Carly Fiorina

Fiorina Will Not Run for Senate

Carly Fiorina said that she would not seek the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in Virginia’s 2018 election, CNN reports.

Said Fiorina: “I have made a decision. I have decided that I can be of more value outside the system than a single voice among a hundred inside the system. So, I’m going to continue the work I’ve been doing for many years enlisting up leaders and problem solvers all across the country and have made the decision not to seek the US Senate seat here in the Commonwealth.”

Fiorina Now Praises Trump’s ‘Brilliant’ Moves

Carly Fiorina praised Donald Trump’s “brilliant” moves as president-elect ahead of her visit to Trump Tower on Monday, the Washington Post reports.

Said Fiorina: “One thing President-elect Trump clearly understands is this: that actually changing an ingrained, embedded status quo requires a major shock to the system. It can’t be such a violent shock that you put the patient in cardiac arrest, but you have to have a signal strong enough that people understand change is actually coming.”

During the presidential primaries Fiorina said, “Trump does not represent me or my party.”

Fiorina Makes Play to be RNC Chair

“Carly Fiorina’s quiet outreach to state party chairs in recent days has top Republicans speculating that she’s laying the groundwork for a Republican National Committee chairmanship bid,” Politico reports.

“Fiorina’s advisers have reached out to more than a dozen state parties telling them that the former GOP presidential hopeful is prepared to help in “any way,” offering up her personal phone number, and informing them that she would like to connect with their respective state party chairperson.”

Why Cruz Picked Fiorina as His Running Mate

The Lid: “On the plus side, Cruz was at least partially able to shake up a bad news cycle by teasing and then confirming the announcement. The pick of a woman who’s never held elected office and has a good record of fiery debates gives him a high-value surrogate who is eager to fight a two-front war against Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. And Fiorina is the kind of candidate who’s gotten under Trump’s skin before and could conceivably provoke a damaging reaction from the GOP frontrunner.”

“But plenty of critics are deriding the move as desperate, presumptuous and calculating – themes that Donald Trump is sure to repeat for the rest of the week. And being perceived as desperate is a tough place for Cruz to be with a must-win contest in Indiana just days away.”

Politico: “It was a bid for a game changing moment — and a not-so-tacit acknowledgment that, unless something significant in the current nominating game changed, Cruz was headed for defeat.”

Fiorina Relaunches Super PAC

The super PAC associated with Carly Fiorina’s presidential ambitions has a new mission: To help other political outsiders, Politico reports.

Said Fiorina: “I’m proud to announce that we’ve relaunched Carly for America with a new mission: using our resources and our experience to help conservative outsiders win in November, restoring citizen government at every level. But no one knows the tremendous obstacles facing candidates who want to bring back a citizen government better than we do: a lack of funding and name recognition, a hostile mainstream media, and a Republican establishment actively working to shut them out and shut them up.”

Fiorina Endorses Cruz

Carly Fiorina endorsed one-time rival Sen. Ted Cruz for president, ABC News reports.

“Fiorina said last week during the Virginia primary that she didn’t vote for herself, despite appearing on the ballot, but instead chose Cruz.”

According to NPR, Fiorina also took the moment to say she is “horrified” by Donald Trump and believes Cruz is the only candidate who can beat him.