• Alki

    He’s seriously never going to shut up. This is how it’s going to be up until election day.

    I wonder if Trump burnout will eventually set in… especially if it becomes clear this election is 100% a lost cause.

    • TheFreakinGorn

      It has set in for me already, but i’m not a trump voter. I know people who are though.

    • TexasLou

      I was thinking about the same thing, Alki.

      Trump’s constant insults and expanding the targets is going to get problematic for him because he can’t keep up with the volume of retorts, especially on Twitter.

      Look at what Elizabeth Warren did after Trump tweeted that she was “goofy”. She barraged him with so many tweets, that he couldn’t possibly respond adequately.

      And as he continues to attack ANYONE not kissing his ass, he simply won’t be able to keep up.

      • Alki

        I… I don’t understand it. I get that he gets off on the attention, but he’s going to have to switch up his tactics to pull this off in a full fledged 24 hour cycle. The primaries were nothing compared to the attention he’s going to get as debate season approaches. What else can he do? Who else can he insult? He hasn’t said anything about Native Alaskans yet.

        • TexasLou

          I might be able to explain it, or at least I have an idea to propose, and here it is…

          Trump is completely, pathologically, obsessed with how he thinks he appears to people.

          A couple of prime examples…

          His wives must be young and beautiful.
          His head cannot show signs of balding.
          His possessions must be gold and/or garish.
          His thoughts/opinions are always the best, even though they change.

          Now when it come to someone not agreeing with or even bashing him, the only way for a self-absorbed person to “save face” is to belittle the person(s) doing it.

          He simply CANNOT let any sleight or criticism go… His obsession with how he appears COMPELS him to strike back. and there’s no thought involved… It’s completely reflexive.

          This is why he’s going to fail miserably over the next few months… He’s going to get prodded by people from all angles, he won’t like it, and he’ll just become an indiscriminate basher of just about everyone and everything.

          • Alki

            So if I understand you right… this is only going to get worse?

            I’m excited.

          • Yes, it will get worse. Only 70 more days until Drumpf drops the c-bomb on Hillary. Wait for it!!!

          • growe

            Which is why and how Hillary is going to grab him by that cheap wig and pound him into the ground.

          • hipsteriac

            Like most bullies, when they finally meet their match, they either break down in tears or stomp off in a fit of frustration. Neither will look good for a Presidential candidate.

    • hipsteriac

      Another factor I think might similarly come into play is Trump’s reliance on his “success” as a selling point. Repeatedly during the primary, he quoted polls and electoral wins that showed him ahead of his opponents — building an aura of invincibility, demonstrating his “strength,” and positioning him as the candidate most likely to succeed against HRC.

      But what happens when (and if) he is consistently behind in polls — if he can’t even cherry pick a winner to harp on? Does his image as a “winner” become suspect? Will bad polling be what pricks this prick’s balloon?

  • When Jeb goes down to his secret basement room and smashes his Trump piñatas to smithereens, I’ll bet he doesn’t eat the candy. I’ll bet he jumps up and down on it until he’s breathless.


    • Digitaldarling

      I hear Jeb! has also bought up all the Trump voodoo dolls.

  • TexasLou
  • ladymissdiva

    Trump couldn’t be gracious if his life depended on it. I can’t wait to hear his nomination acceptance speech.

    • delnurse

      What will be better will be the speech he gives when he looses the general, (that is if he can bring himself to admit to being the looser).

  • growe

    It is interesting where Trump chooses to sound reasonable. Here one assumes the staff explained that Republican donors opened their check books for Bushes starting in the 1940s and nationally since the 1980s, so you might need to STFU for once and fake contrition.

  • JavaMan

    I love and respect TPM and it’s excellent staff and alumni reporters, but this comment was made to George Staphenopoulos on ABC.

    I know it’s misspelled, but I’m on my phone.

  • delnurse

    If he was almost anybody else he wouldn’t vote himself either.

  • It’s like this is all some giant game to him and not THE PRESIDENCY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.