Trump Would Consider Removing Ryan

Donald Trump said he would not rule out an effort to remove Speaker Paul Ryan as chairman of the Republican National Convention if he did not endorse Trump’s candidacy, the New York Times reports.

Trump said there could be consequences if Ryan withheld his support: “I will give you a very solid answer, if that happens, about one minute after that happens, O.K.? There’s no reason to give it right now, but I’ll be very quick with the answer.”

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  • hipsteriac

    Good times!

    • mybostonjack


  • LordDart

    Yeah Donald..with your small hands, I’m sure you’ve be very quick…at least that’s what Ivana and Marla have mentioned…

  • CA2016

    Either you’re with me or you’re my enemy. That’s an excellent quality for a President. /s

    • Jester A. Arthur

      Somebody should maybe tell Trump one day that this is not what people mean when they call him bush league…?

    • Worked for Nixon. Oh, yeah, look how well that turned out.

    • jpic

      Only Huuuggge yes men is what I want.

  • APV

    Trump sure knows how to play hard ball. Ryan is devastated. It was his life long dream to be the convention chairman.

  • ryp

    I’m sure Ryan will so disappointed he won’t be hosting a four day Trump rally.

    • hipsteriac

      My dream becomes more real every day: Ben Carson presiding over the GOP convention.

  • hipsteriac

    Trump is the presumptive GOP nominee… but he isn’t the nominee yet. The way he is behaving right out of the gate — a human wrecking ball tearing down the Party, disrespecting its leaders and jettisoning its principles — I wonder whether the GOP might just throw in the towel on this election, and free its delegates to vote for whoever they’d like on the first ballot?

    • vicupstate

      No. That would be an even bigger disaster.

      • jpic

        Yeah. You are down 31-24 with 4 minutes to go, 4th down and 25 on your own 10. Ya punt that ball out of there and hope your defense can stop them for another try (2020).

    • Calbengoshi

      In addition to the fact that what you propose would require major changes not just to the rules of the Republican National Committee but also to the rules of various state Republican party organizations, the ensuing chaos would damage severely the chances of down-ballot candidates. Thus, I do not think there is any chance that the GOP will make those changes.

      • daveminnj

        It just occurred to me-what if an semi-organized bloc of delegates abstains-gets the “flu”-during the first ballot? Technically this wouldn’t be defying the primary voters but at the same time it would keep Trump from getting to 1237.

        • Calbengoshi

          As Terje has pointed out, the existence of alternates would prevent what you suggest from happening.

          Even in the absence of alternates, I think that at this point the main focus of the GOP establishment this year is going to be on races for the House, Senate, the 12 governorships at stake, and state legislative races. IMO, the establishment is not going to want anything to happen at the GOP convention that damages the party’s image and thus might damage the electoral prospects of GOP candidates for those positions, and therefore I think the GOP establishment will not support any effort to disrupt the convention.

          • Independent Democrat

            Well I think that the GOP establishment and Ted Cruz have different goals. Ted Cruz is ruthless and he could try to do some shenanigans at the convention. He really does not care what the establishment wants as witnessed by his shutting down the government.

          • Calbengoshi

            I think that Cruz would interrupt the GOP convention if he thought that he would benefit as a result of doing so. However, I think he is likely to conclude that after suspending his campaign any attempt to disrupt the convention would harm his future political career. Thus, I do not think he will try to disrupt the GOP convention.

            Even though I don’t think Cruz will try to disrupt the convention, I would not be surprised if he were to try to get some planks included in the GOP platform that are likely to harm Trump’s chances in November.

          • daveminnj

            Ok, thanks all for explanation. A guy can still dream though, right?

          • hipsteriac

            You are not alone. Beck has been pushing the “abstainance” route.

          • daveminnj

            Yeah, that’s always been my dream- to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Glen Beck ; -)

          • hipsteriac

            I figured you’d appreciate that. But don’t worry, there’s another pov you can fall in line with — today Rush revealed that the Clinton/Warren agenda is to effectively dissolve the borders of the United States,which will inevitably lead to the concept of nations without borders, which leads to the dissolution of nation states altogether, the end of the United States, and a global government run by Europeans ( of all people! ) based in Brussels. Who knew she had all that up her silken sleeves!

          • daveminnj

            Gotta get up pretty early in the morning to slip one past Rush…….

    • dellmaddux

      Leaders? What exactly do you presume these so-called Republican Party leaders are leading?

      A leader is defined as, “the person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country.”

      The results of the GOP presidential nominating contests seem to suggest that those who think they are Republican Party leaders simply aren’t. Mitt Romney, George W. Bush, Jeb Bush, Lindsey Graham all consider themselves GOP leaders, yet Republican voters spurned their leadership in favor of Donald Trump.

      So again I ask, what exactly are these leaders leading if their followers are ignoring them?

      Do you know what they call a leader with no followers? Just a man talking a walk.

      • hipsteriac

        I agree. It’s really hard right now to understand who or what the Republican party is, or what it stands for. It looks to me like a shattered mirror with fragments reflecting all different viewpoints and people vie-ing for power.

    • cycledancing

      Did you hear Clinton say he was the presumptuous nominee?

    • Snakegirl Lyn

      Well, you just described how the gop has behaved towards President Obama and by extension the rest of the (non-wealthy) country. I believe there is something called Karma, and I hear she’s a bitch.

  • Hey, Donald! Don’t forget Mitch McConnell!

  • MYMY

    Umm, just how does he do that as president: order the House to remove him, or eject him from the premises. Talk about the mentality of third world overlord.

    • vicupstate

      He will tell the GOP caucus that he can’t work with Ryan, and to not elect him speaker. Hard to believe they wouldn’t consider it.

      • cmb

        Considering the difficulty they had replacing Boehner, removing Ryan only leads to more House chaos. Maybe even enough to get the NE and upper Midwestern GOTP Reps to finally throw their weight behind Pelosi.

    • Calbengoshi

      The article does not say anything about Trump wanting to remove Ryan from his position as Speaker of the House. Instead, it is about the possibility of removing Ryan from his position as Chairman of the Republican National Convention if Ryan refuses to support Trump.

      • Chammy

        But it got you and I and others to click. Mission accomplished

        • Calbengoshi

          I didn’t click on it based on the headline but instead did so based on the excerpt that was below the headline, which made it clear that the article had nothing to do with the topic raised in the comment to which I responded.

          • morphy

            You intellectuals are all alike.

          • abctefg


          • morphy

            That might be a stretch. Sensible, at least. ;^)

    • hdavis

      Trump invites him to the Oval Office, Trump says “You’re fired!” and Ryan walks out of the White House in disgrace and takes the limo back to Wisconsin.

  • vtbikerider

    I am sure Ryan is smart enough to make sure he isn’t the chairman of this trainwreck. I can’t see the Donald letting anyone speak.
    You know who is sitting “somewhere” wishing he hadn’t checked out so early? Hunter S Thompson. This election was tailor made for him.

  • Hagar32Grady

    Go for it DONNIE….Make my Day ‘-)

  • growe

    This is where Trump is in fact interesting. Ryan could not risk running to be defeated for nomination or nominated to be clobbered by Hillary. The guy who won the primaries deserves to tell the Kelly Services Speaker who jumped the line to his office that he’s expendable.

  • Dem2016

    What a fricking joyful thing it would be if Ryan would resign as chairman of the convention and declare he will not serve another term as Speaker.

  • MrBeale

    Said Ryan, “Please don’t throw me in the briar patch.”

  • HKeith

    Please proceed Mr. Trump!

  • fgtayl01

    Actually he didn’t say anything other than there’s no reason to say anything.

  • Rogy16

    Jeez, I thought that he would wait at the most a month. He can’t even stay on point and get after his Democratic opponent for more than 2 seconds before turning back to sling some more threats and feces at the GOP.

    If the Big Dog Clinton really did use some his reverse psychology to help nudge Trump into this, I’ll go broke donating more money to the Clinton campaign and Foundation. Genius move if he did it!

    • gmccpa

      He cant wait even a second. In Trump world, he expects only one response. “Yes sir, Mr. Trump, how high should I jump this time”. Anything else and he becomes disproportionately angry, and lashes out irrationally.
      PS. Maybe Elizabeth Warren is purposely fueling this fire with her texts.

      • Rogy16

        Haha. I think more than anything his impulse control alone will help to negate any progress he makes in polling of the next 6 months. The downticket Repubs are going to have to put jets on their shoes to run away from Trump quick enough.

        And heck yeah Warren is fueling this fire (and loving it it looks like). She knows Trump can’t stand the likes of any woman saying “no” to him, criticizing him, or beating him. While he’s busy fighting with her on Twitter, Hillary is out there showing everybody why she’s got the temperament and policies to be the next commander in chief. I imagine the Democrats beginning to get into arguments on who wants to take the next whack at Trump and score another 5 point rise in the polls for the party.

        • esro

          Impulse control is for losers!

  • Philip Canfield

    Nixon had an enemies list. The Donald makes him look like a neophyte.

    • esro

      He learned at the feet of the best. Roy Cohn is smiling every day from wherever he’s currently residing.

      • abctefg

        Roy Cohn is burning in hell.

        • esro

          Well, one can only hope.

  • There is a big difference between saying that Trump would try to remove Ryan as chairman of the RNC and not ruling out such an effort. The former is news, the latter is bullsh.t.

  • gmccpa

    Maybe I’m confused. Isn’t the point of the convention to nominate the Candidate? Which is why Trump is now only the ‘presumptive nominee’. Is it possible for a not yet officially nominated Candidate to remove the Chairman? Or will Trump retroactively remove Ryan after the Convention?

    What the hell. Who cares. A totally enjoyable trainwreck.

    • Coterie

      Oops. I misread something.

  • silverbelle

    hahaha! Think the GOPers are having fun yet?

  • Lee

    Any guesses on how long it is before Hillary is up by 25 points against Trump?

  • Alki

    I believe this is the closest imagery consistent with my earlier posts.

    • silverbelle

      “I believe this is the closest imagery consistent with my earlier posts.”

      If you can photoshop, put Reince’s face on the guy on the plank.

      Edit: and maybe some screaming redneck faces instead of shark fins 🙂

      • here’s one

        • and trump to this one as well

          • silverbelle

            ming you are totally precious! hahaha!

          • i do it for the upvotes 🙂

          • TexasLou

            And my upvotes you command for your excellent work, Sir!

      • and just for fun

        • i added trump to it too

          • esro


  • Jack McGovern

    Ryan does suck, but with whom would Donald Rump replace him? Perhaps “Dr.” David Duke?

    • Jester A. Arthur

      He’ll just do it himself. “Do you all love me? Well, then it’s decided.”

    • esro

      Some flunkie from his “campaign.” Lewandowski perhaps, he’s not doing anything at the momemt.

    • bluewindboy81506

      Louie Gohmert?

  • docb
  • oldhandatthis

    So Trump has queued up a public political showdown with Ryan. So far many conservatives and establishment Republicans seem bound and determined to drive the bus off the cliff rather than strike a compromise with Trump. And Trump has proven willing to trade punch for punch. Trump is an obnoxious pig but that doesn’t seem to be the problem, the deal breaker is compromising what they see as their conservative agenda.

    • esro

      Trump and Palin have both queued the showdown, as has some “primary opponent” I’d never heard of who’s suddenly popped up.

  • TexasLou

    Wildest expectations exceeded.

    And it’s not even June.

  • drzaius

    The denial is strong in con-land. They see this as evidence of Trumps strength.

    • hipsteriac

      Isn’t it?

  • coyote521

    i think it’s too late for Trump to be trying to get on Ryan’s good side by giving him an out to miss the convention.

  • FDRliberal

    “Trump Would Consider Removing Ryan”

    Trump doesn’t give a damn about Republican party unity, he doesn’t believe in party loyalty. Trump believes only in one thing – in one Supreme Being – himself.

  • MYMY

    Well I’m very demoralized today, I just heard Chuck Todd, Andrea Mitchell and Eugene Robinson all agreeing on Meet the Press that covering Trump was so much fun, and Hillary Clinton was boring. I guess they will make him king after all, he’s their creation.

    • it’s so annoying. we are not going through this process for an entertainer in chief. this shit is serious…

      • mhandrh

        Are they that deranged? This is not show biz! This is world politics and government — damn serious and they treat it like a reality show!

        • Jester A. Arthur

          The nuclear apocalypse will set a ratings record that will stand unchallenged for a very long time.

        • dellmaddux

          You may not realize this, but…

          • mhandrh

            OMG — fiction reflects facts.
            I am always about 6 months late in watching Frank Underwood in House of Cards. Your quotation however, sent me to a website where I can read so many quotes I may have forgotten.
            His character and the machinations of politics are more real than we’d want to believe.

  • matthoboken

    First Trump reaffirms that he wants to raise taxes on the wealthy. (Yes–he’s been all over the map on that, but this statement seems definitive. ) Then he says that he may remove Ryan as convention chair. Trump thinks that he can further alienate the Republican donor class and yet get it to fund his campaign. He’ll need all the free media he can get.

  • Independent Democrat

    I think Ryan is praying that Trump does remove him! He wants to dissassociate himself from this disaster that is in the works!

  • TheFreakinGorn

    Trump 2016 …. “Support me or else”

  • Hawkeye

    lol How to make friends and influence people! And his supporters are tired of empty promises and exorbitant claims! I for the life of me can’t figure out why the worm hasn’t turned already. When it does it is going to turn big time.

  • Snakegirl Lyn

    If the “leadership” of the gop doesn’t recognize the depths of the shit they’re in, then they’re likely on the edge of extinction. This is one of those alarm bells ( one of many I know) that is LOUD. Trump is mulling over booting the person second in line to the most powerful position in the Western world as if he were contemplating booting an employee who had irritated him. At this point, I’d say the gop’s collective heads are on fire and their asses are catching.