• TexasLou

    OK, maybe I don’t know the full context of Cuban’s comment, but racism, sexism, isolationism, otherism, idiocy, small-fingeredness, and the like are not “nothing”.

    • Mountsthelens

      It seems that the “shrinkage” episode made a lasting impression on Cuban…

  • exObjectivist

    “Not that there’s anything wrong with that…”

  • abctefg

    Media seems to love it.
    Get your stories published for nothing.

  • brainscoop

    Whaddya mean nothing?!? It’s about Donald Trump. It’s ALL about Donald Trump. Geez, some people just don’t pay attention.

    • hipsteriac

      That’s what makes it such an inspired line of attack (see below).

    • jpic

      Yada Yada Yada!

      • abctefg

        You just yadda yadda over the best part.

  • hipsteriac

    This is the freshest and most clear attack I’ve heard yet on Donald. As a veteran marketing creative, I’d love to have this as the strategy for attack. It takes his racism, sexism, isolationism, otherism, idiocy and the like and provides an easily understood context — much ado about nothing. Because his policies aren’t popular, because he doesn’t have the experience to govern, because his “deals” only benefit himself (which won’t work in a democracy.) Trump’s appeal rests on people’s belief in his ability to succeed. This attack line questions that strength directly… and the idea that behind the curtain, there’s no there, there is potentially very devastating.

    • esro

      Very well put.

    • ThatBadOpinionPerson

      Your statement is pretty much what Chait wrote in another posted article… Trump is a Fraud.

  • Wynstone

    It’s not “about nothing”, but I will say that Trump has managed to trivialize actual qualifications and knowledge and frame the race as about bravado and gut instincts and if you accept that, you view Trump as a good candidate.

    • Snakegirl Lyn

      Well, I took the “about nothing” line to mean there’s no substance to Trump, no substantive policy or solution anywhere in sight of him. He’s the quintessential Empty Suit. But I do see where you and a few other posters who made similar points are coming from.

    • abctefg

      He has definitely taken it to a new level, but before him there was Palin trivializing people she disagrees with as not ‘rrrreal mericans’.

      She also has a problem with community organizers despite their constitutional scholarship.

  • FeingoldLiberal

    Well at least I know I’m not the only one who doesn’t watch Seinfeld.

  • oldhandatthis

    Kramer for Trump’s VP!

  • Zog Hackendorft

    Donald, you’re not just going to let this go, are you….?

    Please Lord, let the orange one’s ego cause him to utter an insult Cuban’s way.

  • You know a candidate is in trouble when sentences about him begin,
    “Even Richard Nixon …” And that’s what is happening with Trump and the
    Great Tax Return hoopla. …


  • pullupjumper

    I’m a loyal progressive, and I think that Mark Cuban could potentially be a great president. I just hope that if he decides to run in the future that he does it as a Democrat.

    • ugh, Cuban annoys me

      • ThatBadOpinionPerson

        I agree, sorry to say but Cuban is quite similar to Trump. Broadcast.com was one of the largest flame-outs in history. As things have it, Cuban & Co were able to sell it to Yahoo before it imploded.

    • mennabichoo

      He’s an Ayn Rand fan….

      • Snakegirl Lyn

        Ugh. 😖

  • kortjackson

    Pretty sure the Donald would sink on an episode of Shark Tank… if the sharks didn’t figure out a way to appropriate control of what he has first.

    This week on Shark Tank: The mood of the Donald drives his brand value down to the point the Sharks attempt a hostile takeover. Is it over for the guy with the “hair”?

  • Hi Mark, the Internet doesn’t forget – “Mark Cuban just praised Donald Trump for being ‘the best thing to happen to politics’ in recent history”


    • Zog Hackendorft

      That was back in July of 2015 and he was admiring that The Donald actually spoke his mind and not the usual political BS. I have to think he was with the rest of us in thinking there’s no way this guy is going to get the nom.

  • Wynstone

    “I’m Art Vandalay of Vandalay Industries and I’m calling to complain about your article about Donald Trump. Trump is great businessman and I know because I’m a great businessman!”

  • Chris Leatherman

    From a policy standpoint his campaign is about nothing. Other than that it is about racism, misogyny, hate, and general bullshit.

    • drzaius

      Bullshit = nothing with polish?

      • abctefg

        Was that a swipe at the conservative nationalistic government in Poland?

        • drzaius

          That would be “nothing with Polish”

  • eve

    More people like Cuban calling him out will help a lot for the low info. voters. And more of this kind of media:

  • Michael

    Seinfeld originated in queens, and it was aided greatly by Larry David splitting its opposition. Sounds like the trump campaign to me.

  • TLars

    There is little content to Trump’s campaign… Lots of insults and name calling and labeling, but underneath it all is nothing.

  • howieinbrissie

    Oh, Trump has articulated a few plans, but could they realistically get through Congress? Building a wall along the southern border wouldn’t come cheap. Banning Muslims from entry would be hard to enforce and would be opposed by the Texan oil industry.

    • LarryBurt

      Fairy Tales are really nothing too.

  • Snakegirl Lyn

    Excuse me, Mr. Cuban, but it was ALWAYS the Seinfeld candidacy. There’s something amiss if you didn’t see that from the get-go.

  • BoredMe

    Working really hard to push the “This won’t be a landslide” narrative that the media. wants, aren’t you Taegan?

    • abctefg

      I don’t get that.

  • EconProf

    It takes one to know one. One full of himself billionaire calling out another of the same. We’re becoming like Russia’s kleptocracy where the sinfully rich consider themselves wise, talented, and demi-gods. Without the wealth, they are worse than ordinary.

  • MC Planck

    More obfuscation. Trump’s campaign is about white male privilege. How unremarkable that a white male would not see that.

  • growe

    How fun!! The “never held office” fake libertarian touted for a third party run offers commentary on the “never held office” clown who won the nomination, because conservative voters hate their party leadership and could not back the weak and arrogant “office holding” candidates.

  • bentonf

    “It’s not a lie…if Donald believes it.”