Democrats Field Large Roster of Women

Associated Press: “Democrats will have female Senate candidates on the ballot in nine states in November, a near-record, and these contenders will likely be sharing the ticket with the first major-party female presidential nominee in history in Hillary Clinton.”

“Donald Trump, whose commanding win in Indiana cemented his improbable status as the GOP’s presumptive presidential nominee, is viewed unfavorably by 70 percent of women, according to Gallup. So as discomfited Republican Senate candidates released statements trying to change the topic or have it both ways Wednesday, Democrats made plans to link their largely male opponents to Trump, aiming to win back control of the Senate in November by electing Democratic women from coast to coast.”

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  • AltonBParker

    I bet Trump has multiple binders of women ready to go in his tiny hands! Just, you know, not quite the same binders Romney had…

    • 66kicks

      Yeah, and our binders are better than his binders.

  • re: dem women senate candidates, i’m only counting 8 right now:
    IL, PA, NH, CA, AZ, NC, WA
    and probably IA (primary hasn’t happened yet)

    which one am i missing?

    edit: nevermind. i was missing NV.

    • APV

      Depending on the jungle-primary CA will have 2 Democratic women -Harris and Sanchez – running there for the Senate.

      The diversity of the women is also a strength. Harris is bi-racial (half African American and half South Asian), Sanchez is Latino, Cortez-Masto is Latino, and Duckworth is a veteran and of Asian origin.

      • it’s definitely something for our party to be proud of. if most of them win, we’re looking at 1/4th women in the senate.

        • APV

          Agree. The number of women in Congress passed the hundred mark for the first time last year. That is still less than 20% of the total strength of the 2 chambers. There are only 6 Governors, which is much less than 20%.

      • have we ever had a latina woman or an asian american woman in the senate?

        edit: looks like Maize Hirono was the first asian american to serve in the chamber. and we’ve yet to have a latina woman serve in the chamber.

  • UnionLeague

    As for the national election, there’s a very good chance that women will turn out in unprecedented numbers and bury Trump.

    • Mark_in_VA

      I would love for this to happen.

      OK, all you women; let’s hear you ROAR!

    • ralph_wiggam

      Combine that with latinos and african americans and some previously safe gop states will be serious battlegrounds this year.

    • Cedric

      Well women are already 53% of all voters so they turnout in big numbers already. If that figure hits say 55% Trump is road kill.

      • abctefg

        Would Mike Huckabee put Trump roadkill in a popcorn popper to cook it?

    • Statetheobvious

      Why do you think that? Trump is actually less harmful to women than the average GOP nominee.

      • UnionLeague

        That’s not saying much. LOL!

  • Alki

    I prefer to think of it as “completely appropriate amount of women,” but sure

    • or even “not enough”. i’ll be satisfied when women make up ~50% of our legislative bodies.

      • Alki

        I’d take just respecting women’s bodies as a start.

        Remember Hillary’s comment about how many women on the supreme court is enough? I’m with her on that.

        • haha. i thought that was the notorious RBG?

          • Alki

            Maybe! I did just confuse Tim Kaine and Mark Warner recently. 😉 Sorry!

            I’m with her, too.

  • nowaRINO

    I heard this was a thing back in the day…

    • Hawkeye

      Time to bring back the equal rights amendment, and past time!

    • lostintheswamp

      i always figured this should be hillary’s theme song at events …

  • David Golden

    9 women running for 34 senate slots….this would be reasonable if women comprised 9/34 of the population. I get that this is a real improvement over the past, but until this fraction is 17/34 or higher, we have work yet to do.

  • 66kicks

    Are there any numbers about the down-ballot male-female ratio? Running for senate and governorships is the big leagues, and very few people of any gender do it without first being on farm teams, like city government or county and state legislatures. Unfortunately a lot of the Democratic farm team got wiped out after the 2010 Census and GOTP takeovers of hundreds of seats.

  • Shamman

    Hey, Mitt! We’ve got binders full!