• BillBuckley

    Not as bleak as it ought to be. “The Party of Lincoln” now reduced to a pathetic joke.

    • Chammy

      Well I’d say its bleak since there is no way in the world they are going to win the WH in 2016. It also looks like we can pick up 7 seats in the Senate and while we may not get the house back, we stand to pick up a substantial amount of seats. I’d call that pretty bleak and the establishment in the party know they are going to lose – one of the reasons I can’t see Paul Ryan throwing his name in in the convention. I love it

    • Blue387

      The modern Republican Party resembles the antebellum southern Democrats, in my opinion.

  • RobSolf

    I’d comment, but it would probably result in a schadenfreudian slip.

  • mhandrh

    As much as I like to hear this kind of news, I worry that it will cause us to become complacent, and with that, we risk the election in November.
    The GOP is sick and twisted and in dire need of reform, true. They are all of those things and more, but they are not stupid; they are conniving, underhanded cheaters with lots of money..

    • Chammy

      Nah – that won’t happen. We have enough to keep us energized and we will have the best campaigners in chief going around the country pumping up the votes

      • Curt Richardson

        I live in upstate NY in a blue congressional district.
        In ’04 I lived away and came back to visit my parents. The closest state in play was NH. I had a Kerry/Edwards banner made and went to Keene with my two pugs and a double stroller I used to push them around. I got a Motel 6 type room and stopped at headquarters to pick up flyers about registering/voting. I knew there was a university nearby. For a week I walked the grounds of the university, talking with the students while they played with the dogs. I was amazed at how many had no idea about registering, or that much interest. I think I convinced quite a few as well as people out on their lunch breaks. Kerry won the state. Whether I helped, I don’t know, however, it didn’t hurt. I hope to do the same this year.

    • Peixegato

      just look at what they’ve done with regards to restricting voting rights. They’ve already cheered about success in Wisconsin.

    • tabster

      Somehow Democrats always tend to hand-wring even when all the signs point to a massive win. Republicans never do this. If the tables were turned on the primaries Republicans would be trumpeting all over about how doomed the Democrats are, and not worrying over complacency. People like being on the “winning team”….I think the effect this news will have is that it will solidify a Democratic win, not undermine it.

      • mhandrh

        I want to share your optimism, but I can’t help feeling uneasy.
        Nothing is guaranteed — and when it comes to the GOP, there is nothing they won’t do, nothing is beneath them. You’re so right, they crow and boast about themselves but some people – including the media – buy into that and it becomes a fait accompli.
        When it comes to Democrats, the worriers (like me) will fret until the final result; because the media likes to pronounce the worst case scenarios as fact.
        I look forward to a Democratic President, a Democratic Senate, and more Democrats in the House — I just can’t bet any money on that yet.

  • mikemiller56

    Taegan, your analysis of the death of the Republican party was accurate. Something will remain but what?
    If Brownback’s Kansas is any example of Republican reform then heaven help us.(what is he thinking)

    • Thanks. I’m working on a post about that.

      • I’m imagining some regional “laboratories of democracy” patchwork centered in the deep south and the mormon west but extending throughout rural America…

    • nowaRINO

      And Bevin is trying the same thing in Kentucky.

  • Peixegato

    The Repubclican party saw their demise coming. That’s why they worked so quickly to enact voter restriction laws at the state level.

    • alrudder

      Who knows. If the GOP really implodes, we could see one of the biggest Democratic wins since 1964, before the Voting Rights Act.
      Get Out The Vote!

  • wtrash123

    You mean all this time we could have been friends… Sad!!!!! And now they need us more than ever…

  • Inkan1969

    I’m really worried about overconfidence gripping the Dem campaign.

  • josephlogston

    It’s about time and We The People want more of this GOP disruptions and demise fallings to where the people have full control of our public civilian run government back to us, from the greedy corporate controlled one of Reagan’s actions as a corporate actor!!!

  • Matt Drabek

    A post on Kansas or something like it would be a good idea. The hesitation I have about declaring the death or potential death of the GOP as a party is the fact that they’re doing so well locally. They dominate most state governments and have pushed their policy agenda hard in a lot of places. I still have no idea how their successes in Kansas, Wisconsin, Michigan, et al. relates to their abject failure at the presidential level.