Cuban Says Trump Isn’t a Billionaire

Billionaire Mark Cuban questioned whether Donald Trump is really a billionaire, BuzzFeed reports.

Said Cuban: “So when you’re putting your name on steaks, and you’re putting your name on water, you’re putting your name on playing cards, you’re putting your name on all this nonsense, right? You’re not gonna make big bucks, no matter what. It’s not like Trump Steaks were gonna make him $100 million. It’s not like it was gonna make him $5 million.”

He added that he has more money than Trump: “It’s not even close, I do… the reason I know is when you file your federal election campaign reports, you have to list all your cash and liquid securities and bonds. You have to list them one by one. So we know without any question that as of May 27, Donald doesn’t have more than $165 million in cash and securities and bonds.”

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  • BillBuckley

    I’ll ask it again. Would Michael Bloomberg be screaming poverty if he ran a presidential campaign? Did Ross Perot ever whine about the money he spent running for president.


    Because they had the money to spend.

    Donald Trump, “Billionaire”, is a fraud.

    Extra: Michael Bloomberg spent nearly $250 million altogether (3x) running for mayor of New York, and never cried about how much he spent. Trump has “lent” his campaign $60 million, and dollars to donuts, will get other people to pay him back.

    • ThatBadOpinionPerson

      Bloomberg is still a private company (the biggest?) private media company in the world.

    • evave2

      Perot was considered ‘penny-wise’ in his 1992 run. BUT nobody really argued his worth.

      Bloomberg ‘really’ threw his money around. When he wants something, he spends.

      • ThatBadOpinionPerson

        He’s worth a heck of a lot more than Perot was though… like 55 Billion one of the largest software Billionaires out there.

        • Michael

          Perot’s son, Ross Jr., did declare insolvency on behalf of the Dallas Mavericks right before they won the nba title.

          • Dodgson

            No he sued to declare insolvency and was smacked down every step of the way legally. Basically the Mavs were fine, some of the losses on a separate real estate project had nothing to do with the team.

  • streamline

    Ritchie Ritch fight in the playground after the last bell!

    • Allan Williams

      Don’t ya just it when rich guys fight over who has the biggest (pile of money).

  • mjjn

    Shhh! This is for October.

    • There will be too many surprises. No need to cram them all into October.

      • ArkonaRus

        If the best and juiciest hasn’t been out yet…I can’t imagine what’s in store for October!

    • Statetheobvious

      You are vastly overestimating how many of Trump’s cult members care about money. Trump has a gold plated New York penthouse and s private jet and a beauty queen wife and all the other things that the antagonist in a bad 80s movie has. He fits their image of a rich person.

      And honestly, we are so used to rich politicians crying poverty, like Romney and Hillary did, that we kind of tune out the actual dollar value rich people have.

  • abctefg

    One trick phony.

    (Who gave us that gem? ☝️)

    • Who gave us that gem? It was navamske in reply to E_in_Houston_TX

      Topic was: Trump Keeps Attacking for No Apparent Reason 5 days ago.

      E_in_Houston_TX: Could we call Trump a one trick pony?

      navamske in reply to E_in_Houston_TX: “Could we call Trump a one trick pony?”

      You could, if you add another letter: Trump is a one-trick phony.

      • abctefg

        Hilarious. / True.

  • David Golden

    And have you seen Shark Tank? Cuban’s hands are WAY bigger than Trump’s, too.

    • jpic

      And likely his family appendage as well!

    • Chammy

      I love that show. I watch all the re-runs on CNBC It always makes me feel good when folks have a great idea and get a deal. Having said that, I kind of like Cuban.

      • eve

        I like him.

    • hdavis

      I’m imagining Trump walking into Shark Tank and pitching his idea to sell steaks on the Sharper Image.

      • ArkonaRus

        I wouldn’t trust him, because of his hair alone..

  • drzaius

    Trump is a fraud. He’s what a stupid person thinks a smart person should sound like.

    • alrudder

      Even worse, he’s revving up the haters by being the first openly bigoted candidate in a while and he brings the credibility of celebrity and being a billionaire…..oh, wait maybe not the second thing

    • no, he’s what a poor person thinks a rich person sounds like

    • LordDart

      “…what a stupid person thinks…”

      Talk about an oxymoron…lol

      • drzaius

        Stupidity is not the absence of thought, it’s got thoughts, just bad ones.

    • I’m not sure that even stupid people think he sounds smart. Gallup, get to it!

      • ArkonaRus

        They probably don’t even care if he’s even legit, just as long as he does the ignorant masses’ bidding.

  • i eagerly await trump’s “scathing” tweetsponse.

    • Mike

      Mark Cuban “Shields up, maximum power.”

  • monroe_says

    Trump uses a con right out of the Scientology scam book. Both frauds slap their names on buildings as a way to inflate their worth and influence, softening up the suckers who are impressed by such shows of grandiosity. The Church uses prime real estate as a sort of Potemkin Village, peacocking their reach, as there are only 25,000 Scientologists in the U.S. The fascist Donald Trump does the same thing. While Scientology owns their buildings, the Trump name is usually there because some desperate developer agreed to a licensing agreement. L. Ron Hubbard famously once said “You don’t get rich writing fiction; if you want to get rich, start a religion.” After Trump loses in November, perhaps he will take up Hubbard’s advice and go all in on the IRS sanctioned con.

    • ThatBadOpinionPerson

      Why limit the religious con to Scientology? That’s a bit unfair to them given Hubbard followed the model available since man was able to reliably put food in his stomach.

    • docb

      All true, but the IRS did not allow the religious tax exclusion the US Congress did! The irs just enforces the laws the Congress passes…

    • As much as I loathe Donald Trump, I have to disagree with your comparison. Donald Trump is a obnoxious, duplicitous but legitimate businessman. Scientology’s main victims are its members. The headquarters demands members to raise huge amount of money for “churches” (aka Idle Morgues) in regional areas, and Scientology top office takes over the title, (like in Minneapolis, Seattle, and countless other places. Basically, Scientology demands its members to either contribute or raise all the funds to buy or build new buildings, and then takes over ownership.. Scientology has to keep up the illusion that is growing when it is in fact contracting. Much like they bought the old KCET building in Hollywood, with the illusion they are building some major studio, when they already have a top rate non productive studio at their compound in Riverside County..

      Donald Trump’s main business is brand marketing. Yes, he puts his name on buildings and golf courses, gets a fee, has others put up the money, but the financial backers/financial management either gets the most of the profits, or control own the project. Donald Trump also has true occupancy rates in the buildings he owns, like Trump Tower in New York, (I don’t know what he owns and what he just has his name on as a brand). Ditto that he somehow attracts members to his golf courses. It may not be the lucrative way to do business, but there seemed cash flow, and others willing to invest in the Trump Brand. I don’t see Trump Towers, Trump Golf Courses, Trump Pregnancy Test (a reference to the Simpson’s “Krusty Pregnancy Test) as Potemkin villages. The Scientology “Idle Morgues”, like their Minneapolis “Church” one of the biggest buildings in Minnesota, (former Minneapolis Science museum) are just illusions that they need space that they are growing, besides invest money into Real Estate, with others people’s money, Even Trump knows, he has to make money for other people who put cash into his brand projects..

  • MrBeale

    The word is out he isn’t even a millionaire. Let him prove otherwise.

    • Better Left Said

      Donald Trump, Thousandaire Extraordinaire

  • Zolaman

    Trump figures if he can just get his hands on the White House he will finally get the billions of dollars he desires. I read an article saying he is not going to put his money in blind trust but let his son and wife control it. I sure three is a ton of inside information he can take advantage of.

    • Philip Canfield

      I’ve also heard this – from Trump, if memory serves me. Is there an actual requirement for a president to put all assets into a blind trust?

      • nope, just a custom

      • Given the pressure and responsibilities of the POTUS, it would be wise for Donald Trump to put his business into a blind trust, not a Mitt Romney “peek a boo” blind trust, (His personal lawyer and Bain’s head counsel was the head of the trust) but a bona fide blind trust..

        However, given that Donald Trump’s ego is about the size of a red giant supernova, I doubt he would do this. However, it will make impeachment proceedings against him in a hypothetical Trump Adminstration much easier against him.

    • docb

      Not legal. but traditional..He can not have dollars or influence in countries or businesses that would be cause for influence or liability or could subject the USA pres to blackmail! His businesses are falling apart..Out in Saudi..where the Prince bailed him out twice, out in Mexico, bookings in hotels and golf courses plunging.. 169 US Fed proceedings on tRump. His holdings are so convoluted as to be an international disaster.

      An example:

      • Zolaman

        Thank you for link to articles.

  • growe

    I would think actual successful people making big money are unforgiving of pretenders.

    And, wow, he really summarized it nicely – he is into these goofy businesses that won’t make serious money – if he had ten billion in the bank, why bother?

    Like Cher in the 1980s, doing every cheap little gym commercial and pushing artificial sweetener, you knew she wasn’t sitting on Fort Knox.

    Thanks Mark Cuban, I just gained some respect for you.

    • ThatBadOpinionPerson

      Not really, Mark Cuban has a creepy fixation with Trump.

      • growe

        Hm, I need to read up on this. In any case Cuban sure looks like a happier and more successful person and I am pleased to have a money-celebrity put Trump down.

        • Chammy

          He is

        • ThatBadOpinionPerson

          just search for “Cuban vs. Trump.” It’s great Cuban is attacking Trump, but I’m not particularly impressed with much of anything Cuban has done — other than getting the Mavs to an NBA championship.

          Cuban made his billions through an incredible combination of luck and sheer poor management from Yahoo (surprise). is a boondoggle that typified the irrational exuberance of the first wave of Internet companies.

          Anyway you can see the fixation long predates this particular interaction.

          • growe

            Cool! Luck or not, Cuban is more successful than Trump, so his comments will absolutely make Heat Miser flip out, wailing like a kid dropped an ice cream.

          • ThatBadOpinionPerson

            Depends on the definition of success.
            If you mean more money, then certainly, Cuban has more money than Trump.

            In terms of accomplishments, I’m not so sure, as it is Cuban who has long seemed envious of Trump’s position as a “celebrity” “Billionaire.” From Cuban’s ill-fated forays into media like the totally derivative “The Benefactor” in 2004 after the first season of “The Apprentice,” to his current injection into politics.

            As much as a dislike Trump’s idiocy, I’m not going to cheerlead someone like Cuban and pretend he’s that much different.

          • you don’t have to like Cuban (I don’t) to agree with his audit of Trump

          • growe

            OK fair enough. But one gasbag has the GOP nomination and one does not. So excuse me while I slip into a rather large miniskirt and grab my pom poms and cheer the living shit out of the guy calling foul on his fellow bullshitter.

          • marktrail

            Upvote for “heat miser”

          • docb

            Cuban is self made ..He did not inherit $240 million plus revenue generating properties as tRump did!…Which in today’s dollars is depleted!

          • To give Donald Trump some credit. His father was terrified of the Manhattan Real Estate market. Trump’s buying the Grand Commodore and turning it into the Grand Hyatt, in the mid late 1970s New York, was a gamble that paid off. He has taken risk, but he also had some pretty spectacular failures. He has taken risks, it doesn’t mean I respect or like the creep..

      • Chammy

        I totally disagree. I have seen at least 3 interviews with Cuban and I don’t take away that feeling at all,

    • Dodgson

      With Cuban you have to take the good with the bad. I think he’s right about Trump but Cuban fishes for the small dollars too… for instance he’s intimately involved with the vendors at his arena. Still, the more that pile on Trump the better.

    • docb
  • Chammy

    This story is actually old news but still relevant. Cuban started out supportive of Trump early on and then turned very sour on him.

  • Captain Nitpick

    These businesses and the branding are also consistent characteristics of clinical narcissism. Doesn’t really matter which explanation is correct–they’re both disqualifying.

  • exxgoper

    And the pile on is just beginning! The one way to settle that issue is to release his tax files, but he will not do that. He also got a measure of what Hillary will do to him at the debates. I am almost certain he will not debate Hillary. He will claim that he will into get in the stage with “crooked Hillary” because she “does not tell the truth” or he “has been treated unfairly” or some asinine excuse. And he will find out at that time that the sort of shenanigan that worked in the primaries, against the 16 midgets he was running against, will not work in the general. The donor class is watching these developments closely. Money will not flow to this man any time soon, I guarantee.

    • alrudder

      He’ll show up. He wants the attention on a Super Bowl-sized audience, and a World Cup-sized audience abroad.

      • Chammy

        Are you referring to Trump or Cuban?

    • L2thaL

      Hillary should still show up and do a solo “debate” just answering the questions. That would be hilarious.

      • growe

        She could have an empty highchair in place of Trump’s podium.

        • ChouChou

          With Clint Eastwood standing next to it.

      • L’Homme Armé

        No, if that happens she should invite Gary Johnson to debate her. In a single stroke she makes Trump look like a coward and gives visibility to a third-party candidate whose net effect will be hurting Trump a lot more than hurting her.

        • L2thaL

          I love it

      • This is how I see a Clinton vs. Trump debate… With Clinton as the Bournemouth Gynecologists..

        (This could also be an accurate description of the Brazil v. Germany 2014 World Cup semi final..

    • his complaints about unfairness are really pathetic and just more evidence he hasn’t got the goods.

    • eve

      I’m wondering what will happen when Trump sees he will lose the election by a landslide.

      Will he quit the race and pull out as the Repub candidate? Claiming fraud and cheating?

      • growe

        I have actually wondered the very same. Real politicians keep slogging – McCain 2008 or Dole 1996 had to be painful to keep going. But these were serious candidates.

        If Trump is staring at 99 electoral votes on Labor Day – answering question after question about his yucky background and erupting scandals – and the mean old media is already chortling that he will fall short of Dukakis, calling him Donny Mondale…?

        Yeah, I could see the bitter old egomaniac screaming F You at a press conference and dropping out.

      • exxgoper

        That is an interesting question. And I don’t know what happens if at some point he decides to pack it in and go back to Trump tower, specially if donors are not forking the money up. Still the RNC wil not allow that to happen in the sense that some type of campaign will be waged. There is no precedent for a candidate dying or quitting, and once nominated I don’t know the rules that apply to it. Maybe Terje knows, lol, he does knows almost everything else. Please chip in! Now all this is silly speculation, nobody knows how far apart they will be after the nominating conventions nor whether Trump will finally listen to his political staff and make a run out of this. Now some things are clear: (1) Trump is not match for Clinton in the real of policy and understanding of government, and (2) the Junior High act of Trump is growing old and discerning voters are getting concerned that what they see is the real Trump, a man totally unfit for the job he seeks. I have never bought into the “Trump phenomenon” chatter that the folks at Morning Joe love so much, not the idea that he is a gifted politician. He is a man that fits to perfection a niche in the GOP. His appeal to a wider audience is limited. Not everyone like reality TV. He gets into a stage with Clinton and he will be exposed to everybody as unfit for the job, very few people will think him presidential material. Reagan he is not.

        • growe

          There is a precedent for a candidate dying – Horace Greely, the last non office holding/ amateur nominee. His electoral votes split all over the place.

      • oldhandatthis

        Getting rejected by the majority of the country is hard for anybody to take. But if Trump were to quit the election simply because he is losing would seriously damage his reputation and brand no matter how hard he tries to blame others.

        • ArkonaRus

          Yep, we see how much it hurt Palin (although she quit midterm and not because of an upcoming election) and that was only the governorship of Alaska.

      • That is what Carlon Menem did in Argentina in the 2003 election against Nestor Kirchner. Menem was going to lose big, so he withdrew as way to make Kirchner’s winning less legitimate..

  • growe

    Did the staff convince Trump to lay off the Tweets after Hillary slammed it so well?
    Or will his fat freckled fingers soon start tapping out ‘Cuban is a poopyhead’ etc?
    Honestly Trump Tweets are so juvenile, it’s incredible for an allegedly educated person.

    • L2thaL

      He is an addict at denigrating people. He said so himself with regards to his tweets. He does it “when he feels like hitting someone.” A sick fuck that unfortunately many will vote for

      • growe

        When he feels like hitting someone – says Rambo the draft dodger!

      • growe

        And seriously; good thing his dad left him millions. You would not get far in corporate America if you expressed half as much juvenile anger and lack of self-control.
        An asshole like Trump would get fired from assistant manager at Arby’s just with that psychotic behavior and throwing tantrums. Who’s changing his diapers?

        • L2thaL

          So true. These companies monitor their employees social media accounts.

          • growe

            Yes and normal people who earn their living don’t need to be told, don’t go on Facebook or Twitter and bash your boss or coworkers…. One, no one likes endless bitching anyway (and that really is all Trump does)… And two, everyone knows the guy stabbing others in the back will turn on you too.

            Speaking of which, I sure hope DNC and Hillary Inc. are going through employees Trump has fired, especially ones who sued for wrongful termination.

            Speaking of THAT, Hillary has not even reached for the delicious if unbelievable story of Air Trump or whatever, firing employees if their military service would make them absent. Just a tiny bit illegal, but even better, showing in boldface how Draft Dodgin’ Donny so loves and respects the military….

          • sosuume

            I remember something I read back in Feb or Mar — some oppo research guy for the Dems — saying that Reps in the primary hadn’t even cracked 80% of the stuff the Dems have on him. It all will continue to trickle out. In the meantime, Don the Con continues becoming unglued. Rick Wilson had a good one last evening: “He can’t help himself. It’s like Trump has political Tourettes.”

          • growe

            I’m not surprised – I mean, his opponents have dirty laundry to make some of Trump’s untouchable (if Ted Cruz was enjoying frequent adultery, no wonder the potato-faced nutjob didn’t bring it up on the Donald right)?

            “You’re fired” – how many people did Donny wrongly terminate? Any ladies let go when they wouldn’t bend over for the boss man? And so on….

            Oh we were combing the records on failed businesses X Y and Z and it seems you fudged a lot of numbers to reach bankruptcy and stiff creditors so you could have two gold plated toilets in the apartment….

            We know nothing about Donald’s darkest secrets yet. He thinks he is safe since so much dirty laundry was proudly thrown on the lawn – But, he never ran for an office so there is no “pre-vetting” and his opponents were the most hapless pack of twits and mental midgets either party has seen in my lifetime.

          • ArkonaRus

            The Con probably thinks because he is a celebrity that TMZ would have thrown everything out there years ago, if it could be digged up. And because they haven’t then he “must be safe, and no one will find out”. No, it’ll all start trickling out soon enough.

          • Snakegirl Lyn

            Political Tourettes… Good one!

          • ArkonaRus

            Draft Dodgin Donny Smallhands is in for a rude awakening with the military vote. I’m sure they don’t appreciate his comments about McCain, either.

        • 66kicks

          I’ve heard at least one analysis that suggested that if Trumpelstiltskin had just left his inheritance in an index fund instead of investing in real estate development he would probably be richer than he claims to be today.

          • Snakegirl Lyn

            I’ve seen that too.

        • ArkonaRus

          He’d have been a self-absorbed used car salesman.

  • evave2

    What gives Cuban his ‘cred’ over Trump is that ‘he’ is also a billionaire (just from the worth of his NBA team alone) so he’s considered a ‘successful businessman’ so, yeah, I read it. And he’s the first one to use the FEC filings to say, hey, all hat, no cattle.

    • Chammy

      And he started from nothing. And he is not a flashy guy

    • eve

      True, He is a successful businessman. He came from modest beginnings, worked his way through college, and made himself very successful in business. He took his early business success and started a .com company in 1995 — and sold it for $5.7 billion a few years later. Then he bought the Mavericks.

  • Wynstone

    I don’t care how much money either one of them has. I have plenty of reasons not to vote for Trump that have nothing to do with money and Cuban’s preoccupation with his place on the ladder is pretty pathetic considering all the other options he has for how to spend his time.

    • ThatBadOpinionPerson


    • Bugsy63

      Sure, but did you know that Cuban can piss farther than trump?

  • escalera

    I hope Cubans observation sticks because its a bulls eye. Trump IS a whiny little bitch who doesn’t know what he isn’t good at.

  • dontloweryourselftotheirlevel

    Faux-billionaire Donald Trump is stewing in his thin skin over what this Cuban says.

    • Snakegirl Lyn

      Now that you mention it, I’m surprised that Trump hasn’t gone off on Cuban for his last name alone.

  • Bugsy63

    What does he know? I hear he’s Cuban! That’s what people are telling me.
    He must be a communist.

    • richo123

      and believe me my hands are much bigger than loser Cubans.

  • eve

    The article points out how great it is to have a multi-billionaire go after Trump’s lies. For many of the fools that like Trump it is because of his alleged money and businesses acumen. So someone like Cuban calling him out may carry a lot more weight with them.

    Go, Mark!

    • ArkonaRus

      And no one can accuse Cuban of being a “big bad liberal” either.

  • growe

    The weird thing is, Trump truly was born on third base and claims he hit a home run.
    He did inherit 300 million or whatever from his dad (i.e. Mitt the Sequel).
    But, at least Mitt could admit the fortune of birth – one thing he didn’t hide.

    When we talk about Trump’s finances I keep thinking of the Beverly Hillbillies.
    They also ended up in opulent conditions with money they found by sheer luck.
    But they were nicer, smarter, kinder and classier people than Trump ever thought of being.

  • docb

    When you ‘LOAN’ your campaign money…it is a grift…You do not have the cash and need to be paid back…When one’s stated worth is 80% blue sky…you know he is not liquid or a billionaire…

    Now he wants the gop bags he is using to fund his General run…What a scam!

    Mr. Cuban is correct. When you have ‘it’ you do not have to talk about it!

  • oldhandatthis

    Trump has had a bad week, and his usual school yard name calling/bulling hasn’t helped him much. We won’t know the details of Trump’s finances until he releases his tax reports but an increasing number of people are calling him a fraud.

  • growe

    Anyway Donny Littledick lying about his wealth is not even a top five dis-qualifier.
    This racist horse shit attack on that judge is THE end of the line. Think of it!

    Our Constitution and our nation are built on laws. You are running for the job where you swear to uphold the Constitution – where you would appoint the top judges of the land.

    So Donny Thumbdick put out his list of lame, obviously-think tank-picked SCOTUS candidates. But if he is President, can I ignore anything they rule because he and they so obviously hate me?

    Goddam it Donlad J Teenyweeniebump, take a fucking a history class or something.

    • ArkonaRus

      The only class he ever took is “How to be a Celebrity Douchebag”. And he still probably cheated on the exams.

  • fgtayl01

    Okay. So Cuban doesn’t say Trump isn’t a billionaire. This headline is wrong.

    He says Trump had $165 million in liquid assets (cash or cash equivalents) on May 27 and that he, Cuban, has more liquid assets. That doesn’t include things like the real estate holdings, businesses, aircraft, sports franchises, etc. that they both have.

  • Michael

    In other words, the founder of has more in liquid assets than the founder of trump university.

  • coyote521

    My liquid assets could beat your liquid assets in volume and distance.

  • Calbengoshi

    Cuban’s argument makes sense only if one assumes that liquid assets are the primary form of wealth. For someone like Cuban, who made his money based on the value of the stock in a company he started, it makes sense to measure wealth by looking at the securities and other liquid assets he has. However, for someone in the real estate business, the typical measure of assets is the net worth (market value less total mortgage amount) of real property owned.

    I think there is little doubt that Trump is worth less than he claims. However, Forbes has concluded that he is worth approximately $4.1 billion, ranking him as tied for # 405 on its list of the 500 richest people in the world, and Forbes usually does a pretty good job of estimating one’s wealth.

    • Dodgson

      About 1/3-1/2 of Cuban’s wealth actually comes from the ownership of the Mavs.

      • Calbengoshi

        I disagree. Rather than being a source of Cuban’s wealth, the Mavs are an asset he purchased with the funds he receive from the sale of the stock he held in an internet company he founded that was purchased by Yahoo. And, like Trump’s ownership interests in various parcels of real estate and/or single member LLCs that own real estate, Cuban’s ownership interest in the Mavs is not a liquid asset.

        • Dodgson

          … I am not sure what you disagree with. I was bringing up the Mavs as an example similar to owning real estate.

          • Calbengoshi

            My error. I thought you were referring to it as a source of Cuban’s wealth rather than as an example of a non-liquid asset.

    • ThatBadOpinionPerson

      When I last read about Trump, he actually has a really good model for the real estate business.


      He works with consortiums of other people’s money and credit, and really limits his own business liability. So, he does have flows of income associated with different projects, but I don’t know if he actually has anything but limited partner ownership of the underlying real estate assets.

      So, people should call him out when he call’s the buildings “his” properties.

      Same with Trump’s media ventures, he’s done an excellent job of licensing and mitigating his own risk.

      If you are using those licensing deals and the associated stream of cash flows, you can’t just look at his balance sheet to determine Trump’s wealth. It’s fair for him to evaluate the value of his companies on an NPV of future cashflows.

      That said, I’m sure Cuban had someone go through Trump’s information throughly.

      The smaller deals he’s done are really questionable and down right dodgy. Trump University? Trump Network ? Trump steaks? Trump Water? Seriously ?? They are just tacky, problematic and degrade the value of his property business.

  • puddy

    Ouch. Being called out by a real billionaire. And he is probably right. Trump has nothing. I would be surprised if he even had 164 million.

    If he had 10 billion he wouldn’t even give 250-500 million much thought. If you have to ask how much it is you can’t afford it.

  • StoneLaw

    Because of the way Trump acts, talks and behaves, his deep insecurity and ultra thin skin, he is the epitome of nouveau riche.

    • ArkonaRus

      And looks!

  • ArkonaRus

    Damn…I was thinking maybe $500 mil. But $165? Somewhere Willard Mitt Romney is smiling!

  • freethnkr

    Proverbs 30 7 O God, I beg two favors from you;
    let me have them before I die.
    8 First, help me never to tell a lie.
    Second, give me neither poverty nor riches!
    Give me just enough to satisfy my needs.
    9 For if I grow rich, I may deny you and say, “Who is the Lord?”
    And if I am too poor, I may steal and thus insult God’s holy name.

    • dweasson

      You know, I’m not at all religious, but I appreciate the heck out of that. Spot on. Thanks.

  • Tamburello1994

    Somewhat akin to a “false valor” operation going on with Cuban, it seems.

  • littlejohn

    Poor Donald!

  • LarryBurt

    I saw this movie before. The Don is an onion, with layer after layer of fraud, each smelling stronger than the last.

  • LarryBurt

    This is just the opening act. The big show comes when Trump “hits back.”

  • nanotab

    Trump has often said that he loves debt. I’m confident that some of his properties are mortgaged and that he also has other loans. It wouldn’t be surprising if his net worth (value of assets less liabilities) is considerably less than a billion.

  • Steve Harold

    Why no taxes anymore..y’all giving him a pass on that?

  • Whatevah

    Am I supposed to care about this, and if so, why?

  • Marston Gould

    Perhaps running for the Presidency is just another ploy for Trump to declare bankruptcy once again.