe

        I didn’t know we could post a blank?

        • NorthboroughDan

          I was trying to post a picture from Dodgeball…..Average Joe team in leather…..but it wasn’t working, and I couldn’t figure out how to delete the entire message, and then real work got in the way……

        • Coterie

          Well, when your reaction is unprintable…

    • Snakegirl Lyn

      Please pass the brain bleach.


    If Hillary wins the nomination and selects another woman or a person of color as her running mate, it will be the first time in history that a white male has NOT been on a presidential ticket.

    And the media will still be covering Trump, regardless.

    • samiyam318

      I keep thinking about this. I am dying for her to pick Warren but I think it’s unlikely.

      I love the idea of Tammy Baldwin but some could say that may be too many steps in too short a time.

      • OtherTim

        Don’t you dare take Baldwin out of that Illinois Senate race.

    • OGalaxy

      I think Bernie will be her best bet. Unite the party, get out the vote. Second choice…maybe Corey Booker? He’s young, charismatic, energetic, has a big heart, has a superhero story. He’d be an excellent choice for too many reasons to list here. But Bernie on the ticket practically guarantees a win.

    • navamske

      If Hillary wins the nomination and selects another woman or a person of color as her running mate, it will be the first time in history that a white male has NOT been on a presidential ticket.

      The 2008 Democratic ticket was the first one to not have any white male Protestants on it.

  • Wynstone

    Don’t you look to a VP to balance out weaknesses? Someone as unlikable as Cruz should pick somebody that doesn’t make people shudder.

    • CB123

      That’s the conventional wisdom, but honestly, I don’t think a VP candidate adds much of anything to the overall equation (unless he/she is a really, really bad choice, like Sarah Palin).

    • BarryR

      Fiorina is the ultimate attack dog. And an outsider, which I hear tell isa good thing this year.

      • navamske

        Fiorina is the ultimate attack dog.

        “Dog” being the key word. (Apologies for being mean and/or shallow.)

    • SoundTownSal

      Santa Claus.

    • OtherTim

      Do the Republicans have anybody who doesn’t make people shudder?

  • RobSolf


    Just so you guys know, I have no deal to be VP, either.

  • Arkenblaster

    “He stole the nomination from Trump, she lost in a landslide in a Senate race, it’s your 2016 Republican ticket!”


  • Dodgson

    Cruz/Fiorina – The man everyone hates and the woman who’s main selling point is failing a major company and repeated electoral losses… I’m sure Hillary is quivering in panic right now.

  • CA2016

    Getting on the ticket as the VP nominee was most likely Fiorina’s game plan all along. She probably knew that she would never win the nomination herself, but could cozy up to a possible nominee to be tapped as no. 2. Positives for Cruz: “outsider”, female, good on her feet (even if she has a penchant for lying, but so does Cruz), Trump hates her; Negatives: has never held elected office, fired as CEO of HP for poor performance, lost handily to Boxer in her one campaign for elected office, Trump hates her.

  • OBX47

    Is that why Cruz paid her $500,000?

  • exxgoper

    Same here! I can fully declare that Hillary has not offered me the Vice Presidency. I repeat I don’t have a deal with Mrs. Clinton for the job. And it is absolutely true! Does she know who I am? Darn. No. But she has not offer me the job, hear that Hillary, you haven’t….yet. But if you do I will consider it!
    Clinton/XXXgoper 2016!

    Please! Can that woman be more transparent and conniving? No deal has been struck, because in all likelihood, no deal has been offered! She brings nothing to Cruz. She is from California, which he will lose by 30% points. She has never held office, which mean nothing in the GOP primary but might be significant in the general. She is a lousy candidate prone to exaggeration and totally unlikable. And if he wants a woman in the ticket there are better qualified alternatives for him. Maybe Omarosa, she will be out of a job soon.

    • Snakegirl Lyn

      The way things are going, why not just dig up the Ghost of Christmas past? Better yet, tap Bill the Cat as VP. He may be slightly more disgusting, but he has the advantage of being fictional and dead.

  • ryp

    Let’s see, Cruz/Walker reminds everyone that Cruz isn’t the only repelant asshole in the party, and Cruz/Fiorina reminds voters that there are women politicians far less likable than Hillary. It’s hard to choose which one is the “winner”.

  • growe

    I guess some defeated shriveled-up shit-canned has-been needed a headline?

    It’s a serious question. I kind of wondered in 1984 if Mondale didn’t make history because pale males didn’t want to be 2nd banana on a ticket against sunny (deluded) Ronnie.

    But this Republican ticket is so abysmal, who would want the job? I guess you could find a retired Republican who likes crowds and travel and won’t seek office again.

    But Veep nominee to a bad wig or a walking snarl? What younger candidate with a future in politics wants a massive resume stain like that?

    FDR was the last defeated Veep nominee to later become President, and I don’t think I have to point out there isn’t a possible Veep out there with that kind of class or gravitas.

    I’d go with Susanna Martinez now that we know she likes to hit the sauce hard. That’s a major qualification for someone taking a dead-end humiliating job like Veep to Shitbag, and throwing bottles out of hotel room windows is still classier than Palin..

    • samiyam318

      Maybe Cruz/Martinez but I think she’d turn Trump down.

      Which brings up a question I keep asking myself. Where is Trump going to find a veep? I’m assuming that’s what Christie is looking for. Other than that, Jeff Sessions? Really? I mean, what politician wants to just go out in deep water in a rowboat and start punching holes in the bottom? It’s got to be a career killer, doesn’t it?

      It reminds me of the West Wing where pollster Al Kiefer is trying to talk Toby into supporting an anti-flag-burning amendment:

      Al: Toby, you’re smiling.
      Toby: I just figured out who you were.
      Al: He’s going to say Satan.
      Toby: No. You’re the guy who runs into the 7/11 to get Satan a pack of cigarettes.

      Who wants to be the guy who runs into the 7/11 to get Trump a pack of cigarettes?

      • Curt Richardson

        I keep thinking Gingrich, if the egos can be sorted out.

        • samiyam318

          Possibly. I think Gingrich would only do it if he thought he’d be able to control Trump in a Cheney/Bush way. And I agree with you that ego would be the question.

          I don’t doubt that Gingrich’s ego would lead him to believe he could control Trump. And I don’t doubt that Trump would disabuse him of that notion early and often. He certainly doesn’t mind to tell a sitting governor to get lost.


          • Curt Richardson

            I tried to give it some thought and it’s hard to think who Trump could choose to give him any credibility. I don’t think any sitting Governor or Senator would go near him. It would have to be someone out of work and looking for a job.

    • Curt Richardson

      Just a side note-Mondale wanted Dianne Feinstein. Apparently he was “enchanted’ with her but his staff talked him out of it because she towered over Mondale and his staff thought that would be a bad image. Enter Tip O’Neil-who convinced Mondale to choose Geraldine Ferraro. Cruz and Fiorina would be a good match. Next toTrump, you would have the two most repulsive people on the ticket

    • hipsteriac

      Well put. But next time could you add a little color?

    • Snakegirl Lyn

      I’m laying here in bed reading your comment and trying not to wake the hubby by laughing and therefore shaking the bed. So far I’ve managed to keep from waking him. The resume stain comment made it hard though.

  • growe

    Cruz/ Fiorina 2016: If the Noose is on Your Neck Why Not Jump Off the Horse?

  • Get your jazz fingers ready. Roy Z’s out with another topical hit!


    • RobSolf

      “I’m free to practice my religion and you’re free to practice mine.” 🙂

  • oldhandatthis

    Neither Cruz nor Fiorina has it in them to reunite the Republican Party. Many of the so called conservative values: tax breaks for the rich, low federal spending, and forcing christian values on everybody may not survive if there is a serious post 2016 effort to fix the broken party.

  • blakestarbuck

    Word is that Rubio is going to hold on to his delegates until the convention. Are we looking at a Cruz/Rubio ticket? Kasich would be pissed at that scenario, so pissed he might even team up with Trump

    • Curt Richardson

      Never happen.

  • richo123

    Is this all you got GOP?


    • Curt Richardson

      Pretty much.

  • Steve Harold

    That may be the best news I have heard to-day..

  • Jdmagic

    So, Carly’s finally learned discernment?

  • JDJ

    It was almost 50 years in the making, but in Cruz/Fiorina the Repubs may have finally found a pair that would have been swamped by George Wallace/Curtis LeMay.

  • Alki

    “Hey guys don’t forget me I exist!”

  • OGalaxy

    OMG. The two most hated people in America running together on the same ticket. Democrats would have a LANDSLIDE up-ticket and down.

  • navamske

    Carly Fiorina tells National Review that no “deal” has been struck with Sen. Ted Cruz to become his running mate, but she won’t rule out joining the GOP ticket should he emerge as the nominee.

    Vote the All-Fugly ticket 2016!