Trump Backs Higher Taxes on the Wealthy

Donald Trump said that taxes “for the wealthy should go up but that his tax plans would likely be renegotiated with Congress should he win the U.S. presidency,” Reuters reports.

Said Trump: “For the wealthy I think frankly it is going to go up and, you know what, it really should go up.”

He added that he sees his current tax plans as a negotiating “floor” that may change in dealings with Congress.

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  • Alki

    Swear to god, he’s *trying* to help Hillary. If she has cover on this, what will the Republicans even attack on? (Exclude all crazy things)

    • brainscoop

      Benghazi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And how Hillary strangled Vince Foster with Gennifer Flowers’s thong.

      • gloriousglo2

        Nope, get with the plan. Obama beat him over the head with a teleprompter while playing golf in Kenya.

    • MYMY

      She has clear plans to do this, see my comment above.

    • Statetheobvious

      Admit it. If a Democrat proposed raising taxes on the rich, you’d be thrilled.

      And he boxes Hillary in, because what, she’s going to use the GOP playbook and call Trump a communist/naive college student the way the GOP would if a Democrat had the balls to say this? She can’t say anything against it, and now plenty of working-class people who’ve been screwed over ever since Reagan have an incentive to vote for Trump.

      • conspiracy

        Standard Democratic policy is raising taxes on the rich. Not sure what you are getting at.

        • Statetheobvious

          No. Obama lowered taxes on anyone earning less than $250,000 but kept taxes for those earning more the same. And of course he never closed any tax loopholes on wealthy individuals or businesses.

          • conspiracy

            The highest marginal income tax rate went up from 35% to 39.6% when the Bush tax cuts expired.

          • Stormageddon Bloodstar

            Painful, you need to start fact checking everything before you post.

            Seriously, for whatever frustration I have in here, generally people are intelligent and we’ll informed. Coming in with weak sauce is getting you eviscerated.

            Up your game.

      • Alki

        You think it’s boxing Hil in? I can’t even begin to process that without a bit more time. Anyone else have thoughts?

        • Statetheobvious

          But are you agreeing with me that id a Democrat proposed raising taxes on the rich, you’d be thrilled?

          • Alki

            Did you see my post a few days ago where I called for taking all wealth over 20 million? 😉

          • KurtBusiek

            Nobody’s objecting that the idea of raising taxes on the rich is bad.

            They’re mocking Trump for being so transparently hypocritical, in a way that may cost him supporters on the right.

            Sorry to have to state the obvious, but you seem unable to grasp it.

          • Statetheobvious

            First of all, no one cares that Trump is a hypocrite. His brand is not, and has never been, honesty, consistency, or holding himself as a role model.

            Second, what voters on the Right will this cost him? The rich? So what? He’s open about the fact that he’s not chasing those votes. Again, shouldn’t Democrats be thrilled that politicians are chasing the votes of the middle class and not the rich? Shouldn’t Democrats be welcoming this? So why aren’t you happy? Trump is promising to do a thing that you agree a politician should do: look out for the little guy. Isn’t this good news? Why isn’t this good news?

            Answer: because Hillary has never promised this herself. It makes Hillary, and the Democrats look bad to claim to be the party that supports the little guy while Trump is talking about how they need help and Hillary keeps quiet about it.

          • KurtBusiek

            No one cares that Trump is a hypocrite? I think you’re wrong. An awful lot of people aren’t buying his brand, so explaining that his brand is X doesn’t make it a bad plan to reinforce that the majority of voters don’t want X.

            Why am I not happy? Because Trump’s a liar who has no intention of following through on any of that. You may light up all tingly, but some of us are apparently smarter than that.

            And Clinton has never proposed raising taxes on the rich? You’re not just deluded, you’re a liar.

            Enjoy Gainesville.

          • Statetheobvious

            The only time Hillary has ever moved to the left is when there was a candidate on her left siphoning her support. Until recently that was Bernie. Now, apparently it’s Trump. But what makes you think when Hillary wins the Presidency she will behave any differently than she did in the 90s?

          • KurtBusiek

            I see you’ve pivoted to straight Clinton-hate, because it seems to be all you’ve got once the pins have been kicked out from under your flimsy arguments.

            I like the actual Clinton, not the cartoon Clinton that lives in your head. I think her Senatorial record puts her to the left of both Bill and Obama, and not that far off from Sanders, though more realistic about it. I think she’ll make a good President.

            I understand you don’t think so, but then, you seem to be all about waving straw men around. I’m all about the Supreme Court, about protecting the ACA and advancing progressive causes.

            Given the choices we’ve got — Clinton or Trump — I’m quite satisfied that Clinton is the better choice. Given the primary choices we had — Clinton or Sanders — I’d have voted for Sanders if he got the nod, but thought Clinton was the better choice there, too.

            Screeching about caricatures, like you’re doing, doesn’t really budge me, any more than it does when Republicans have done it.

            Rage on, ragey.

      • KurtBusiek

        She can indeed say something against it: She’ll use it to say Trump can’t be trusted, because he contradicts himself repeatedly. “Which Trump will you get?”

        Just watch and see.

        • Statetheobvious

          Really? You think “Trump is a liar” is going to be an effective tactic?

          So, she’s not going to argue that Trump’s policy is bad on its face, just that Trump is a hypocrite for it. Essentially, acknowledging by omission that Trump’s policy is a good idea. Which leaves the electorate to wonder why Hillary, herself, isn’t promising to do the same thing. Why is Hillary not supporting raising taxes on the rich, if she can’t come up with a reason to criticise Trump for it?

          • KurtBusiek

            Oh my god you’re a clown.

            If you’re going to call yourself “State the Obvious,” perhaps you should be a little less credulous whenever anyone tells you the latest bad thing you want to believe about Clinton.


            Well, you just keep worrying, Butch. It’s what you’re good at.

          • Tux

            If Hilary was for it, You would be against it.

          • Coterie

            Pretty sure you’re overthinking this.

          • Stormageddon Bloodstar

            Thing is, she has proposed tax increases on the highest incomes. Things like the buffet rule caps on deductions, a 4% higher tax on incomes over 5 million.

            You really aren’t taking a few minutes to source and verify your claims, are you?

            You really need to start, your credibility is at stake.

      • tabster

        Let go of your Hillary hate, it’s boring.

    • jpic

      Until he doesn’t.

  • MrBeale

    He’s said this before. His substantive tax plan, however, says differently.

    • CSStrowbridge

      I was going to say the same thing. His tax plan is a massive gift to the rich.

    • embo66

      He sees his current tax plans as a negotiating “floor” that may change in dealings with Congress.

      “What can I say, folks?” said President Trump after Congressional Republicans insisted that Trump’s original tax plan remain intact. “The people have spoken. This just shows we got it right the first time.”

      “Our fellow Republicans in Congress believe, as I do — you know, I always have believed this, because I am the best job creator in the world myself — that lowering our current crazy high taxes for entrepreneurs and corporations is the best way to Make America Great Again.”

  • tiredofit

    Good. Now both parties agree. Let’s just do it, start with the 15% that hedge funders pay on their “interest” that is really income.

    • Silent_Partner

      That’s the problem. The people have agreed on this for a long time. However, republican voters who agree on this have kept sending asswipes to Congress who campaign the opposite because of other intrests that have nothing to do with the taxes. When they killed President Obama’s job bill, 65% of the people agreed that the rich needed to have their taxes raised. It’s just like 70% of people believe undocumented people should have a path to citizenship or that a majority of people like Obamacare and want it to go further. Doesn’t matter when they keep electing people who ignore these numbers because they’re not in danger of getting voted out.

  • Hagar32Grady

    ….That settles that question……. THE Donald isn’t anywhere as Rich as he sez he is 😉

  • Silent_Partner

    Lost in his immigration nonsense is that this and his opposition to war adventures is the real problem republicans have long term. That’s their whole party mantra, and 35% to 40% of the base consistently reject it now.

  • hipsteriac

    Is he talking about the same wealthy folk who he’s counting on financing his campaign?

  • APV

    He is trolling the Republican Party….

    • abctefg

      Don’t Feed. The. Troll.

  • alrudder


  • Wynstone

    This is the campaign promise he would drop on day one.

    • CSStrowbridge

      He’s already dropped it. His tax plan he released would drop the takes of most of the very richest people.

      • Wynstone

        Trump’s rebuttal will be “No, it wouldn’t.”

      • ArkonaRus

        That not so coincidentally happens to be Donald Trump himself! I guess for him it’s ok if the “little rich people” get their taxes hiked, it doesn’t affect him. But not the “big rich people”. Can just imagine the look on Trump’s wealthy private doctors’ faces when he goes into their office next time.

    • alrudder

      Perhaps he would drop it, but to merely SAY it as the Republican nominee gives every Democrat at every level of government the POLITICAL COVER say “even Trump agrees with me”

    • 66kicks

      He doesn’t have to drop it. He says he will do this “dealing with Congress,” which if he wins will likely remain Republican and thus more interested in cuts than raises. He gets the short term credit for wanting something with no long term blame for not carrying it out.

  • TexasLou

    Has anyone checked with Grover Norquist on this?

    • abctefg

      Grover is too busy trying to pull the GOP out of the swirling drain.

    • Hagar32Grady

      Grover is sleeping well these days, Don’cha Know ! ….He is sure “Turtle” and “Eddie” will lead THE Donald down the RIGHT Path after the election.

    • APV

      You mean the Islamist who is married to a Palestinian woman?

  • abctefg

    This. Man. Is. A. Genius.

    • alrudder

      Tell us more…

  • ryp

    I’ll give Trump credit for convincing Tea Party types, who despise Republicans who abandon their principles to reach agreement with Obama and the Democrats, that having no principles and promising to negotiate everything makes him an ideal candidate. Trump was the only one to really understand that you can’t underestimate the intelligence of the Republican base.

  • gmccpa

    Hmmm. Or how about, Trump says: Democrats were right all along.

  • Sarcastic Sally

    I agree with Donald Trump! Tax income at 100% above $1 million/year.

  • oldhandatthis

    I hope this means the sun is setting on Norquist and his stupid pledges.

    • ThatBadOpinionPerson

      would they actually run ads against the R nominee? Interesting.

      • oldhandatthis

        It’s hard to say, the GOP is acting crazy now and Norquist is really just a lobbyist. So far establishment and conservative attacks have all backfired.

        • ThatBadOpinionPerson

          It would make sense to run a small amount — just so they could say they were consistent later.

  • wymurph

    Okay–since Indiana, is he actively trying to provoke Rs into changing the rules on the first ballot so he doesn’t have to run against Hillary? Or a third party conservative run so that he can blame that for the loss?

    • probably the latter

      • ArkonaRus

        I’m thinking that, too. At least leaning towards it. It’d be a way for him, in his and his supporters eyes, to “lose with dignity”. He’d be virtually guaranteed to not be elected President and a loss, in this way, wouldn’t be bruising on his ego. And, most importantly, he wouldn’t be seen as a “loser” to them. After all, no Republican nominee could win if there’s a third party challenger who siphons off about 20% of the base.

  • rssrai

    I think that Trump should look at his own tax plan, which gives the 1 percent a UGE tax cut. So, Trump doesn’t even know what his own tax plan says. Trump is becoming a parody of a parody. If this is a sign of how he would function as POTUS the country is in for a roller coaster of a ride.

    • cmb

      Trump is a self-interested con man. He’s the biggest grifter the GOTP has fobbed onto the national political stage.

      The only thing we can trrust about his policies is that he’ll be focused on the “best deal” – for him! Anything else out of his mouth is a lie.

  • Adam Brown

    Although willingness to negotiate is actually a good thing….. And it’s almost refreshing for a candidate to recognize that, instead of just making big promises that have no chance of getting through congress (ranging from Trump’s wall to Sander’s socialist dreams), in Trump’s case, this just shows he will say anything, and doesn’t actually hold a true position on anything.

  • richo123

    Trump’s only real policy is Trump. Everything else is optional.

  • prbqp

    hahaha. and the GOP donor base likes what the most? tax cuts! good luck with that. if i was his fundraising chair, i’d resign right now. what an idiot.

  • Adrian Havill

    Higher taxes on the wealthy is this week. Last week he had a different position. So, what’s next week, can’t wait.

  • Zolaman

    Did you guys just hear that noise. A few hundred of the richest people in the united states butts just puckered.

  • gacker

    he’s clueless, doesn’t understand what he wants to do, actually doesn’t even know what he wants to do

  • MYMY

    Trying to emulate Sanders and doesn’t make it.

    Clinton has plans to raise taxes on the rich, on hedge fund managers, and a surtax on income over $5 million. What’s Trump’s plan? He won’t tout it here, because in reality it is a yuuuuge giveaway to the rich.

  • Lee

    Although he stated in the past week that he’s “warming up to Trump”, Grover Norquist clutched his chest when he heard this, and if there was ever any doubt it’s now official Trump will never be president.

  • AKRebel

    It’s really hard to negotiate when you have no idea what you actually want.

  • cmb

    Since Congress is on record, via the Ryan budget, as supporting tax cuts for the wealthy, how will this “renegotiation” work unless Trump actually changes his own tax proposals?

  • gloriousglo2

    I actually sat down and looked at Trump’s original tax plan, which would have given me about a $20K tax cut. Now my taxes are going up. I see his plan now. Grab the 35% mouth breathing GOP dead enders, and get the additional 16% by trolling the American public in both parties who have the IQ and attention span of gnats. The man is a genius…..

  • Independent Democrat

    Do I detect Trump’s first flip flop? Before long he will probably say that not allowing Muslims into the country will be something he is willing to negotiate with congress on.

  • enfuegobuddha

    Trump needs to back things like higher taxes on the wealthy and fair trade to have any shot at a competitive race.

  • Matt

    Ohh. You’re going to renegotiate with congress, are you?

    Here’s how that works.

    President/Majority Party: I want to do something
    Senate Minority: Do you have 60 senators?
    President/Majority Party: No..
    Senate Minority: Fuck you. We’re not doing it.